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We all try to be good passengers, but—be honest—haven’t we also been a bad one at some point? Whether we decided we needed to use the bathroom during heavy turbulence or revealed our smelly feet by slipping out of our sneakers, none of us is perfect. Flight attendants are the kind folks who grin and bare the brunt of our airborne quirks and, as it turns out, some passenger sins are worse than others. We found a longtime industry insider to reveal the things we do that tick off flight crews the most.

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1. “Here’s my bag. Can you go ahead and put it in the overhead bin? Great, thanks.”
There’s a common mantra among flight attendants: “If you can’t sling it, don’t bring it.” They’re there to assist passengers with luggage, not do the work for them. Our flight attendant says he’s been asked to stow bags stuffed with everything from dishes, rocks and even baked goods. Most airline stewards are not cross fit athletes with superhero strength, so if you’re able bodied you should stow your luggage yourself.

2. “The seatbelt sign is more of a guideline, right?”
Although the pilot switches on the seatbelt sign only to ensure our safety, we’ve all been on a flight where that one person decides to get up and go to the jump seat to ask the flight attendant if they can use the bathroom just as the captain is making the announcement for flight attendants to take their seats. Passengers have sustained serious injuries for ignoring the seatbelt sign, including broken bones and worse, according to our source. Not only do they risk their own life when ignoring the seatbelt sign, but they’re putting their fellow passengers and the flight crew at risk.

3. “Take good care of Mom/Dad/Junior, bye!”
Before you pack up your brood and send them on a cross-country flight from Seattle to Sarasota, first ask yourself whether or not you’ve properly prepared these youngsters or oldsters for the journey. Our source cites numerous instances in which children board long flights without any food or snacks packed for them in advance. Flight attendants are not nurses, says our source, and are not supposed to assist passengers with their functions inside the airplane lavatory, and yet they’re often asked to do so. Travelers with substantial mental or physical disabilities should always be accompanied by a friend, relative or caregiver.

4. “FAA rules schmules.”
Feel like pleading with your flight crew about guidelines created by the Federal Aviation Administration? Think again. According to our source, the FAA setsthe rules for the inflight experience—including seatbelt, carry-on items and exit row guidelines—and passengers frequently ignore or try to renegotiate them. Our source cites instances in which passengers have insisted on putting their feet on top of their suitcase in the row they’re sitting in because it won’t fit in the overhead bin. But guess what? If the FAA happens to be onboard or in the jet bridge doing an audit, it’s the flight crew that gets fined for not doing their job.

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5. “Turn down what? I can’t hear you over this car chase scene.”
This isn’t just a flight attendant pet peeve, it’s ours as well. We love that you enjoyed The Expendables 3 and Transformers: Age of Extinction, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us did. Many airlines don’t provide headphones for passengers and our source argues that in this day and age it’s the passenger’s job to know better and arrive prepared. Not only can the noise caused by iPads, iPhones and laptops be disruptive to passengers, but flight crews are responsible for listening to and detecting abnormal sounds or movements of the aircraft and you better believe that sound effects from movies, TV shows and games can mimic issues from the airplane.

6. “Pedicure time!”
Why do people think an airplane is an appropriate place to paint their fingernails or toenails, our source wonders. We certainly can agree that finger and toenail polish has an odor that can quickly foul up an enclosed space like an aircraft and we’re gagging at the sight of someone painting their toes aboard a 747. Our source recalls a lady spilling her finger nail polish in her purse because she was trying to hide the fact that she was still painting her nails even after the crew had asked her to put the polish away. He also cites instances of folks clipping their fingernails on the tray table. That’s just gross.

7. “Fluffy needs to stretch her legs for a minute.”
A word to pet parents: Your beloved Fluffy is to remain within her carrier at all times during the flight. Our steward recalls an instance in which a woman asked if she could put down a piddle pad on the floor in the galley so her dog could use the restroom. (The answer was no.) Flight crews serve food and beverages out of the galley so it is verboten to turn the area where flight attendants prepare edibles into a canine crapper.

8. “How convenient…this seat-back comes with a changing table.”
Yes, babies are allowed to travel too. But our source says that changing a diaper on a tray table is a big fat no-no. People eat off that thing! He recalls incidents in which dirty diapers were placed in the seat-back pockets and left behind for the flight crew to clean up. “There really is no limit as to what some passengers try to get away with on the aircraft,” he says. “After flying for more than eight years, nothing surprises me.”

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Jason Heidemann

Jason Heidemann

Jason is a Lead Content Specialist for Expedia Group, and manages content initiatives across numerous Expedia-owned brands. His work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Time Out, the Huffington Post, Chicago Magazine, Passport and many others.

178 thoughts on “8 things never to say to a flight attendant”

  1. Apparently it is now politically incorrect to call the female “flight attendant” on board “stewardess”. On my last flight I got dressed down for this. When did the lowly term “attendant” become preferable to the authority denoting term “steward” or “stewardess”? So much for empowerment.

    1. It’s the diminutive “ess” that’s gone out-of-style. Female doctors are not doctresses. And I don’t think anyone says “steward” anymore. But really, this is hardly recent. The term, flight attendant, has been widely used since the 1980s.

