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Hotel Deals for Los Angeles
Hollywood Inn Express South
Apr 24 - Apr 24, 2018
per night from
$ 240
$ 115.2
Courtesy of The Lab

Photo: Courtesy of The Lab

It’s official: geeks have inherited the earth, and our restaurants. These culinary havens lovingly flavor their fares with a healthy serving of nerd.

The Lab

Slip on over to thisscience-laden bar located across the street from the University of Southern California’s Los Angeles campus to get a firsthand view of “the evolution of good food.” This gastropub features shelves packed with science textbooks, cushy study chairs and chalkboards that (thankfully) feature daily specials rather than complex theorems. Whatever you do, just make sure you save room for dessert. “The Lab Waffle” which features stout ice cream, cinnamon, sugar and a balsamic glaze earns an A+ every time.

The Aviary

At this Chicago molecular gastronomy bar, what you order is just as exciting as how it’s delivered. The menu constantly rotates alcoholic inventions in and out, but previous concoctions have included an old fashioned served inside a perfect sphere of ice—you have to crack it open to actually get the drink—and a gin and rooibos tea cocktail that incorporates a personalized bunsen burner and vacuum system. Click here to see exactly how it works. To get a more comprehensive view of exactly how much care goes into each drink, opt for the chef’s Kitchen Table ten-course tasting menu or just hope and pray that your party gets invited to The Office, Aviary’s secret invitation-only bar.

Miracle of Science Bar and Grill

With Harvard and MIT right around the corner, it’s only natural that Cambridge, Mass have at least one bar that prominently features the periodic table. This casual geek chic hub doesn’t offer radical culinary innovations, but it does attract a diverse array of the smartest people on earth. Prepare to chow down on some tasty grub whilerubbing shoulders with the best and brightest in the world.

Cafe Scientifique

Cafe Scientifique isn’t a place; it’s a movement. This international organization sets up informal science lectures at bars, coffee shops and community spaces across the world. Local science experts are invited to discuss topics ranging from genetically modified foods to the fetal experience and any science-minded citizen can attend for little (oftentimes no) more than the cost of a cup of joe. Click here to find the cafe nearest you.

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Christina Couch

Christina Couch

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