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Vacation Pounds


Ahh, vacation—cloud-like hotel beds, lounging for days on a sun-soaked beach, sampling all the local cuisine you can get your hands on.The only bummer? When it ends, you’re often left feeling a bit, uh, squishier than when you left home. In fact, the average person gains 4–6 pounds over the course of a one-week vacation. But you don’t have to take the treat out of retreat, says fitness and wellness expert Tammy Stokes. Follow her plan to take off that fresh weight fast.


1. Schedule fitness-focused activities into your itinerary

Of course, the easiest way to nix weight gain is to prevent it in the first place. Plan a hike through a national park or a few hours kayaking along a bay: You’ll see the sights and score the cardio and muscle burn needed to keep your metabolism going strong.


2. Get back to reality

Once you’re home, it’s natural to sulk around, not wanting to return to the monotony of everyday life. But “our bodies love routine,” says Stokes—so embrace it! Reconnect with your usual healthy self, and create a specific but realistic plan (like MWF 6:30pm yoga). Whenever you feel mopey, go for a walk outside—the fresh air and nature will reinvigorate you. The more you leave your house, the more you’ll want to get out there and be active.


3. Revamp your grocery list

Consider your post-trip barren fridge an opportunity to start over. Think of all the meals you ate while you were away—cheesy, carb-y pastas? Heavy, creamy desserts? And think of the ones you didn’t. Fill important holes in your diet by filling your shelves with ingredients you missed (fresh greens, seafood, berries, etc.).


4. When in doubt, drink water

It’s not easy to stay hydrated when you’re on vacation—you’re constantly on the go, or you don’t want to shell out $7 for a bottle of hotel-roomFiji. At home, drink eight glasses of water every day to flush your system of not-so-healthy foods, de-bloat, and keep your mind focused (on losing weight, perhaps?). Your body often confuses thirst for hunger, so water can save you from unnecessary calories.


5. Make all memories count

Like a travel log, after every workout, document those awesome feelings. Not only will you encourage your mind to speak kindly to yourself, but also next time you’re lacking motivation to exercise, your words will inspire you to seek those positive vibes. As the cycle continues, you’ll find yourself in better shape—not just physically—than you were before that cruise to Costa Rica.

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Marissa Gainsburg

Marissa Gainsburg

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