      1. How many years has it been since you have flown? My best friend was a ” stewardess” in 1970!

        1. a PILOT still a PILOT was in the 70’s.?
          My best flight a “stewardess” gave us an unbelievable talk on etiquette for the flight.
          It was about 20 min long and she had us laughing and think it was my best most comfortable..Her COMEDY turned the whole grumpy set of passengers into a very congenial group..It was a late night flight that was delayed on takeoff.I remember her first…ladies and gentleman we have a crying baby up front and to assist this
          exhausted mom we are going to rotate the little one every 20 min.for you to hold.since the flight
          Is only 4 hr hopefully you all will get a chance! SHE had a marvelous sense of humor..and her
          Little interjections kept a very grumpy set of passengers comfortable and thanking her when we disboarded,I don’t care the title but I HAVE kFLOWN fair amount and the FLIGHT ATTENDENTS and safe landing BEST PART
          THE WHOLE FLIGHT HAD A BIG ROUND OF THANKYOU TO THE “CREW” (wonder if still called flight crew)been 3 yrs. since flew,,,

          1. That’s how we used to keep babies quiet in my church and let the moms listen and participate. We loved them all. One of the best compliments we ever heard was when a visitor said “who are the mothers of the babies that were being passed around? I couldn’t tell.”

      2. Well, why not just skip all that and call them ‘the boss”! Other than the pilot they are the boss.
        They are professionals and responsible for our safety in the cabin – give them a little more resect

          1. Not only he/she read it, he/she also commented, must be “really” bored

    2. I always preferred the term “air waitress.” 🙂 Stewardess is fine too. What’s wrong with the efficiency of identifying responsibility and sex with a single word? Absolutely nothing! Believe it or not, society consists of two sexes — both necessary and equal. Why do we continue to push for the most gender-neutral language to describe our world? And the correct term for those easily and often offended is “whiner!”

      1. I agree completely. There are a lot of whiners in this world. Often, they are the same ones that pull some of theach BS mentioned in this article, which also makes them, you guessed it — LOSERS!

        1. Flight attendants are in board first and foremost for “rapid egress of passengers in an emergency situation”. This is an FAA requirement.

          I flew for TWA in the 1970’s.
          We were told in training that we were “flight attendants”. The moniker of “stewardess” was canned, as the definition is
          “Keeper of pigs”!
          And THAT is all fact. The

          1. Yep TWA were called “hostess” because we were welcoming passengers into our home . (Svc 1957/1992) designation changed over the years / sexual correctness.

          2. I miss it, too! Great brand, perfect logo, fantastic history. My dad was a mechanic there for more than 35 years.—Martina Sheehan, Orbitz Travel Blog editor

          3. Beginning in the Middle Ages, and probably long before, stewards where highly trusted individuals placed in charge of the assets of a king or noble. They kept the books and were personally responsible for the productivity of lands, so, they had to be good managers and able to read and write and keep accounts. These abilities were rare in those days. They were often privy to many secrets and were also counselors to their masters. If one refers to the origins of the term, there should be nothing degrading or demeaning about being called a steward or stewardess.

        2. Yes, they do very important things – IF there is an emergency. So 99.99% of the time, they’re sky waitresses. Oh, and let’s not forget the safety speech at the beginning that nobody listens to – That’s super important.

          1. Yep. That’s why they watch pax place their carryon’s in the overheads of the first ten rows even though they are seated in the rear of the cabin.

          2. Every aspect of our duties are “important” and you are very mistaken. I’ve been flying 32 years and can safely say I’ve had hundreds of medical emergencies as well as other emergencies that the average customer just isn’t aware of. I consider providing a safe and comfortable environment 32,000 ft. for my customers a priority. We are also responsible for our pilots as well. Flight attendants are the front line in security and safety on the aircraft, and I am willing to put my life on the line in the performance of protecting my aircraft and especially my customers.

        3. Wow what are stewardess for. You are no longer feed unless it has changed. I did not tell these people to work for the airlines. Some of these losers should ride the bus. Are there rules for flight. Heck don’t fly walk drive to the dock take a boat. When I have flown I was givin a hard time for wanting food. When these people are allowed on the plane deal with it. I tried cover it all I hope for hate from all.

          1. Are you serious???? You simply can’t be soooo ignorant!! I suggest getting professional mental help…SOON!!!!

      2. They are not waitresses. In case you havent flown recently there are male flight attendants now. A flight attendants main function is passenger safety during an emergency. I have witnessed them render CPR, dress wounds and calm passengers. As a commercial airline pilot they are an absolute must.

        1. Thanks. Having been a direct beneficiary of the many skills these folks have when my wife suffered a medical emergency in flight I have the highest regard for the profession.

      3. Oh man, air waitress! Had I been drinking while reading that I would have spit it out everywhere.

        How do these babies feel about languages like Spanish where there are masculine and feminine versions of words. Their heads are going to explode.

      1. Shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. After all, there’s an attendant in the restroom of every fine establishment, gas stations, tool booths…

    3. Thank you– I was a stewardess for United back in the day in the sixties when our 11 course meals were much appreciated as was our service!

