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So you’re getting married, but instead of basking in the happiness and excitement of your big day, you’re stressing out over the what, where and when of how it will all come together. This might be a good time to ponder a sun-soaked beach ceremony, to think about exchanging vows in an exotic destination or even on a ship. Tying the knot on a cruise gives you a lot of options, including limitless venue choices, and if that’s not compelling enough, here are more reasons to help your decision along:

1. It’s cheaper than you’d think.
Cruise weddings start somewhere around $795. And, while the sky’s the limit, you’ll be able to create a pretty extravagant event for far less than the national average – a whopping $30,000 per wedding.

2. It’s a 2-in-1 deal.
Bon voya– oh right, you’re already on a vacation. If you’re worried about affording a wedding, getting hitched on a cruise is a super cost-effective solution. You don’t have to worry about hotel rooms or get anxious about transportation – your nuptials and honeymoon have been rolled into one.

3. You don’t have to plan as much.
Planning a wedding in a faraway location canbe pretty gosh darn stressful. Where do people stay? Is the florist going to pull through? Will the food be edible? But, when you’re planning your wedding at a ship’s destination, a lot of those questions are already answered.

4. Professionals will help you plan it.
A lot goes into planning a wedding: the cake, the photographer, the hors d’oeuvres, and let’s not forget the location. So why not let an expert help you out (for no extra charge)? Most cruise lines, especially the larger ones, offer dedicated wedding planners to make your wedding perfect. What’s more – many cruise lines also include really helpful bonuses, like Carnival’s free online gift registry and wedding website to keep everyone on the same page.

5. There are hundreds of packages to choose from.
Depending on which cruise line you go with, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. On Royal Caribbean, for example, the least expensive ceremony package offers priority check-in for you and your guests, a wedding coordinator, an onboard ceremony with officiant, a photographer and 20 prints, music, a bridal bouquet…and the list goes on.

6. You can customize it.
But just because there are packages doesn’t mean you can’t add your own special touches. There are hundreds of different things you can add on (generally for a fee) to make your big day a little more unique. From ice carvings to Norwegian’s conch shell aisles,there are plenty of ways to customize.

7. You can get married on board.
Nautical nuptials aboard the ship can be pretty romantic. On some lines, like Princess, your ceremony can be conducted by the captain and, if your family can’t be with you, you can have the whole thing broadcasted live using state-of-the-art technology.

8. Or, get hitched in really cool places around the world.
Exchange vows atop an Alaskan glacier. Say “I do” at a winery in Santorini, Greece. Walk down the aisle in a Jamaican garden. Any backdrop is possible for your dream wedding and cruises make getting there a whole lot easier.

9. You can bring as few (or as many) guests as you want.
Just because you’re on a cruise doesn’t mean your guest list can’t be perfect. Whether it’s just the two of you or the whole fam, there are packages to accommodate everyone.

10. Your guests can have a vacation…or not.
Your guests have options too. Choosing to sail with you means they get a vacation (and you might get a discount on your room). But if that doesn’t work, they can always meet you at the ceremony’s location.

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Katie Straw

Katie Straw

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