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Sample Moskovskaya and other super chilled Russian vodkas at Red Square in Vegas' Manadalay Bay Hotel. Credit: terren in Virginia.

Sample Moskovskaya and other super chilled Russian vodkas at Red Square in Vegas' Manadalay Bay Hotel. Credit: terren in Virginia.

By Nina Gass

Though Las Vegas has some of the coolest pools we’ve ever seen, there are plenty of other refreshing ways to beat the Vegas heat. Here are five great discoveries we’ve made over our many Las Vegas vacations:

  1. Mandalay Bay Hotel offers incredible Russian-inspired cuisine at Red Square, including a special caviar menu, as well as a chilly ice bar and private ice vault (after all, vodka is best when stored and served ice-cold). While you might think you’ll get too cold here, my husband and I sported a Russian military coat and a Russian mink stole on loan from the resturant to temper the chill. We plotted our next moves between tasting a selection of 200 vodkas and vodka infusions and noshing on Siberian nachos.
  2. Caesars Palace features an Arctic Ice Room set at a cool 55 degrees with snow falling on you from above. We ran straight for the bowl of ice chips that help add to the cool sensation. Talk about becoming an ice queen! Brrrrr. From there, we hit the sauna and the Roman baths to revive and relax. Be sure to check out the mid-week specials here at Caesars.
  3. The Monte Carlo Resort‘s Minus 5 Ice Lounge is a bar made entirely of ice and the newest addition to the Vegas ice bar craze. We certainly had a good laugh about the fact that we had just walked in from 106-degree outside temps only to suit up in a parka, hat, mittens and boots to have a drink in 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Celsius). We  slid up to a bar decked out in icicles, but the ice chaise lounge along with faux animal skins did call our names. The sense that we were completely nuts faded away when I was handed some amazing cocktails served in glasses made of ice. Of course we weren’t crazy — this is Vegas!
  4. New York-New York Hotel may not be an ice bar, but that doesn’t mean that refreshment isn’t the specialty at Pour 24. Here you’ll find 24 “all malt,” handcrafted American brews served at a chilly 34 degrees. With an Englishman in the household who loves his beer, I can say that these brews passed my husband’s test, and the bar has become our favorite resting place on this side of the strip.
  5. One of my favorite itineraries: Casinos, shopping malls, casinos, and repeat. They keep the casinos and shops pleasant by pumping in fresh, cool air. Personal favorites are the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood and the bargain finds at the Premium Outlets located blocks from the airport.

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Nina Gass is a freelance travel and business writer who lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and two boys. An avid traveler and dreamer, Nina makes the most of her international family connections throughout the U.S., Australia, England, and Mexico.

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Angie Jaime

Angie Jaime

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