    4. Agreed! I hired on as a stewardess and considered myself that for 34 years. I hated being called flight attendant . Even “stew” was preferable

    5. Maybe about 30 or 40 years ago certain titles were changed. The title of “mailman”, changed to “letter carrier”, policeman to peace officer, and the term fireman to firefighter. Where have you been, asleep?

  2. Federal Air Regulations are what they are ‘Regulations’. The flight crew in the passenger cabin IS the authority from gate stop-to-gate stop. If passengers feel that ‘to abide by the regulations is an inconvenience’ they should be reminded that they are in violation of air safety and are subject to deplaning or arrest at there destination…of course at the discretion of the pilot in command. Usually the pilot will back up the flight crew. Many people are idiots and more and more feel that they can have their way by threatening your job if a member of a flight crew advises or corrects a passenger. That’s a big problem in the USA…No fear of authority. It used to be a glamorous event to fly in a commercial airliner.

    Now days, its more like riding the bus (no class) or being on a truck loaded with hogs. Put these kind of pigs on a cargo plane (Fed-Ex or UPS) and see how they will squeal..

    Go Air Force

    1. HEAR HEAR! I used to anticipate a flight with joy, knowing that I could relax. Now, I dread the thought of getting on the airline industry’s version of a cattle car!

        1. Shame US airlines now feel it’s approprate to charge astronomical “business class” prices just for providing a reasonably comfortable experience. How about provide everyone some comfort and SERVICE instead of the ever accelerating race to become the Wal-Mart of the sky.

    2. I remember getting dressed up in coat and tie every time we flew. That was back in the 60s. Even in Vegas. I do miss those days

      1. Maybe if it was still that way people would be reminded that it’s a privilege to be able to fly and would be better behaved. You also had seats that you could fit in comfortably without feeling like you were practically sitting half in your neighbors space. It does feel like you are sitting in a cattle car.

        1. It’s not a privilege to pay a fee for service, it’s a contract. The airlines are not our benefactors, they are our airborne livery service. People on board a flight should be expected to act in a civil and polite manner, and should be treated the exact same way.
          FAA regulations could be met by doing away with flight attendants and installing automatic doors that open in an emergency and lights to guide us to them

          1. Oh Fred! Oh no you didn’t! You forgot to mention the self-extinguishing fires, and the power of the oxygen tank to direct itself to the sick passenger, and the drug crazed person who handcuffs himself, and the hijacker who subdues himself, and the raft that jumps out the door on its own. Shall I continue?

          2. Wow, would love yo take you on a four day trip doing what I do for a living. I think you could use the exposure to something you know absolutely nothing about.

          3. Flight attendants will try to tell you that they are the 911 of the air but that is simply because they have deprioritized customer service so much that they concern themselves more about what could happen once in about 100000 flights than making sure they provide SERVICE for the customer. It’s an excuse to demand a salary when treating customers as cattle.

      2. Fly in Europe. People are, on the whole, dressed apppropriately (not in sweats, tank top, and flip flops as in the US). And parents control their kids (unlike in the US).

      3. I still dress up, business attire I believe it gets me better service but I respect the whole flight crew, no matter the moniker

      4. I miss those days soooo much! Flip flops, ripped clothing, offensive body odors, putting bare feet on the bulkheads or tray tables, etc., unfortunately are the sign of the times

    3. I understand that everyone deserves respect, especially when doing their job.
      But… What authority are you talking about??
      Airplane crews, whatever their rank, are not authority. Police is authority.
      They are employees of a private company, like anyone else. If someone doesn’t follow the law, the police will remove him/her from the plane or arrest him/her at the destination. But to say that a flight attendant is an authority is a stretch.
      Very interesting as well is you referring to airline passengers as pigs, hogs, etc… And, sorry to break this news to you, traveling by air nowadays IS like taking the bus. Specially if, like millions, you do it several times per week.
      It’s not like there are not literally hundreds of rude, arrogant flight attendants on duty in the so-called “flag-carrier” airlines.
      Why do you think Emirates, Singapore, Thai, Turkish are successful while so many others haven’t seen a profit in decades?
      Sure it isn’t because their planes are faster!

      1. Gerard,
        It’s hard for you to be more wrong. Flight Attendants do indeed have legal authority under Federal Law to enforce any and all Federal Air Regulations aboard an aircraft. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they don’t. It could jeopardize your liberty when the plane lands.

      2. Well I was a captain for Continental for 28 years, and yes things have decayed on flights.
        There was a time when people dressed up to fly , now it resembles Walmart on a Sunday morning. And so the behavior of the passengers in the USA has degraded.
        Let me make it clear to those who think the flight few has no authority: we can disembark people the have a behavioral problem, that uses profanity and or is intoxicated. If the persons think they can refuse to obey, we will call security and believe me that interference with a crew member in the exercise of his/her functions is a federal offense.
        Flight attendants are there to get your butt off the airplane in 90 seconds or less. They are trained to do that exactly. Remember Sully? His entire. Few saved a boatload of people that could have easily died in the moments of chaos that followed that ” la ding “. So next time you fly, be polite and respect the directions the cabin crew members give you,you might be greatful.
        Welcome aboard!

