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Tykes rev up the engines on the family speedway at NASCAR Speedpark in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

By Robin Gallagher, Senior Market Manager

When it’s time to plan a family vacation, I’m immediately struck by anxiety just thinking about flying with my two toddlers. Because of this, my husband and I decided to search destinations within driving distance that would allow us to not only avoid the airport, but also be able to bring all the things the children need without trying to fit everything into just a few suitcases.

Last spring we settled on North Myrtle Beach, S.C.  Most of the resorts are set up with multiple bedroom condominiums and full kitchens.  The benefits far outweighed the travel time in the car. We were able to put the kids to bed and enjoy our moments alone with adult beverages and the ocean views.

The kids absolutely loved the beach, which was not crowded and picture perfect thanks to the spring weather. No worries about sunburn or chilly waters. When we didn’t feel like spending time on the sand, we could always flock to the pools – both indoor and outdoor. Myrtle Beach is spoiled with a bounty of them, from The Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort to the Avista Resort.

Outside the resorts, Myrtle Beach is a veritable playground for all ages, tempting with themed mini golf courses and educational attractions. At the Ripley’s Aquarium, we boarded a moving walkway through glass fish tanks with sharks, sting rays and a ton of other marine life.  My kids even got to touch and hold fish, an experience only trumped by their time at the NASCAR Speed Park, where they could play video games and even zoom along a family speedway at high speeds. I’ll have to admit: I loved this one, too.

With spring break and summer vacation seasons around the corner, you’d be wise to take advantage of such an affordable, family-friendly destination. Myrtle Beach was a great vacation experience for our whole family and stress free, the way vacations are supposed to be.

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Robin Gallagher is a busy working mom with even busier boys who are 3 and 4. As you can imagine, having family fun while keeping the interest of boys with 20-minute attention spans has become a mission for her and her husband in both life and travel.

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