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Image courtesy of Incredible Adventures

Image courtesy of Incredible Adventures

From safe-cracking to secret passages, these vacation destinations cater to your inner undercover agent. Here are four of the sneakiest spy-themed get-aways.

Covert Ops Camp

This two-day, three night camp (seen above) provides a hardcore intro to pistol combat, Krav Maga, knife disarmament, ambush tactics, and counter-terrorism skills. Led by a former soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces and former bodyguard for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, this Miami-based camp focuses on safety just as much as it does on teaching concrete skills actual militaries use in war zones. Before heading down south, get ready to get dirty. Covert Ops Camp is hands-on and isn’t for the faint of heart.


International Spy Museum

Don’t just learn about the art of espionage—try it yourself in the heart of Washington DC. At this interactive homage to all things undercover, spy-minded patrons get to adopt a cover identity, crack codes, play with gadgets, and experience simulated missions to test their skills. Of course there’s also extensive info on the history of spies and a rotating set of guest lecturers, but let’s face it, the real fun is in playing the part.


Safe House

We’re sworn to keep its official location hidden, but we’ll let you in on a secret: in Milwaukee, the unassuming door that reads “International Exports Ltd” isn’t what it appears. Slip the doorman the password—obviously, we can’t tell you, but Google can—and you’ll gain access to the swankiest covert nightclub/restaurant in the midwest. Decked out with secret passages, hidden cameras, two-way mirrors, trick doors, and gadgets that are even more fun after a few clandestine cocktails.


The Franklin Institute

This Philadelphia museum’s SPY: The Secret World of Espionage exhibit is proof that a life undercover is more than just trench coats and sunglasses. The more than 200 artifacts on display through October 6 include a robotic catfish used by the CIA, a collapsible getaway vehicle, and recording devices in the cleverest of disguises. Operatives interested in flexing their own espionage muscles can try navigating the on-site laser field.

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