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Turks and Caicos

Your vacation’s so white, you’ve gotta wear shades. Pictured: Turks and Caicos. Photo: iStockphoto

Local Color is a new blog series that takes a closer look at colorful places around the world.

The white houses of Mykonos have become one of the iconic images of Greece. The houses were originally painted white as a practical way to deal with the Mediterranean heat, but now the color is maintained mostly for reasons of style. Mykonos Town, the main city of the island, is a classic example of the whitewashed architecture, which is sometimes accented with azure blue domes and patios. Strolling through the city’s narrow streets is an excellent way to appreciate the simplicity of the dazzling white facades.

The white sand beaches of Turks and Caicos are some of the most stunning in the Caribbean. The 40 islands that make up Turks and Caicos are unique in that they’re surrounded by coral reefs that break the waves and keep the coastal waters clear and calm. Jet skis and recreational boats are off-limits in many places, creating a peaceful environment for lounging and swimming. The islands’ specialties are rum and conch, the sea snails that live inside those beautiful, spiraled shells. If you’re an adventurous eater, visit Da Conch Shack for a taste of the local favorite and enjoy it while gazing out over the glittering white sand.

The Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia is one of Canada’s premier destinations for snow sports. Big White has 118 designated ski trails and opens up the wooded areas between trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. From the summit of Big White Mountain, where the resort gets its name, you can look out over thousands of acres that receive an average of 24 feet of snow per year. The Sundance Lodge at Big White is an excellent place for families or groups to stay, with heated pools and theaters on site for when you want to take a break from the white powder slopes.

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