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Maui Red Beach

Next time you’re in Maui visit the stunning Kaihalulu Beach. Photo: Flickr

Local Color is a new blog series that takes a look at colorful places around the world.

In just a few months the Hitachi Seaside Garden outside of Tokyo will be covered with the fiery blooms of the kochia bush. Also known as Mexican firebrush or burningbush, this bright-green shrub transforms into a deep burgundy as fall begins and its chlorophyll fades. Blooming simultaneously at Hitachi will be the deep pink and white Cosmos flowers, turning the 358-acre park into a beautiful blushing landscape.

Camargue, France is a collection of salt flats where the Rhône meets the Mediterranean. A few years ago local residents noticed a strange phenomenon: one of the blue lakes had turned a bright magenta color! It turns out the high salt content and warmth of the water allowed a salt-loving organism to flourish. This organism absorbs the sunlight to produce energy and reflects it back as a burgundy color. The area is also home to riz rouge, or red rice, whose color is also the result of Camargue’s salty surroundings. The bright white salt formations peeking out from the red waters give the lake a martian appearance, but it’s completely safe to swim in.

Hidden on the eastern side of Maui is Kaihalulu, a red sand beach said to be one of the most stunning places on an island already known for its exceptional beauty. The red sand is created by iron-rich lava. A small coral reef keeps the water calm and the short but strenuous hike required to get to the beach keeps it secluded. The trail to the beach also takes you past an ancient Japanese cemetery, which is another beautiful spot to visit on your way to relax in the red sand.

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