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These big ticket, high luxury airline suites may be out of reach for most of us, but you’re going to want to take a look at these new dream cabins. And then dream on.

Love luxe travel? Have an extra $50,000 to burn? Take your flight experience to a whole new altitude with these first-class accommodations.



Luxury airline suites



  1. Etihad Airways—One-Way ticket: $64,000+

Living space: 125-square-foot suite with a personal minibar, 32-inch flat screen TV, double-seat sofa and ottoman, two dining tables, double bed, bathroom with full shower, butler and gourmet chef. And there’s more…


  1. Singapore Airlines—Round-trip ticket: $30,000+

Fly high like Leonardo DiCaprio and Morgan Freeman with complimentary Dom Pérignon, Givenchy tableware, blankets, pillows, slippers and pajamas.


  1. Cathay Pacific—Round-trip ticket: $18,000+

Embrace your cultural side with private cabins adorned with artwork personally etched and hand-painted by renowned artists Maria Lobo and Linda Leviton.


  1. Virgin Atlantic—Round trip ticket: $16,000+

Airline bling. Over 1,000 Swarovski Elements adorn the crystal curtain and cabin walls while bartender mans the full-service bar. Send and receive calls and texts from your cell. Madonna does this all the time.


  1. Emirates—Round trip ticket: $25,000+

Get pampered with an in-flight spa and Bvlgari toiletries. Sip one of the detoxifying juices. Watch live TV. Jennifer Aniston stars in Emirates’ new TV commercial, so this is First Class all the way.


  1. Japan Airlines—Round-trip ticket: $24,000+

Enjoy complimentary bamboo massage sticks to relieve achy muscles. Eat a meal from the exclusive on-board restaurant, featuring dishes designed by Michelin-starred chefs.


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