        1. When I fly I get some really talkative flight attendants. Most like what they do. They always are very polite when I get on and off. If you treat them right you will be treated the same.give them the respect they deserve.

        2. I still wear a shirt and tie every time I fly. I don’t know why, but it just feels wrong not too. I gladly pay for the comfort and treatment in first or business class, but it seems now half of my co-passengers seem entitled no matter where they sit or what they pay . I don’t know how flight attendants don’t slap the crap out of someone on almost every flight. Takes some real patience.

          I have also had my share of total jerk off flight attendants ,but that is far and away not the norm . Everyone has a bad day. If you are a constant asshole you won’t make it very long as an attendant.

        3. Talk to united about that “authority ” and see what it has cost them and will cost them for dragging an Asian doctor off a flight.

      3. Unfortunately Fred you are wrong. Its a Federal rule for passengers to abide by instructions of the flight crew. If it goes to the Captain, he/she is the ultimate authority aboard the aircraft! Its a federal offense not to comply.

      4. Flight crews do have the authority to enforce FAA regulations. Law enforcement is called for backup as needed. If someone doesn’t follow crew orders in the air, they are written up and FAA will prosecute and they may be arrested upon landing. If someone is a physical threat, flight crews can even put them in handcuffs. Many other countries subsidize their airlines. The US does not. US airlines are making profits and most flight crews are professional.

      5. Very hostile and untrue statement. Use google to find out the penalties for “Interfering with a Flight Crew”.
        Arrest, and if convicted, a felony with prison and hefty fines. We DO have the authority and mandate to enforce Federal Air Regulations and are by law REQUIRED to. Flight attendants are subject to severe penalties if these FAR’S are not enforced.

  3. My airline/company will not cover my injury for lifting someone’s bag. If I get injured lifting a bag I am responsible. With bag fees passengers are bringing even heavier things onboard. You pack it, you lift it.

    1. That is 150% TOTALLY FALSE. The LAWS are if on duty ANY employee is covered by their company’s Workers Comp AND Insurances.

      1. No, that is 150% ACCURATE. If we ‘assist’ in putting a bag up and are injured, we fight to get OJI. If we put the bag up without assistance, we get NO oji. It is all in the verbage and the companies, aka Airlines, will do whatever they can to not have to pay. To add insult to injury, it’s a very small portion of our pay, we don’t get anything for 3 months unless we pay into short term disability. Sounds like a whiner? Trust me, most of us are not. We will do everything possible to accomodate our passengers (within reason.) Spend a month with us at our ‘glamorous job’ and maybe you will have a little more respect for what us Air Waitresses do.

      2. Wrong. You are not covered because lifting passenger’s bags is not on part of the job description

      3. Nope…. the carrier has an insurance company that designates weather your injury was actually part of your duty. Otherwise they decline to pay. You have to, as an employee go after them through your own legal. You people have no idea what you are speaking about.

        1. Why do you have to sound like you are putting people down by the tone of your remarks? I’d hate to have to travel with you sitting next to me.

      4. Ummmm negative sir I fly for a US carrier and if we get hurt lifting you’re bag we are not compensated so you pack it you lift and and put it away simple!!!!

        1. I normally board with a fairly heavy bag, with medical equipment, and check a walker at the ramp. All of the crew has been more than helpful offering to lift my bag. Normally, I can dissuade them by telling that it is heavy and that my partner, who is folding the walker, doesn’t mind lifting it, but I don’t always succeed.

    2. If you can’t help a disabled or senior with their carry on, how can you lift or assist a person in an emergency exit?

      1. In an emergency we ask for help if we need to assist someone in an emergency. If you are disabled or a senior, you should check your bag. You can check one of your carry on bags free at the aircraft door at Delta. You can also bring a smaller bag on board with medicine and other necessary items which should fit under the seat. We are allowed to assist by helping you guide your bag in while YOU lift the bag or assist you in gate checking or locating a space. We can’t ask another passenger to help us either because they may injure themselves. We are not baggage handlers and don’t wear items to provide support.

  4. i see one of the things talks about annoying passengers with your iphone or tablet or whatever, yet apparently is perfectly acceptable to let your kid cry out their lungs for hours on end and no one can say anything.
    Why wouldnt airlines design a kids zone in the back of the plane at least? Why dont attendants enforce a liitle bit more courtesy from parents?

      1. I am a parent and often parents don’t even try to quiet their noisy children, think that it is perfectly alright to disturb every other passenger on the plane. I heard one say “He/She is a child, what do you expect ?”

        1. That’s the part that bothers me. PARENTS or lack of parenting! When your child is crying on a plane it is YOUR responsibility to comfort the child or discipline the child in an EFFORT to stop their crying. But like you said MOST don’t even TRY.

