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Cool Travel Apps

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This summer, you have a choice of great travel apps that can help make your vacations a breeze, from booking a flight or rental car while on the road to finding a bathroom during a busy day of sightseeing. For readers in the throes of booking their summer adventures, we’ve rounded up a few of the most useful go-to apps for savvy travelers.

In certain cities—we’re looking at you New York—finding a clean public bathroom in the middle of a long day of sightseeing can put you in a real pinch. The SitOrSquat app, sponsored by Charmin, not only helps you find a local public potty, but also includes user reviews that inform you of their condition, as indicated by “Sit” or “Squat” icons. This app’s an especially great pick for families with small kids whose bathroom emergencies tend to spring up at the most inopportune times.

GateGuru is a new app that keeps track of your flight boarding times and notifies you of any delays or long waits in the security line. That information alone is extremely useful, but GateGuru also has quite a few fun features like the Amenity List that shows you all the restaurants and shops near your terminal. It also tracks your travel stats and tells you how many miles you’ve flown, how many airports you’ve visited, and where you rank compared to other jetsetters.

Now there’s almost no excuse not to stay in touch with mom during your travels: WhatsApp uses your smartphone’s data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to let you message with family and friends around the world for free. On your next vacation, use the app to organize group chats, or send audio, photo or video messages. It’s now one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Moms, you’re welcome.

Dcovery is an iPhone app that lets you build personalized travel guides. If you find an article about a place that you want to visit, Dcovery allows you to save it and read it offline. You can also save places and the app will capture the address and provide directions. One of the most helpful features is Dcovery’s Taxi Mode, which displays the address of the place you’re trying to get to in the local language so that you can easily communicate with taxi drivers about where you want to go.

Don’t play rest-stop roulette when it comes to stopping for food, gas or bathrooms while on the road. On your next trip, plan your stops smarter with RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder, an app that helps you find the best highway exit for all your travel needs—gas prices, dining options, lodging, distance from exit and other useful info included. You’ll never again have to white-knuckle your way along an unknown number of miles to the next station.

Did you know that Orbitz has a suite of mobile apps for your phone and tablet? You can book flights, hotels, and rental cars, check on the status of your reservations, and get 24/7 assistance. Mobile users also get special deals on hotels around the world. Read more about the Orbitz mobile apps here

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