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Honeymoons can—and should—be the trip of lifetime for newly wed couples. So you’d better choose wisely. But with so many places in the world to explore, picking just one can be a lot of pressure.

Here are some helpful hints and things to consider.


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Infographic where should you honeymoon

Dreaming of a winter wonderland or a warm winter escape? Sri Lanka, a New Zealand road trip, Martinique, Cape Town, South Africa, Kauai, Hawaii, Finland or Steamboat Springs, Colorado are perfect starting points on your journey of wedded bliss.


Want to see the world a-bloom in spring? Cairns, Australia; Belize; Portugal; Sedona, Arizona; Fez, Morocco; Hanoi, Vietnam; Mendoza or St. Lucia can put some spring in your first married steps.


Craving a summer adventure? Bermuda, Greek Island hopping, Cape Cod, Galapagos Islands, Bali, Serengeti National Park or Scotland’s Isle of Skye may just be your hot honeymoon ticket.


Do fall hues make you swoon? Kyoto, Japan; Asheville, North Carolina; Sonoma, California; Mexico City; Munich, Germany; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Jaipur, Goa & Kerala, India; or the Island of Mauritius off the African Coast are the colors of perfection.


Check out the infographic below for more ideas on some of the best honeymoon destinations, and for more help deciding where in the world you should honeymoon.

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