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Life in Sydney seems to center around one of the city’s best assets, the beautiful Sydney Harbour. That’s not a typo, it’s harbour, not harbor. When in Sydney spell, and try to say it like the locals do. The Harbour is home to two of the city’s most recognizable sites the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the world famous Opera House. In addition to the well-known landmarks, the shores of the harbor are lined with lots to see and do.

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Tall ship sailing the Sydney Harbour – Photo by sandwichCC – Edited

1. Sail on like a Pirate on the Harbour

One of the best ways to see the Sydney Harbour is aboard one of the classic tall ships. Sail through the harbor in a 19th century inspired ship and let the wind carry you around the picturesque waterway. The best time to take a ride around the harbor is during sunset. Watch the sun sink into the harbor and see the city lights come on from the deck of the boat.

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View from the Sydney Harbour bridge – Photo by Author

2. Climb the Harbour Bridge

Without a doubt, the best views in the city come from the giant steel structure on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.The brave can strap themselves in and climb the 440ft tall bridge supports. From the apex of the bridge, you have unobstructed views of the Opera House and the stunning city skyline. Sydney is one of the few places in the entire word where you can climb on top of working bridge in the heart of a major city. Take advantage of this unique opportunity on your next visit to Sydney.

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The Rocks District of Sydney with a view of the Harbour Bridge – Photo by Greg O’Beirne

3. Have a drink in the Rocks

In Sydney, you can have a drink on the rocks, in the Rocks. The Rocks is Sydney’s premier restaurant and nightlife district overlooking the harbor.

Orbitz-Australia-Sydney-What to do in Sydney Harbour-Gettingstamped-005

Sydney Opera House – Photo by Author

4. Visit the iconic Opera House

Nothing says Sydney like the white ‘shells’ of the Opera House. Situated right on the harbor this iconic building has become the landmark of the city. In addition to the architectural appeal it brings to the city, the Opera House is the center of cultural events in Sydney. Take a walking tour inside Sydney’s most famous building or better yet catch a performance while in town. Don’t forget to grab a drink at The Opera House Bar, an outdoor restaurant with great views of the harbor. Take in a sunset from here and watch the plunge into the harbor behind the harbor bridge.

Orbitz-Australia-Sydney-What to do in Sydney Harbour-Gettingstamped-007

Jet boat cruising through the harbor – Photo by author

5. Ride a jet boat

Looking for something fast paced to do in Sydney? Jump on a jet boat and cruise the harbor at warp speeds. Introduced in 1999 jet boats are the aquatic equivalent of a souped-up hot rod. Under the ‘hood’ of the jet boat are two engines providing 710 horsepower combined, with a custom Hamilton jet propulsion system that will get you from 0-60mph faster than you though possible. A jet boat tour is not for those seeking a relaxing cruise in the harbor. It’s more of a thrill ride full of 360° spins that will leave you soaking wet and holding on for dear life.

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