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New York City is one of the world’s craziest party cities, hands down. Orbitz has calculated the cost of an incredible night out there, sampling some of the best of New York nightlife. We’ll cover other wild places, like Europe’s party capital, Ibiza, too.

But for now, here’s a look at what New York City.

A night out goes like this…

Click to enlarge.




  • $15 to sip a martini
  • $188 to dine trendily on lobster – that includes tax and tip!
  • $10-12 for a 3-mile taxi ride – also includes tax and tip!
  • $30-50 to rage with hot DJs – guys, you pay more than the ladies
  • $5 to nosh on top-notch local street food, like a giant slice of artichoke pizza
  • $156 to rest on a king-size bed at a 4-star downtown hotel


Grand total?

$607 for a party night for 2


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