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Whom should you tip? How much should you tip him or her? Both of these questions are up for (fiery) debate, but this infographic guide can help. Learn whom, how and what to tip on your next trip.

Plus: Find out what foreign tourists really think of us.

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Tipping Infogpraphic


Restaurants and bars tipping etiquette:

  • Buffet: 10%. Tipping tip: If plates are cleared properly, tip goes up.
  • Counter: 10%. Tipping tip: If your meal was pulled from a case or cooler, tip goes down.
  • Takeout: $1-2. Tipping tip: If utensils or sauce is missing, tip goes down.
  • Sommelier: 15% of bottle. Tipping tip: If you learned something, tip goes up.

Hotels tipping etiquette:

  • Doorman: $1-2. Tipping tip: If service is rude, tip goes up.
  • Front Desk: $5-20. Tipping tip: If you get a free room upgrade, upgrade the tip.
  • Housekeeping: $1-5/day. Tipping tip: If you make a special request, tip goes up.
  • Shuttle: $2-3. Tipping tip: If your bags aren’t handled, tip goes up.

Transportation tipping etiquette:

  • Roadside Assistance: $3-5. Tipping tip: If you wait too long, tip goes down.
  • Tow Truck: $5-20. Tipping tip: If you are met late at night, tip goes up.

Recreation tipping etiquette:

  • Tour Guide: 10-20%. Tipping tip: If you get extra time or special stops, tip goes up.
  • Ski Instructor: 10-15%. Tipping tip: If individual needs are ignored, ignore part of the tip.

No tip required:

  • Flight Attendant: tips aren’t allowed.
  • Personal Trainer: gets generous hourly rates
  • Gym Attendant: you’re already paying membership dues

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