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While you might think of Cancun as party central for spring breakers, it can just as easily be a slice of serenity. Located on the south-east coast of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun offers warm weather year-round, white powdery sand beaches, turquoise crystal waters and a reasonable flight time from just about anywhere in the US. All these factors make it a great place for a long weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation. Follow this itinerary with a focus on mind, body, spirit and wholeness to treat yourself to three perfect days guaranteed to restore, renew, and get you ready for whatever comes next.

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day 1

Get up when the sun does and walk the beach. The only sound is the splash of the waves. Next, work your body. Kick-start your wellness quest with a boxing class at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa’s gym, that is walls of windows with breathtaking ocean views and home to a full selection of fitness equipment, an aerobics studio, indoor pool, giant whirlpool, sauna and more. Not only will you burn calories, you’ll get rid of some stress. If you’re lucky you’ll get Malcolm, a charming former Mr. Mexico. But don’t letthat smile fool you, he will work those muscles!

Mid-morning is ideal for a return to the beach. Relax in one of the gorgeous thatched roof private Bali daybeds. You haven’t “lounged” until you’ve laid in one of these. It’s confirmation that you are royalty. When the munchies hit, stroll over to BeachWalk. There are plenty of healthy options like the blackened grouper sandwich or grilled greens Mediterranean salad.

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For an afternoon that’s one for the memory books, visit the 35,000-square-foot Mayan spa. There are so many treatments to choose from, this first one won’t be your last. Consider the Hunab Ku Ritual, a traditional Mayan massage that uses a mixture of rituals and unconventional healing movements with a very unique abdominal massage technique performed according to the traditional beliefs of energy flow. It’s 80 minutes of bliss.

Finish off a superb day with dinner at Gustino Italian Grill. With its large glass windows, many candles, live saxophone music and excellent service it gives new meaning to luxury dining. Warning: you might fall in, or deeper in love with whoever you’re with. Feast on the house specialties, pastas, seafood and meats.

day 2

After walking the beach, do yoga in the gym. Spa director Rakesh Thapliyal will gently push you, “Don’t breathe like a bird,” but also inspire, “Don’t let your thoughts be a slave to the past, or the future. Be in the present.” Classes are designed for all levels of experience. Cool off in one of several pools.

Grab lunch at Sedona Grill, where southwestern specialties are the order of the day. Take another spa treatment or get out and explore Cancun. Deep sea fish, golf and check out the interactive aquarium and visit Tulum, an ancient Mayan fortress city, or Xplor Park where you can zipline and raft on underground rivers.

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For undoubtedly some of the best Mexican food anywhere, dine at Porfirio’s, which reimagines the traditional flavors, textures and colors found in Mexican cuisine. You’ve never had tacos, enchiladas, or quesadillas quite like this. Porfirio’s is contemporary, yet sticks with some traditions, like a lively Mariachi band. It offers 100 different labels of tequilas and mezcales.

When you’ve had enough libations to feel courageous, there’s Champions Sports Bar, where suddenly you think you can sing and karaoke seems like a good idea. Pray your performance won’t end up on Facebook tomorrow.

day 3

After a morning walk, go wild. Gather your nerve to climb into a two-person speed boat and ride in the lagoon where you’ll embark on a guided snorkeling expedition and come face to face with sea creatures and coral reefs.

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All that excitement is bound to stir your appetite. Le Natura, a quaint café with an arrayof vegetarian and healthy food, is a local favorite. Next, soak up the sun one last time in a Bali daybed to relax and reflect. Let the sea serenade you to sleep.

Your trip won’t be complete without a bite at Sasi Thai, an elegant fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisines with great al fresco ambience. It’s healthy and tasty. Now, exhale and get ready to head home.

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Sheryl Nance-Nash

Sheryl Nance-Nash

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78 thoughts on “3 perfectly relaxing days in Cancun”

    1. Sandy J would love to read the contest!!!! Sixty three and never been on cruise… Pray to God I win.!!!

  1. I just recently made it Facebook official with the love of my life and think this would be a great way to get to know and appreciate each other a little more..we look forward to hearing from you..thanks

  2. I could use a vacation really badly. Life has been shit as of late and a get a way could turn things around.

  3. I would love to win a trip to Cancun. This would be the honey moon I never had with the wife. But the chances of winning who knows. And I wish luck to all…….

    1. My husband and I never.had a honeymoon. We got married while marrying my daughter and his two daughters and a son. When they were old enough for us to go somewhere the recession hit and we had to use every dime we had to survive in Las Vegas. I was layed off from my job, and he was layed off the next day from his construction job. The recession has somewhat lifted in Vegas. We have been married for 15 years now and gave up ever having a honeymoon or any vacation. This would be so great for us if we won.

