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flightsBy Joe Brancatelli

  • OpenSkies, the British Airways boutique carrier that offers all-business-class service between Newark and Paris/Orly, will add a secondroute on May 3. That’s when it will begin flights from Washington/Dulles Airport.
  • Air Jamaica is shrinking again. Effective in March, it has dropped flights to New York from Grenada; and to Jamaica from Orlando and Chicago.
  • Porter Airlines, which operates to Toronto’s close-in City Airport, has opened the first phase of its new terminal.
  • Continental Airlines fliers take note: Flights are moving to the NorthTerminal at Detroit/Metro and to Concourse B in Denver.
  • The Transportation Security Administration says it is now using portable devices to swab bags as it searches for explosives. The TSA units will allow agents to circulate around the airport randomly checking anything you happen to be carrying.

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