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As you and your family gear up for summer travel season, here are some must-visit sites to bookmark:

Walking On Travels

This chock-full-of-info blog follows the credo that kids don’t have to slow your travels down. Seattle-based founder Keryn Means chronicles her own worldwide adventures with two young sons in tow, but doesn’t gloss over the challenges that come with the territory. Destination guides are intermingled with useful helpful product reviews, planning resources (think visa and vaccination requirements plus tips for potty training on the road) and even ideas for traveling while pregnant or (imagine?!!) sans kids.

Hither and Tither

A gorgeous lifestyle and travel blog, Hither and Tither was started by a newlywed couple to chronicle their life together in New York City. It’s grown to include life with their toddler (now in California) and their travels, from local day trips to treks across the globe.

The Luxury Travel Mom

Don’t want to resign yourself to a life of vacations comprised of motel stays and theme parks now that you’re a parent? Kim-Marie Evans’ blog is for you. The mother of four shares insider-y tips andadvice for how to live the good life on the road with your kids, even if you’re not rolling in dough. We especially love that Ritz-Carlton stays are intermingled with volunteer trips to locales including Haiti and Rwanda.

Special Needs Travel Mom

This site is an invaluable resource for families traveling with special needs kids, covering everything wheelchair accessibility and gluten-free menu options at a host of U.S. destinations to tips for airline travel. But it’s also an inspiration to parents of all kids, showing that family travel is possible—and enjoyable—even with challenges.

Snaps and Blabs

There are lots of blogs out there by families that have hit the road for months or even years-long globetrotting adventures. This one—from a family of five comprised of a Bulgarian mom, American dad and their three kids who have been traveling for morethan two years—stands out for its breezy attitude and beautiful “snaps,” photos from little trips like a visit to a butterfly farm in Penang or a day wandering around Singapore.


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Judy Sutton Taylor

Judy Sutton Taylor

Judy Sutton Taylor is a journalist, travel lover and mom in Chicago, Illinois. Find her on Twitter at @jsuttontaylor.

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