    2. My husband and I never had a honeymoon. We got married while “marrying” my daughter and his two daughters and a son. When they were old enough for us to go somewhere the recession hit and we had to use every dime we had to survive in Las Vegas. I was layed off from my job, and he was layed off the next day from his construction job. We lost everything. We both worked since our teens and have been thru some terribly hard times. The recession has somewhat lifted in Las Vegas and we’re barely recovering. We have been together for 17 years and married for 15 years now and gave up ever having a honeymoon or any vacation. This would be so great for us if we won this fabulous trip. We know we are up against competitive stories so good luck to all and thank you for consideration!!

  4. Im 47 years old and never been anywhere i had to use a passport to get to. My wife and i have been together for 13 years and i would love to take her on a vacation to Cancun. It looks amazing. I want to go scuba diving. Looks like it would be life changing.i would love to win a trip. Thank you!

  5. Sounds like a beautiful place to enjoy time with my beloved husband. It’s great to see the wondres of the nature.

  6. Perfecta combinacion de cultura.naturaleza.modernismo y comodidad..perfecta complemento para tener unas vacasiones con mi Madre…ella seria muy feliz de tener esos 3 dias de relax..

  7. I retired a year ago working 35 years for the County of Westchester. I would love to enjoy the walk along the beach. This year has been a stressful year but I recently went back to work at the hospital (per diem). I would love to take a trip to Cancun and enjoy the sun just to relax and enjoy some me time…..

  8. My wife and I work in the Security and Law Enforcement field . we have five kids from the ages of 3-14. We could really use this trip. thanks

    George & Judy Drake

  9. Oh wow i would so much love to win this trip i have been dealing with alot lately family issues n financial im to the point i dnt know wht to do anymore i need a break

  10. Ive been with my husband 16 years. On 7/21/16 we celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have 2 children n have never been on a vacation. I just recently moved out my home about a week ago to be closer to work. Ofcourse it took its toll on my husband. This would be an excellent opprtunity to reignite the flame in our life. This vacation would be a dream come to and a step in the right direction to save my marriage as we are a bit rocky these days. Please concider sending me n my spouse on this 3 day vacation as we could definitely use it.

  11. My husband recent had a mild stroke and lost his job. We (he) could use a Cancun vacation of beauty and relaxing. We don’t even have the money for putting our dog in. Kennel. We really need this blessing, gift.

  12. La verdad Me encantaría poder ganar ese premio soy una persona que vive al día nunca ha tenido unas vacaciones y me gustaría disfrutar las Muchas gracias por permitirme participar

  13. I would love to win this trip, my husband and myself have never taken a vacation or honeymoon together, we have had so many hardships, this trip would be a blessing for us.

  14. Sounds perfectly heavenly….i take cate of 2 of my gtandchildren full time and work….i have been blessed to have thiese children i n my life…no mayter how hectic it gets….maybe we could all go….that wo uld be amazing!

  15. Please send me to Cancun. I have never won anything in my life. I really need a vacation Im a child care provider who also takes care of my mom. I really need some relaxation time with other adults.

  16. My wife and I, of 7 years, have not yet been able to have a honeymoon trip. We have 3 girls that take most of our time ( and my money, haha), and I would love to take her on a great honeymoon, that she deserves! Thanks

  17. I would love to win this vacation to cancun and go walk on the beach enjoy the food and culture treatments at the spa go swimming etc relaxing this would be a perfect weekend

  18. This trip would truly be heavenly
    After taking care of my dad with,alz for 5 years until his death in Jan. It would work wonders for my mom and myself as she grieves for my,dad.

  19. I would love to win a trip for two to Cancun for me and my boyfriend really for him because he is such a great man that does everything for everyone and noone seems to give back not that he look for anything I would love to give back to him by winning this trip to show some appreciating.

  20. This trip to cancun looks amazing and I would love to go over the summer please give me this trip I have never been out of Florida to a place like cancun.

