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Forget the modern bars with their polished interiors, fancy lighting, and expensive drinks—these bars in Budapest, Hungary, are in ruins and that’s exactly what makes them awesome. What is a ruin pub exactly? Imagine a drinking establishment that’s been set up inside an abandoned building. They’re one of the highlights of Budapest’s nightlife and essential to any Hungary trip. Here’s a sampling of Budapest’s best ruin pubs.

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Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert | Flickr CC: Simon Lee

Szimpla Kert (Simple Garden)

Just mention Szimpla in Budapest and you’ll be hard pressed to find a local or even a tourist who hasn’t heard of this pub. One of the original ruin pubs in Budapest, Szimpla has everything you’d expect in a ruin pub like mismatching furniture, funky “DIY” lighting, and multiple themed rooms to suit your mood. Feeling a bit retro tonight? Hang out in the room decorated from floor to ceiling in old TVs and stereos.

Instant Ruin Bar

Instant | Photo courtesy of Getting Stamped



Feeling a little bit artsy? Head over to Instant, the biggest ruin pub in the city with 26 rooms, where the music is pumping and the décor is wild, literally. This self-proclaimed “enchanted forest of ruin pubs” features 26 rooms, seven bars, two gardens and seven stages. Be sure to look up to the ceiling for a view of bunnies, owls and pigs suspended in mid-air above you. Fancy a dance? Head downstairs to the gutted basement where the DJ is pumping the latest beats.



Photo courtesy of Corvintető

Corvintető (Corvin Terrace) 

Dubstep for days! Don’t let that Spar grocery store sign fool you, this building is anything but. Step inside Corvintető, or Corvin terrace, and head upstairs to find a ruin pub (more like ruin club) where the speakers are blaring and everyone is having a good time. Be careful when leaving—depending on how much fun you’ve had, the trippy hallway on the way out might just leave your head spinning.

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Fogasz Haz

Fogasz Haz | Photo courtesy of Fogasz Haz

Fogasz Haz (House of Teeth)

The name Fogasz Haz comes from the old sign outside for what used to a “tooth repair” place but inside you’ll find a bar, dance floor, garden, clothing store and more. In true ruin pub style you’ll find all kinds of artwork and décor such as floating vases with a single rose in each and giant smile print outs all around the garden, an ode to what the building used to be.

The courtyard at Anker't

The courtyard at Anker’t | Photo courtesy of Anker’t


Anker’t is the largest courtyard bar in Budapest with a clean, minimalist, chic design. Open in summer/spring, you can grab some cocktails and play a game of soccer on its sandy urban beach during the day or party it up on the dance floor at night.

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2 thoughts on “These are Budapest’s best ruin pubs”

  1. Hi,
    I am from Budapest. Ruin pubs? Seriously??
    Ruin pubs are not cool. At all! It is certainly a new phenomenon, but one I am rather ashamed of as a Hungarian…
    Barbara Pados

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