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Some of today’s biggest celebrities and notable figures – from the Queen of England to Tinkerbell – have been named cruise ship godmothers, taking part in the ancient tradition of blessing the seafaring vessels with good luck. (As well as the not-so-ancient-tradition of breaking a bottle of champagne across the hull). And as you can imagine with so many cruise lines with so many ships, there are so many of these godmothers, including a few we truly didn’t see coming…

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Royal Caribbean International's Oasis of the Sea

Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Sea


Aboard Royal Caribbean’s 16-deck Oasis of the Seas, you’ll find plenty of stuff to keep you busy – more than 20 dining options,a full-sized basketball court, and even a water park. But given that Michelle Kwan is this seafaring vessel’s godmother, it makes sense that there’s also an ice skating rink (which you can practice your twizzles on free of charge).

Royal Caribbean International's Allure of the Sea

Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Sea


The Allure of the Seas is a ship truly fit for royalty – DreamWorks royalty, that is. This member of the Royal Caribbean fleet is godmothered by everyone’s favorite ogress, Princess Fiona.

Holland America Line's Zaddam

Holland America Line’s Zaddam


With plush accommodations, elegant public areas, and sophisticated dining, it’s fair to say that Holland’s musically-themed Zaandam is chic. So, obviously, it requires equally-chic godmothers. So, obviously, they’re Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.

PRC's Crown Princess

Princess Cruises’ Crown Princess


We hope Princess put a little extra TLC into the accommodations aboard the Crown Princess. With Martha Stewart as a godmother, we’d expect some next-level attention to detail aboard. And maybe some of those famous brownies… or chocolate chip cookies… or peanut butter blondies… drool…

Norwegian Cruise Line's Breakaway

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway


Aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, travelers notice a focus on entertainment – dazzling Broadway performances, dueling piano shows, a swanky jazz & blues club – so it comes as no surprise that the ship’s godmothers would be used to the limelight. What does come as a surprise, however, is there would be so many of them – we’re talking all of the Rockettes.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Getaway

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Escape


And then there’s the man, the myth, the legend: Armando Christian Pérez (better known as Pitbull). This Miami-based musician recently christened Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest and largest ship, Norwegian Escape, which totes 16 public decks, a frosty “snow room” spa, and the biggest ropes course at sea.

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Katie Straw

Katie Straw

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2 thoughts on “What can a cruise ship godmother do for your cruise?”

  1. Sounds interesting to have a ship godmother. The idea of ice skating on the open sea sounds pretty cool. But a “snow room” spa? I would love to see one of these!

  2. Sounds fascinating to have a boat back up parent. The thought of ice skating on the vast ocean sounds really cool. Yet, a “snow room” spa? I would love to see one of these!

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