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Angkor Wat's scary stairs

Angkor Wat’s scary stairs

Stair apparent
What are the scariest stairways on earth? CNN has rounded up 13 of theworld’s most challenging steps this week and included on the list are the steep climbs at the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, the 400 foot vertical climb to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite, the tight, 146-step double-helix spiral staircase at the Statue of Liberty and many more. Yep, we’re pretty sure this is why humans invented the elevator.


Guys gone wild
The Go-Gos aren’t the only pop group singing about the joy of leisure travel anymore. Internet musical duo Rhett & Link have created a hilarious dude-tastic video for Choice Hotels (EconoLodge, Comfort Inn, etc.) called “I’m on Vacation” that pokes fun at travel-related cliches like hanging out at the beach and getting an air-brushed t-shirts and has already received more than 4 million YouTube hits. Sure, their vacation ends in a zombie apocalypse, but that’s why there’s travel insurance.


Work it (around the world), girl!
A new business called Remote Travel aims to connect individuals with professional jobs while they spend a year circumnavigating the globe. According to Fast Company, the service offers 100 remote workers annually an opportunity to travel together to 18 different locations over the course of the year. The company was founded by 25-year-old Greg Caplan who wanted to travel the world  but had no friends to accompany him. Hmm, maybe he should rename the biz First World Problems.


Four play
There area quartet of travel-related reasons why Apple users should upgrade their iPhones to the new iOS8. According to the Los Angeles Times, new iOS8 upgrade features that should excite travelers include advanced photo editing capabilities, auto-organized photo albums, timed selfies and the ability to send audio messages so that friends and family can hear your actual voice when you tell them you’re never coming home again, ever!


Now you can enjoy the delicious taste of airline food at home.

Now you can enjoy the delicious taste of airline food at home.

Airline food, at home?
“Airline food is so amazing, I wish I could eat it at home every night,” said nobody, ever. Or so we thought. Turns out Lufthansa and German online supermarket have teamed up to deliver the airline’s business class meals as heat-and-serve delivery fare, as reported by NBC News. The meals, which go for about $12 a piece, can be ordered online for a Wednesday delivery. What’s next, subscriptions to the inflight magazine and flight attendant house calls?

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Jason Heidemann

Jason Heidemann

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