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Cue the “Run, Run Rudolph.” Credit, Flickr: Elvert Barnes.

By Angie Jaime

Celebrating the holidays is great! Fighting off the crowds at the airport—not so much. So how do you get to the Christmas ham and Hanukkah latkes without going postal? Our expert Facebook fans are dropping some knowledge:

  1. Build in extra time. Arrive to the airport early, plan for delays and always fly first thing in the morning. If you’re leaving from a larger airport, add 30 minutes to the one-hour rule of thumb.
  2. Don’t take wrapped gifts through security. Better yet, don’t travel with gifts at all—ship them in advance.
  3. Always pack an extra pair of underwear. Unless you don’t wear any then bring an extra pair of pants.
  4. Flying on the actual holiday can get you considerable savings.
  5. When traveling with babies and small children make sure to pack activities, toys and necessities in your carry-on.  Be considerate of those around you who are not used to crying and can’t tune it out.
  6. Airfare, hotel and car rental packages are an easy way to save money.
  7. Travel light! But don’t forget phone chargers.
  8. Wear comfortable slip on shoes and have your ID and boarding pass ready to quickly get through security. Before going in to the airport security line, put all stuff/accessories, in your carry-on bag.
  9. A nice comfortable memory foam pillow, eye mask, earplugs and some 5 hr energy can do wonders in arriving relaxed and refreshed no matter how long your travels are.
  10. Be patient. Be kind. Be helpful. It’s the holidays, so treat others the way you want to be treated.

Angie Jaime is a writer at Orbitz. When she’s not hopping from airport to airport, she calls ORD her home hub. 


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Angie Jaime

Angie Jaime

Angie Jaime is a writer at Orbitz. She has a habit of stopping at Cinnabon stands in airports across the country.

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