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Not everyone who visits Las Vegas is a high roller — and it’s easier than you may think to vacation here without spending a fortune. The city has plenty of things to do for under $20, making some of the best things to do in Vegas a pretty fun lesson in budgeting.

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Watch the Bellagio fountains 

The Bellagio‘s fountains are one of Vegas’ rare free highlights. The watery show kicks off roughly every 30 minutes, and the sidewalk in front is a prime viewing location, making it pretty easy to happen upon on accident (and almost as easy to plan around). Feeling a little cheeky? Shake it to the pop songs and classics that play during the show, and give the good people of Vegas something to talk about.

Grab a drink at The Chandelier Bar

If you want to feel like a movie star for an hour or two, visit The Chandelier bar in The Cosmopolitan hotel and treat yourself to a drink. It’s one of the most outrageous bars in all of Las Vegas, and that’s saying something. If you get the chance, head for the lounge tucked away inside the massive, ornate crystal chandelier that the bar is named after.


If you’re not a hardcore gambler, $20 can actually take you pretty far in a casino—even in Vegas. If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, hit the penny slots. As an added bonus, most casinos will treat you to a free drink or two as long as you’re playing, so it’s really a win/win.

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Get the Eiffel Tower Experience

Enjoy one of the best views in Las Vegas for only $14 a ticket. From the top of Paris‘s half-size Eiffel Tower, you’ll be treated to a panorama of The Strip and those beautiful Bellagio fountains. As you soak up the 360-degree views, a guide will point out important landmarks.

Visit the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas!’ sign

This has to be one of the city’s most famous and most photographed places. You can find it on the Strip, just south of Russell Road. It’s a sign, so there’s obviously  no entrance fee, but you may have to fork out for a taxi ride to get there, to the tune of $10-$15 from most Las Vegas hotels in and around the Strip. It’s worth it, though—a single snapshot of the iconic signage will insight jealousy in your devout Instagram followers.

Ride the New York-New York Roller Coaster 

If you like cheap thrills, then you need to take a turn on this famous Las Vegas roller coaster, located in the famous New York -New York Hotel. It’s only $14 to take a ride, and you’ll not only be treated to great views of the city, but it’ll keep you cool in that hot Las Vegas heat. And, of course, give you a healthy dose of adrenaline.

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Explore the Canals of Venice 

OK, not technically Venice, but the Venetian hotel – and it’s almost the same thing! An adult ticket for a Gondola tour of the canals is $19.95  so this is just in budget. If you want to treat someone special, or just have a relaxing and unique experience, this is perfect.

The Mirage Volcano 

This is one of the best shows in the city, and it doesn’t cost a penny, making it one of the best things to do in Vegas. The famous volcano outside The Mirage Hotel erupts every evening, sending fireballs straight up into the sky and putting on one heck of a show for passers by.

Stuff your face at M&M World 

Another free activity, and a must for any chocolate lover! At M&M World, you’ll find floors upon floorsof goodies, from huge piles of candy (duh) to t-shirts and giant, talking M&M’s. It’s free to look around, but good luck getting out of there without buying at least one big ol’ bag of sweets!

Tour the strip

Welcome to the world’s easiest self-guided tour. All you’ve got to do is follow the Strip. Each hotel has something pretty wild to offer, and together they create a sort-of mini world tour. It won’t cost a thing to go in and explore, either—but why not pick up a few souvenirs along the way? After all, it’s pretty hard to go to Vegas and not spend any money (and why would you want to?).

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