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The excitement and introspection of traveling alone has been captured on the big screen for years (think Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and Reese Witherspoon in Wild). And who can forget Angela Bassett whooping it up in Jamaica in How Stella Got Her Groove Back? We’d feel pretty groovy, too, if we met Taye Diggs on our next vacation.

Take this Orbitz travel quiz to find out which solo traveling movie character best describes you. Then book your next solo adventure on us.

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Hit the “let’s play” button below to get started, then share your results with your solo traveling friends!


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Dalia Colon

Dalia Colon

Dalia is a multimedia journalist in Tampa and the Smart Travel Insider for VISIT FLORIDA. Follow her on Twitter @daliacolon.

One thought on “Quiz: Which solo traveling movie character are you?”

  1. I’ve traveled w 3 women to Paris in 2003 which worked great, but would rather go w one other lady rather than a large a group- too many to negotiate with.

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