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If the best sleep you’ve had in your life happened while on vacation, the truth is the relaxing atmosphere of the tropical paradise you were visiting probably had something to do with it. Yet some travelers do come away from a trip wishing they could replicate the bedding experience they had while away and several hotels have taken note. In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week happening March 6–12, here are 5 hotels that have made their comfiest bedding available to all.

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The online Marriott store is more than just a good night’s sleep, it’s a full on opportunity to replicate the Marriott sleep experience at home. So that means that not only can you purchase a foam mattress and box spring set, for example, but you can also grab bedding essentials like feather and down pillows, signature sheets, linen sets and duvet covers. Want to take it one step further? You can also purchase Marriott robes, canvas wall art, shower curtains, coffee brewers, candles and more.

W Hotels The Store, Where to buy hotel bedding

W Hotels The Store

The lifestyle brand that helped make hotels sexy again allows its most devoted fans to bring their overnight stay back home with them. Their online store offers the W Hotel Bed—described by them as “your ticket to daily escapes”—and also a complete line of bedding essentials. Some products even pay tribute to the brand’s most beloved locations such as the W Montreal Foxy Throw, the W Chicago Silk Robe and the W Dallas Tiara Tote. You can also grab a complete line of products from the W’s Bliss Spa.

Ace Hotel, New York, bed, blankets, travel, trip, lifestyle

Ace Hotel New York

Leave it to this millennial-centric collection of quirky crash pads to ditch the conventional online store beds and bedding essentials in favor of more unusual offerings (they’re all buying Casper beds anyways). Nevertheless numerous items associated with the Ace are up for grabs such as a Herd of Robot Wild Horses from L.A.-based Monroe Workshop, Ace Hotel guitar picks, a men and women’s clothing line and, our personal favorite, the warm and wooly Pendleton blankets used in their different hotels.

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Ritz-Carlton, hotel, guest room, travel, bedding


Yes, you can bring the kind of night’s rest that has been synonymous for decades with unparalleled luxury to your very own home, but it won’t come cheap. Still, the online store for the luxe chain sells it all including mattress and box spring, bed and bedding set, a variety of pillows and linens and numerous bath and body products. If you’re looking to spruce up other parts of the home, you can also purchase the Gatsby Bowl, a pair of Dune Vases and several striking floor and table lamps.

Kimpton Style Hotel Collection, Where to Buy Hotel Bedding

Kimpton Style Hotel Collection

Leopard print robes, anyone? Meow! San Francisco-based Kimpton has always marched to the beat of its own drum and that includes the products for sale in its online store. The Kimpton Bed comes in various sizes ranging from Twin all the way up to a Cal King, and also a line of pillows, comforters, sheets and linens and sleepwear. But you can also snag swag such as the Faux Beaver Throw and the Fish Hotel and Condo—a nod to their policy of providing guests with a goldfish companion.

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Jason Heidemann

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  2. Yes. Definetely do’t steal the pillows! LOL.

    I found out about Pacific Coast while staying on a business trip in the Ritz Carlton and had such a great nights sleep that I ripped the covers off to see the label and promised myself to never sleep with another cheap pillow again.

    I was surprised to see how reasonable the pricing was. I get mine at jdoqocy (they have free shipping right now).

    They also have a really cool full body pillow that is perfect for support between the knees.

    I would never go anywhere else for my pillows. Highly recommended.

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