        2. Have flown once in the 80s when People were more Intelligent, and considerate!! Couldn’t and wouldn’t fly today! Crying babies, Inconsiderate people, Baggage bums,!! Oh No!! Too old and grumpy for that 🙂

      2. Please stop breeding if you don’t think you should control your kid(s) from ruining the flight for everyone else, especially those who forgot their noise cancelling headphones.

    1. Maybe a ‘separate but equal’ section? It would have to be sealed off to prevent the sound of children from annoying you. The luggage compartment sounds perfect for that.
      Alternatively, you could spring for a set of earplugs or headphones

    2. We are not the manners police. Imagine the outcry (no pun intended) of age discrimination if we had sections for children.

    3. Are you kidding me right now? Children don’t cry on command. What should the parent do? Injection of a tranquilizer?

      1. Are you serious? Do you even have kids? If you do you are a clueless parent. What do you do? You seek to comfort the child or if the appropriate age you may seek to discipline the child. Wow….I still can’t get over your cluelessness or should I say ignorance

  5. I work at a local air-port and have learned that people will bring every thing with them except their brains,which apparently are quite often left at home.A small amount of time on-line researching parking places,baggage limits,check-in locations,and rules and regulations works to every ones benefit but every one these days has a short attention span so there goes that hope…

    1. People do seem to throw caution to the wind on flights by NOT abiding the rules and regulations. I was on a flight years ago, when during boarding, an announcement was made to passengers that once you stowed your overhead luggage, you were not allowed to retrieve it until the fight was over, for the safety of all passengers. Well, the idiot sitting across from me decided that rule did not apply to him; he went into the overhead compartment above me and dropped his bag right on my head! It was heavy and my head hurt for the rest of that flight- not to mention my nerves were shot! The worst part however was that he DIDN’T even APOLOGIZE. I would like to know what my recourse, as an innocent passenger following the rules, should have been. Could I have reported this incident and had this man fined? I really felt at the time that I could do nothing. I felt abused and helpless.

        1. Rodi can Deac

          It’s people like you that have that kind of attitude, are the rude people that we are talking about. We shouldn’t have to get over it especially when the person doesn’t even apologize. We all pay a lot of money to be there. People should at least treat others as they would like to be treated. Not too much to ask.

  6. I travel frequently between North America & Asia sometimes via Europe and some trimes via the Pacific. I have only one bag – “period,” which fits easily into the over head compartment without getting a hernia or straining myself. I have been doing this for the past 36 years. I check in at the ticket counter and get my boarding pass with seat assignment. To avoid the pushing and line jumpers I just sit back until all are on board and most are seated before I attempt to board the plane.However too often when I approach my seat and attempt to stow my bag overhead i find all of the storage compartments are full because passangers sitting in other areas further back or forward has several bags many with 3 bags have stowed their bags into random overhead compartments without any consideration for fellow passangers. I for one don’t accept this and have often removed a bag from the overhead above my assigned seat and asked all those passangers front & back left or right of my seat row if the bag belonged to them which in many cases it did not So I store my bag there only to fing apassanger from the rear of the plane yelling at me that it is their bag and for me to put it back he did not mention however that he has two other bags stored overhead elsewhere. Of course the attendant want me to hand over my bag and she would be happy to store it in the checked luggage compartment. I’m not going to do that. If anyones’ bag is going to be stored in the checked luggage compartment it will be his . This situation has happened seven times during the past 20 years . I think it’s about time the air line carriers stick to the rules & regulations to avoid this kind of inconvenience, which could esculate into a serious matter.
    Why do air lines allow passangers to carry on several bags ?
    Another discusting habit which annoys most if not all passangers is when passangers remove their socks and hank them over the back of their seat this is a frequent occurance on Asian flights.

    1. If I know the address of my destination, like a relatives house, or the precise hotel where I am booked, I call ahead to see if I can ship a box with clothes & shoes to be held for my arrival. This is easier for me, since I don’t travel for business, and don’t dress way up for much. This way, it’s cheaper to travel with just a small carry on, while my dress suit, if any, doesn’t get sent to PagoPago, while my destination is Albuquerque.

    2. We have travelled the same path.
      How about the grossly overweight passenger in the emergency exit row taking up two seats

    3. Wowwww…!!
      Sir, with due respect, I have travelled to many Asian flights and not once I saw any one taking off socks and hanging them. You must be special.
      Also, if you have not noticed by now, then please do next time.
      Only one cabin bag is allowed. The other “bag” is very small purse like item which most of us store under the seat in front of us….

      1. Oh no. I have seen many passengers bring more than one bag onboard and put them in the overhead storage area.

    4. Agree. Use only the bin above your seat. To avoid paying for checked bags, attendants will allow people to bring multiple bags and bags that are too large on the plane. I have even seen attendants store the bags for the passenger so that they get their bags first when the plane lands. Unfair – follow the rules or else you must leave you bag behind.

    5. Sorry but you are totally and completely wrong about this. The compartment near your seat is NOT “yours” and it is both rude and illegal to handle another passenger’s bags without their permission. Overhead space is distributed on a first come basis – if you want space board earlier.

    6. As flight attendants, we don’t always see how many bags people bring on. That is supposed to be monitored at the gate. People are allowed to use any bin in their class of service. If you want space, don’t board at the end. We can’t take out someone else’s bag and put yours in.

