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Fly to San Diego beaches for a glowing sunset. Credit: Bill Kuffrey.

By Derek Brown

Call 2011 the summer of airfare limbo. In a random sample, we found tickets from $85 to $199, proving that travelers can still snag round-trip  flights less than $200. The trick is to be flexible and consider traveling during off-peak times and days. And here’s even more good news: Some fares so cheap that they’ll cost less than a tank of gas to your chosen destination.

Check out some of our amazing summer vacation fare deals (quotes reflect the time of posting):

  • Orlando-New York City $199
  • Tampa-Baltimore $186
  • Denver-Los Angeles $176
  • Chicago-Atlanta $166
  • Milwaukee-Washington, DC $154
  • San Francisco-San Diego $146
  • Las Vegas-Long Beach $85

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When Derek Brown, the newest member to the Orbitz content team, isn’t jetting around the country or exploring cities like Shanghai, he’s at home in Andersonville, a charming North Side neighborhood in Chicago.

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