  21. I would so very much love to win this trip….its so very needed …….my significant. Other lives in chicago and we never get to spend any romantic time together .He works so very hard and long hours…..and im in knoxvile. There was a yound boy 22 that got killed on his job sight that has really took a rough heart and stress on him …..a get away with all this relaxation. Would really help…..please and Thank You…..june 29 th 2016

  22. Have never had a actual vacation.Could never afford one.After caring for my wife for years now her funeral I really need a real vacation

  23. well I always wanted to take my four kids on a trip but it never happen thru the years I relapse on drugs there dad died at age 44 from alchocal we ended up being homeless for four years one of my sons got into trouble got life in prison my daughter had two kids now I’m a grandma and still haven’t been able to take my kids no were fell broke my foot leg and femore had to learn how to walk again I am in church now have a ministry helping homeless and drug addicts thru supreme breakthrough and have one wish to take my kids and grandkids on a trip that would be so awesome if I could finally win something instead of always loosing if I win thank u Jesus if I loose thank u Jesus Lillian solis-hansen danny Hansen Andy Solis Paul Solis Vanessa Solis john lambertson my grandkids Sophia Johnathon jr

  24. Hi i would love to win a vaction ..I have not been on one in 15 years..All i do is work..It is well needed..Thanks

  25. I’m not looking for pitty or anyone to feel sorry for me I’ve lived a life most would not understand or approve of. I’m a 57yr female my husband after 17yrs left me for another woman n has broken my heart what is the worst part is I have copd n emphysema n I’m going to die alone I have no life n I don’t no what to do or where to go I’m lost with out him he was my everything n I miss him even though he has left me homeless a friend took me in if I had the chance to go to can cuan the last part of my life would b worth remembering n calm n stress less un like the first the trip would b a blessing. Thank you lynn

  26. I would love to take a first vacation trip. I have been taken care of my family since I was 9years old and never had a vacation anywhere. I have always worked to provide for my family and I am still working but don’t make enough to take a vacation and this would be a dream come true for me.

  27. All of those sound nice but for me I would like to get up at 9pm and have a fabulous dinner and dance and party all night until sunrise and then go to sleep.

  28. The crisp air the sand between my toes the beautiful Crystal Blue Water let’s not forget the Pina Coladas lol that wld be the time of my life thats the way i imagine it i wld love to would love to soak up that sun lol to whoever the Winner is Good luck congratulations wish i was in ur shoes right about now enjoy in never been outside my home town this wld be a great well spent time please pick me!!!!!

  29. I would like all of y’all to enjoy a trip if I could afford to give all of y’all one,but if she be would be my wife? And we to have never done anything either.And I work 6 days a week to.But if my luck changes I would send all of y’all

  30. I would love for everyone to go to but l really do need this. I am a single mom of 2 and a full time student. I am so use to taking care of everyone else l forgot to take care of me. I dont even remember the last time l took a vacation l have been so busy taking care of others l kinda forgot to relax and live.

  31. I have been with my wife for18 years. Do to work and raising 4 wonderful children; we have never gone on a vacation, just the two of us. That would be the most amazing gift and surprise to give her at this point in our lives.

  32. This would be such an amazing experience! We are a family of 6 and as past of being on a budget MetroPCS has helped us have awesome phone service at such little cost. Unfortunately we are not able to afford a family vacation or a vacation for my husband and myself . This would be a great way to have a date/honeymoon for my husband and I. Good luck to the winner and enjoy you’re trip!!

  33. My husband works 52 hours a week as a heavy equipment mechanic in Florida. He works outside in all different kinds of weather conditions. He’s 55 years old and works like a 30 years old. He deserves a relaxing vacation more than anyone I know. It would also be wonderful to spend some time alone together.

  34. I would love to Win this trip me and my wife got married on April 16 of this year and did not have a honeymoon due to financial problems and my wife deserves a honeymoon thank you

  35. Like Sandy Johnson I never been on a cruise either let lone out of the country to I would have to use a passport. This would be the perfect vacation for me & my boyfriend to get to know each other very well. I love taking walks alone the beach this would be great for Darryl & I looking forward to a have the experience of being in Cancun.

  36. My name is Mary. Im a mother of 3 beautiful children. I would love to win this vacation this would be a blessing. My husband and I have been married for 12yrs and never really had a real honeymoon. Since Im always taking care of others. Im also taking care of my grandmother who live with me battling cancer.

  37. My Husband and I would love this vacation.It really sounds like a blast! We would really love to try every everything the vacation offers.we enjoy trying new places and meeting new people.please consider us.

  38. Would be great to go.. It would be our first honey moon for me and my husband. Due to me getting pregnant with our 1st son we were not able to have our honey moon. It would be great to win this trip for just the both of us…

  39. I’m a mother of seven need to get away and me and my fiance will love to get away. please help me get away. Thanks

  40. I would be grateful to win this trip. I am considering divorce bc all me and spouse do is avoid each other with work,kids, and household stuff. After 15 years and not once celebrating our anniversary its becoming clear that we are really just drifting apart. This could possibly draw us closer together. Its important to stop and take some time for all couples and focus on the relationship. Good luck to all.

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