      1. Nancy! Are you serious? ” Any bin in their class of service “First come first service?” What’s next tickets? Ridiculous!

    7. This is a big issue for me also. The airlines really need to be stricter in enforcing the number & size of stowed bags. I too would just sit & wait to board except for this reason. I am punished because other people do not follow the rules. But unlike you, I don’t have the Kahuna’s to take someone else’s bag from the overhead. So I’ll continue to board as early as possible. Of course if I fly Southwest I’d board early as possible to get a descent seat.

    8. Wow! You are absolutely correct!! But there are Bums everywhere! can’t escape ignorance! And on a flight is the wrong place to educate them! Ignorant, and nervy!!

  7. I can only imaging what the flight attendant has to go through with some people. Most of the flight attendants really try not to be rude, they may be afraid of losing their job. We flew from Austin Tx. to Las Vegas, it’s about a 3 hour flight but it seemed a lot longer with the 2 tottlers in the back seat screaming and kicking the back seat the whole time. Everyone was annoyed at the screaming, the flight attendant and others tried to tell the parents that they were annoying other passengers, but it didn’t help. As we got off the plane I told the parents next time they traveled to take a bus or drive. They didn’t even give a crap…. how can anyone handle this kind of situation? I hope the flight attendant could file some sort of complain if it would do any good. To all flight attendants, I’m sorry you have to put up with this kind of stuff, you have enough to do without having to put up with this crap, good luck.

  8. I wear a prostheses.
    It used to be a very private thing. No one’s business.
    Now the TSA makes me feel so embarassed by taking a nude photo of me and/or strangers patting me down.
    Next time while in queue with your shoes off, grovelling for a seat that has already been paid for by YOU, look me in the eyes.
    Question how things got so bad.
    Look someone else in the eye and build a movement to stop TSA from behaving like tyrants.
    I’m just saying. #FLYINGSUCKS

    1. I agree with you that it stinks we have to give up some (or all) of our privacy when we fly. I also agree that some TSA members are stupid and lack common sense. But I would rather live than to worry about your petty privacy concerns. And yes, I mean petty. No one gives a crap about your privacy. We just want to get to our destinations.

      If I see you whining next time, I will look you in the eye tell you to “Grow up!” Deal with new dangers and don’t fly if you don’t want to follow the rules designed save your life.

    1. I can only hope that the “waiter” or “waitress” leaves your loser rear-end behind if they have to evacuate an airplane. “Stewardess” hasn’t been used in decades except by morons like you.

    2. And, you’re the kind of person who gets their food spit on by upset “waiters and waitresses.” Enjoy!

    3. We flight attendants have more training and responsibility than “stewardesses or waitresses.” I used to waitress. Flight attendant duties are very different.

    1. I was a flight attendant for 20+ years and it’s simply not my job to heave your heavy bag around. It’s no ones job but yours.

  9. “Bare the brunt??!” It used to be, when stewardesses were “stews”, that writers in English had to know English idioms. How come an actress is only an actress when she’s hoping to get an Oscar that otherwise she would have to compete with men for?

  10. I used to travel a fair bit for work and I’ve seen flight crew treated badly for no good reason. This is, of course, inexcusable and I did once intervene to “persuade” a real jerk to sit down and shut up. I’m a rather large man and he took me seriously.
    Having said that, there is the fact that flying sucks and airlines are money swine who don’t give a damn about their customers. This attitude does nothing to keep passengers happy and some some will take it out on the flight crew.
    I retired two years ago and haven’t been on a plane since, I hope I never do again.

    1. Airlines are in business to make money. Flight attendants try to make things as pleasant as possible. We do care about our customers.

  11. I’m aware that they can assist you in putting bags in the overhead, but not do it for you.

    What happens when your flying alone, disabled? I cannot lift my arms over my head due to a rare muscle disease. The bag may be very light, just ackward for me to get in the bin. Nice gentlemen have helped me when they see I have a cane and I’m struggling. Not one bit of assistance from the flight attendant at all.

    Should I show them my disability papers issued by the state as to alert them I’m not faking?

    Would that help me in having flight attendant assistance, or should I request that assistance when busing my ticket?

    1. Usually you can request special services if you have a medical condition. But yeah, you have to let them know when you purchase your ticket. Even if you get a ticket online you can go to the bottom of the page and click on “contact us”. Usually a phone call is best. Also try to call just before 10pm,,, the phone lines are not busy then.
      Alaska airlines is very helpful!

    2. We can assist you in checking your carry on bag at the boarding door. It is usually free to check a bag at the door at most airlines. We are happy to carry your small bag with medication and important items and put it under the seat for you. Do you want us to get hurt lifting your large bag because you don’t feel like checking it? This is not something you can request when buying your ticket. If we get hurt, the flight will be delayed while a replacement crew member is called. We are not trained baggage handlers wearing supportive gear. If you ask another customer, they also risk getting hurt. Most who ask us don’t realize all of this. Some flight attendants will take the risk but they really shouldn’t. You have other options if you can’t put your bag in the bin.

