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Sales tax holiday shopping on your vacation.

By Nina Kokotas Hahn

Starting today, many states across the country will enjoy a sales tax holiday on qualifying items such as clothing and school supplies. For me, this isn’t just an opportunity to save on the necessary school supplies for my kids, but also a great reason to do some guilt-free shopping (sure, I’ll pick up a thing or two for the kids, too).

Even better, those vacationing in states sponsoring sales tax holidays can throw some caution to the wind to enjoy the best kind of vacation shopping: a discount on all qualified shopping items. States sponsoring sales tax holidays this month include: Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

If you’re thinking of planning an August vacation, now is a great time to travel to one of these destinations. See if you can sync up your travel dates with a given state’s tax holiday to find shopping dealsworth the extra luggage.

For details on individual state sales tax holidays, see this sales tax holidays list for 2010.

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Nina Kokotas Hahn is a Writer-Editor at Orbitz Worldwide. Globetrotting since infancy, she’s also the daughter of a travel agent and knows a thing or two about finding great travel deals.

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Angie Jaime

Angie Jaime

Angie Jaime is a writer at Orbitz. She has a habit of stopping at Cinnabon stands in airports across the country.

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