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So you’ve decided: You’re doing Disney this year. Good choice. But which park is best suited for you, Disneyland in Anaheim, California or Disney World in Orlando, Florida? Check out this Disney infographic to see which pair of mouse ears fits best. Orbitz breaks down the best of both worlds to help make the Disneyland vs Disney World comparison easier.


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Disneyland vs Disney World comparison



First, size. There’s no comparison here – Disney World is 40 square miles, roughly the size of San Francisco! But the smaller size of Disneyland makes it much more navigable, especially with little ones.


Second, themes. If you’re looking to “drink around the world” at Epcot and come face-to-face with rhinos at Animal Kingdom, Disney World all the way. But if Indiana Jones and the Matterhorn is more your style, the choice is Disneyland.


The average daily temp seems to favor Orlando, but Southern California gets far less rainfall per year, plus it’s not nearly as humid.  And it’s Southern California.


If you’re looking for adventure that extends farther than Mickey’s home, Anaheim is the big winner. Orange County boasts California’s incredible coastline, making it the perfect jump-off point for a side trip to Los Angeles, San Diego or even Mexico.


And now, maybe most importantly, average wait times during peak hours:
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 32-46 minutes at Disneyland, 72-120 minutes at Disney World

Haunted Mansion: 36-46 minutes at Disneyland, 59-90 mins at Disney World

Pirates of the Caribbean: 24-37 minutes at Disneyland, 59-95 minutes at Disney World


Lastly, hotels. Disney World is bigger, so it just has more. Disneyland has three choices for accommodations, while Disney World offers more than two dozen.


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Jason Heidemann

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2 thoughts on “Disneyland vs Disney World (infographic)”

  1. How could you not include Universal Studios at either parks? They are the second best parks in Florida and California. The Wizarding World is not a separate park, it is part of Universal Orlando Resort

  2. There are so many more comparisons to help make your decision. I have been to both parks and would say that It is basically a matter of preference.Yes Disneyworld has 4 parks and is much larger, but Disneyland/California Adventure are within walking distance so it’s easy to park hop. When I go we park hop everyday cause I have to ride Radiator Springs every day I am there I would have to say that I probably prefer Disneyland/California Adventure if that is the only park I am going to, but if you go to Florida, there are so many other parks close to Disneyworld that were not mentioned here. Universal studios was mentioned (as being called Harry Potter) but it is a must to go there. There is also Seaworld, Discovery Cove and lots of water parks. We were there for 2 weeks and did a theme/water park everyday for 12 days and had a blast. But I missed cars land!

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