    3. Understood!! I think reactions by “intelligent people is spontaneous!! It’s not that you are asking for help if you’re carrying a cane, I guess you have to carry a handicap sticker saying” Will pay for assistance”!!

  12. Fat people should HAVE to pay for 2 seats I paid for my one seat that my butt fits in I don’t like your fat hanging on me.i flew with my kids when they were small I kept them busy take responsibility for your self and your love ones

  13. I can imagine the amount of filth and garbage that gets shoved into the seat pocket.

    I used to work retail. Finding a shit filled diaper just dropped in an aisle was commonplace. Years later, as a civilian, I watched some woman changing her crotchfruit in the cart finish up and just toss it in an aisle.

  14. I will never forget the cops getting onto the plane and arresting this $&@! who verbally disparaged a flight attendant. That was super great! Flight attendants are responsible for our safety and need to be treated with more respect!

  15. I knew a former flight attendant who quit after some drunk as$ho!e took a crap in the isle during beverage service. Guess who had to clean that up? People have no idea what flight attendants deal with and should certainly be more gracious, respectful and appreciative!

  16. I think EVERY airline should train their Flight Attendants the way Southwest Airlines trains their attendants and ground personnel. They are soo customer oriented and courteous to the passengers and make them feel that the airline is happy to have them on their airline! I’ve been flying for many years and have come across too many miserable attendants who seem to dislike their jobs and outwardly show it. Know their jobs are difficult but don’t take it out on the innocent passengers. Wish Southwest flew to more cities as I would never fly another airline.
    Keep up the good work Southwest!!!

  17. Now hear this, hear this here’s a piece of advice put yourself in the flight attendants shoes. How would you want to be treated….. all you got to do is demonstrate some humility and be appreciative and understand of what they go through! My God people is that a lot, is it too much to ask. I remember it used to be really fun to fly, it was a big deal. But now it’s really not the flying that stresses me it’s the things you go through while on the flight with the people. There used to be a word called consideration and it was a big deal in America….then something happen, I call it progressivism. In with the new out with the old. So well I guess consideration dropped in the ocean on a Trans Atlantic or Pacific flight and never resurfaced.

  18. Interesting how anyone with a key pad can change a story about a crazy lady pilot into into LGTAFM/AM debate with pronouns that they actually believe should be rules of law. I actually have had male flight attendents blush when I called them stewardess. I find that cute. So much so that I also think the person who tries to correct gender specific writing is a bore. Or should I say boress?

    1. This “Story”, as you call it, was about what to do to not piss off flight attendants.
      Where did you get “crazy lady pilot” from???

  19. Well from where I sit the lot of you are whiners, Bc that’s all I’ve seen on this topic, whining!!!! Everyone plz come to the realization that no one else cares what you think or what is bothering you at that particular moment… There are always two sides to everything, just bc you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s the right/PC one… Having that said, EVERYONE plz come to terms that this world doesn’t revolve around you, never has never will… Last I checked the sun is the center of our universe…

  20. The same goes for nurse in hospitals. While both nurse and airplane host – are respectable professions, some people just take advantage of them a little too much and ask to do things that they are not supposed to. I remember when we had our first baby, the nurse politely told me, she can show me once or twice how to change the baby diaper but will not be thrilled if I call her every time for the three days I was in the hospital with my wife. I did not end up calling her and rather struggled to figure it out. Once she told me smilingly that in too many cases, the family member will not even try to learn and simply assume the nurse is there to do all the cleanup for the time they are in the hospital.

    Both nurse and air hostess do a lot extra cleanup and work than what they signed up for.

  21. I recently took my first flight on Jet Blue. I Have been either flying business class or paying for a seat with extra leg room for the past several years. I found that this was really not necessary on this airline. All the seats have good leg room. I will fly Jet Blue in the future whenever possible.

  22. So wait …. you can or cannot pinch their toosh? Got some free time and I’m flying for the first time in 20 years and I didn’t see that up there. – Bill O’Riley

  23. I was a flight attendant for Piedmont Airlines during the 1960’s, and I woke up excited every day that I had a flight. I believe the reason it is so unpleasant to fly now is largely due to the competition for routes and passengers that deregulation brought to the industry. Regulation set routes airlines could fly, and competition was not such a negative factor. Deregulation brought competition, and airlines find their profit line is thinner, and some have unfortunately – like the Dodo – disappeared forever.

  24. We always dressed up to fly. Starting about 40 or 45 years ago. I remember this one time we were nicely dressed coming back from San Francisco I think and my wife was sick she had little bit too much to drink the night before and we had early flight the next morning. Basically, she had a hangover. We got on the plane and she was a little green and asked for an air sickness bag. All the flight attendants on that plane just hovered over her and looked after her and got her cold towels and everything else. It was funny! What a joke on them. But I realize they have a job and they do a really good job. Some of the rules are because there a few classless people that made it bad to fly. But overall the experience is still the best way to go I’ve never traveled by train much but what I have traveled by trainth the experience wasn’t nearly as pleasant and a lot lot longer.

