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A windowless airplane

A windowless airplane


Bye-bye window seats?
According to the Independent, UK developer Centre for Process Innovation revealed plans this week for a windowless airplane with panoramic views. Impossible you say? Developers say the design replaces aircraft windows with ultra-light smartscreen panels that display panoramic views of what’s outside. Doing away with windows apparently also cuts down on fuel consumption, which makes it a more sustainable option.

Phoning it in
Millennials are finally nudging their way to the top of the consumer travel market. According to Forbes, half of this generation books their travel via smartphone and top travel brands are moving quickly to create new apps and online technologies to meet this emerging market. IDK, maybe HMU on Snapchat or throw in some cat gifs.

What’s in a name? recently ranked emerging travel apps based solely on how good or bad they believe their names to be. Topping the list were Mimento (a photo site) and SmartStay (a hotel app). Meanwhile, apps like FishPrep AB and Trevolta got the thumbs down. Perhaps Trevolta should’ve picked a name that doesn’t make users think about leisure suits and Stayin’ Alive.

She doesn’t look a day over 127
New York‘s Statue of Liberty turned 128 this week and to commemorate the occasion, CNN compiled a Lady Liberty timeline including her arrival in 1885 (in 350 pieces), renovations she underwent in 1985 and closure in 1995 due to a government shutdown. At one point they were even considering relocating her to Manhattan but she declined because she could never afford the rent.

Roam if you want to
Everyone is on the go these days, but where are they going? On Wednesday, Sojern released its latest Global Travel Insights Report which showcases current travel trends. Top global destinations include the U.S., Spain, the U.K., Turkey, Greece and China, among others. Meanwhile, solo travel—especially to Asia—is on the rise.

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Jason Heidemann

Jason Heidemann

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