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Stroll from the Seattle Marriott Waterfront to Pike Place Market.

By Vince Font

Summertime in Seattle is the time of year when the streetsand shorelines of The Emerald City truly come to life. Its populous, thankful for a break from the typically drizzly weather, bask in the rare sunshine while Seattle hotels from one end of the city to another ready themselves for an influx of tourists enjoying their summer vacations. If you’re headed to Seattle this summer, consider these 3 beauties in the Waterfront District.

The Edgewater – A Nobel House Hotel
Few Seattle hotels can lay claim to the fact that they also double as a lighthouse, and while The Edgewater’s primary duty is offering comfort to vacationers in town for their couple’s getaway or family vacations, the ships trolling the waters of Puget Sound have their own reason to thank their lucky stars — as well as the brightly illuminated “E” casting its light from the hotel roof across the water – that it’s there. Overlooking Elliott Bay, the Edgewater is also the only luxury waterfront hotel in town, providing stunning views of the bay in suites that give off a unique mountain lodge vibe. This recommendation comes with a caveat, however. One night here and you might just be ruined for actual mountain lodges in the future.

Seattle Marriott Waterfront
There are some hotels that are just so inherently cool that they really don’t need renovations to make them more sellable. The Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotel, situated in downtown Seattle in view of Elliott Bay, is one such hotel. But the owners of this place are so on top of it that they performed renovations anyway, adding to the luster of this already impeccable hotel. As if being a quickstroll from the famous Pike’s Place Market weren’t already enough to sell you on staying here, the spot prawn croquettes in the hotel’s restaurant, 2100 Bistro and Bar, are to die for. But what do you expect? This is Seattle, after all — the perfect place to chow down on some exquisite seafood while enjoying your summer vacation.

Alexis Seattle, a Kimpton Hotel
Located a brisk walk from Seattle’s waterfront district and Pike Place Market, the Alexis Seattle is a one-of-a-kind luxury boutique that’s got one thing far too few hotels do: in-room spa service. That the hotel offers this service as a popular, frequently requested option speaks volumes for the relaxed atmosphere of its suites. Sure, boutique hotels were meant to be enjoyed from the inside out, but if you’re comfortable enough in your weekend digs to invite a stranger in to give you a massage,then you must really feel at home. Kudos to the hotel that manages this often difficult to accomplish feat.

These three Seattle hotels are proof that quality summer vacations don’t have to be spent in the blistering heat of some overcrowded southern California beach. Next time you’re mapping out destinations for possible beach vacations, aim your sights a little to the north and a little bit to the west. You’ll be thankful you did.

Although some hotels are just too darn great to leave, summer vacations are never complete without a bit of exploring. While in town, pay a visit to the Seattle Art Museum and be sure to set aside an afternoon to spend in the Seattle Aquarium.

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Vince Font is a travel writer with a deep love of weird, wacky, and off-the-beaten-track vacation destinations – as long as staying in a luxury hotel is part of the deal.

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