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Cancun, Mexico

Cancun: A Mexico vacation classic. Photo: Thinkstock

Sure, you can toast your margarita to Cinco de Mayo at your favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant. But why not spend it marveling at ancient Mayan pyramids or kayaking past a colony of Baja sea lions? With Orbitz’s Cinco deMayo Mexico Sale, you can get a maximum Mexico experience for minimum pesos. Not sure where to go? Here are a few of our favorite locales south of the border.

Cabo San Lucas

Located on the southernmost tip of Baja, California, Cabo is an easy weekend jaunt for those living in California or the American Southwest. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by lush villas, golf courses and plenty of other Americans. Sunbathing is the main event here, especially along the sandy shores of Playa del Amour and Playa Solmar.


No habla Espanol? No problem when you head to Southeastern Mexico’s most famous resort mecca—everybody speaks English, and many places accept American dollars as currency. Cancun’s beaches are spectacular for parasailing and jet-skiing, and there is plenty of nightlife for party-seekers. If you can drag yourself away from your resort, consider a day trip to Chichen Itza, an ancient and impressive Mayan archaeological site.


History seekers will love Mexico’s fourth-largest city, where the Battle of Cinco de Mayo took place against the French 151 years ago. When you’re done touring the city’s recently-renovated hilltop forts, be sure to try Puebla’s namesake dish, mole poblano, and soak in the town’s café culture and mild highland climate.

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo

Can’t decide if you want a touristy experience or a slice of real Mexico? This friendly pair of resort areas just a few miles apart will give you a little of both. Ixtapa is the more commercial of the two, while Zihuahas a much more authentic feel—but both have gorgeous beaches and waterfalls, not to mention amazing wildlife (sea turtles, crocs and so much more) just waiting to be discovered.


Thinking about planning your own Mexican getaway? Visit Orbitz’s Cinco de Mayo Mexico Sale for the best deals!

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