  25. Every flight I’ve ever been on (and there have been many), I’ve taken a moment to have a brief friendly conversation with the flight attendants. Even on flights that were filled with mostly agitated passengers (e.g. Long Tarmac delays, crying children), I’ve found that the flight attendants can compartmentalize and will treat you with respect (sometimes give you extra snacks or make you a fresh pot of coffee) if you simply make an effort to be nice to them. It’s not rocket science. They’re not your servants, they’re human beings doing their job in a heavily regulated “service” industry. We all have good days and bad, but when strangers treat you with respect and kindness, you’re more likely to respond in turn. It’s such a simple concept that everyone seems to forget the second they board an airplane.

  26. Flying is much much less risky than driving a car due to well trained flight attendants who are very motivated to bring us safely from one to the other part of the ocean. They are very well trained in CPR and other life saving techniques. Most passengers are very friendly and helpful with each other. Of course only the exaggerated stories do suck up all the attention. The story of Captain Sully and his crew landing on the Hudson River nearby New York is a must see when visiting the Museum of Aviation in Charlotte, NC. At the end of the day “Heroic Flight Attendants” who even didn’t survive when helping us, afraid and confused passengers, make all the difference for all of us ✍️
    See link

    1. Respect for each other; the smushed up passengers and the big job the attendants have on their hands…respect, compassion for each other. We are lucky to travel as safely as we do. I do miss being comfortable on those long flights, though, my old bones, one day I will spring for business class.

  27. So many microaggressions! My triggers are overloaded and I was about to run to my safe space except there aren’t any on this plane! MOMMY!

  28. This article is backwards. Attendants should go through more intense and thorough training in regards to de-escalating unruly passengers. Not the other way around.

  29. My Mom became a Flight Attendant in 1998. I was 18 and for 3 years I flew the world for free on stand-by. Many times sleeping in airports waiting for flights. It was exciting. After 9-11, and airlines lost money and TSA became boss universal, the fun ended. Flying now-a-days is miserable. I don’t care how much ‘shorter’ the trip is than ground transportation. The dread leading up to the flight experience is morbid.

    I take the train today. I find more value in enjoying the journey.

    Oh and my Mom, the Flight Attendant, got, ‘let go’ from SkyWest Airlines. She had much seniority and the company wanted to replace her with a cheaper younger employee. They did all the could to make a claim against her and eventually got her canned. She had been injured on a flight during her shift years earlier and they really fought her hard on it. I don’t suggest Flight Attendants do ANYTHING that may jeopardize their Workers Comp. They are NOT waitresses. They are NOT working for tips.

  30. I would definitely not want to deal with the people “flight attendants” have to deal with. We’ve all seen how people act.
    On the other hand I’m sick and tired of flight attendants rude and inconsiderate attitudes. The more authority they were given, the more common courtesy disappeared.
    Considering airlines companies that are grasping for every penny of profit, TSA employees who have no interest in doing anything but herding passengers (do the reports of weapons that get past them make you feel safe?) and flight attendants who don’t want to deal with the “hogs” is it any wonder we don’t want to fly?
    One more comment, for airline employees who don’t want to deal with the “hogs”, find another job.

  31. I am a 92 year old retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, who flies the airlines now only occasionally. My son in law is a captain for a major US airline. I find nowadays that flight crews are almost all extremely professional, well trained and very courteous to their guests (passengers) on their aircraft. I treat them all as I would like to be treated, with respect and courtesy. When I was a crew member on military aircraft, flying was grueling, tiring, frequently turbulent and quite often very dangerous, since there were others in the sky who were trying to kill me. The wonderful people who now fly American and foreign flagged commercial passenger airlines have my undying gratitude for their skills and genuine concern for my and everyone’s safety and comfort in the sky.

    1. why is my comment awaiting moderation? What does this mean? It sounds insulting, intrusive and totally inappropriate. Please explain.

      1. Lt.Col. Group,

        Due to the proliferation of mean jerks on comment boards, many boards require someone to look at, or moderate, all the comments before they are posted.

        Your original comment was submitted on a Saturday. Quite possibly, no one was available for moderation duty over the weekend.

        In short, it has nothing to do with you as an individual or your comment, which was spot on.

        1. Hey, thanks, LL. You actually hit the nail on the head. As blog moderator, I try to stay on top of the comments, but on a weekend? Forget about it. I love seeing a healthy discussion going, though, and I try to approve most of what gets posted but I do have to protect the Orbitz brand from becoming a garbage heap of racist, sexist or other hateful vitriol, as that goes against our company values. I’m glad you’re all here and hope you’ll keep reading. Thanks, everybody!

  32. Ha Ha! People have revived this 2015 article. I was a stewardess for 8 years ending in 2014! I didn’t care what I was called. I was in charge of pax. I’m a straight dude and flew D.O.D into war zones. It was my job to find a first responder because he’ll no it’s not me! It was enough of a job to tell the Trinidad pax how to flush their dumps!

  33. Reading this entire commentary from top to bottom has made me sad for where we are right now as Americans in regard to how we treat each other. We need to abide by what my co-workers call “Rule #1 – Be a good dude (term is not gender specific).”

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