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The Palmer House Hilton's opulent Lockwood restaurant will roll out the red, er, TVs, for diners to enjoy the Royal Wedding live along with tea service from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. Credit: Sammy Todd Dyess.

By Valerie Moloney

Just as it isn’t kosher to scarf down all your scones in one bite, it probably isn’t acceptable to watch TV during traditional tea service. Unless you happen to be at Lockwood in The Palmer House Hilton this Friday morning during oh, you know, the Royal Wedding.

Chicago hotels regularly host afternoon tea, butjust this once, the flatscreens will come out to the lobby so that diners can indulge in the mayhem for her royal majesty along with tea and scones. Service, which will cost $45 per person, commences promptly at 5 a.m. – right about the time Kate Middleton will be gliding down the aisle in miles of silk or satin.

Credit: The Palmer House Hilton.

On Lockwood’s menu: breakfast fare for the first sitting and finger sandwiches, cakes and scones for the second slot to complement Rare Tea Cellar selections such as 2002 Vintage Pu-erh Wild Rose and Extreme First Flush Darjeeling. Reservations are required.

Because even if the venue is the Palmer House – and not Westminster Abbey – it would still be inappropriate to arrive at this affair without notice.

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Valerie Moloney is a writer for Orbitz who was born in the Philippines, lived in Morocco and married a native Irishman. She now covers hotelsaround the world and contributes to the Orbitz blog.

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