By Maria Mora

When my husband and I were dating, he traveled to Paris with his family and sent me dozens of emails about all the romantic places where he wished to take me. “Someday,” he wrote, “we’ll return to France to enjoy all this romance, these incredible sights and these beautiful Paris hotels.”

Credit: Vassil Tzvetanov
Credit: Vassil Tzvetanov

After all, Paris is for lovers — the creme de la creme of romantic getaways. For couples lucky enough to travel to Paris this year, you won’t want to miss these romantic excursions  sure to bring out the “oh la la” in you.

1. Take in a museum… or two, or five. On May 15, Paris participates in the Long Night of Museums with free entrance into many of Paris’s top museums, including the Louvre (participating museums are added up to the event day). Dress up, enjoy dinner for two, then stroll the hallways of some of the world’s most remarkable museums — even after the stroke of midnight.

2. Stay in a historic Paris hotel. Paris hotels come in all shapes and sizes. For romantic getaways, stay in a charming historic hotel like the Hotel Scribe Paris, a landmark designed by Jacques Grange.  For longer stays, travel out of the city for a few days to stay in a historic chateau.

3. Have lunch at a sidewalk café. Skip the beret and make like a true Paris native at one of the city’s iconic sidewalk cafes. Despite being known for heavy sauces and plenty of butter, French cuisine is often quite light. Have a salad, some fresh bread and fish so you can stay light on your feet while you explore the city.

4. Enjoy the view. Head to the top of one of Paris’s scenic overlooks. If the Eiffel Tower is too cliché for your taste, try the Cathedral of Notre Dame or the Arc de Triomphe. Take a camera with you to capture the moment with your loved one.

5. Go gothic. Forget black boots and fishnets, I’m referring to the mysterious romanticism of famous Paris cemeteries and gothic architecture. (I’m far more likely to hold my husband’s hand if I’m a little bit spooked!) Check out Jim Morrison’s grave at the Cimitiere du Pere Lachaise or tour the Paris Opera.

Maria Mora is a memoir blogger and wannabe photographer. She travels extensively throughout Florida and the Caribbean with her two young sons.

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