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“Hobbiton,” also known as Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand.  Photo source: Rob & Jules.

No, this week’s Foto Friday pick isn’t a country revival painting–you’re looking at a hobbit-hole view of the idyllic New Zealand countryside. The farming town of Matamata played host to the Lord of the Rings series and takes up the task again in the upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The best part? You can feed your Hobbit fever and visit Matamata and the set of The Hobbit! The set is preserved, and year-round tours serve visitors looking to capture the magic of the Shire.

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Angie Jaime

Angie Jaime

Angie Jaime is a writer at Orbitz. She has a habit of stopping at Cinnabon stands in airports across the country.

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