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flightsBy Joe Brancatelli

  • American Airlines is scrapping free blankets in coach on most flights. Starting May 1, the airline will sell an $8 package that includes a blanket, pillow and discount coupon from a home-goods retailer.
  • Also new in the fee for all from American: a $50 fee to confirm standby travel. Only AAdvantage Elite, premium-class or full-fare-coach fliers are exempt from the charge.
  • Meanwhile, Virgin America has raised its checked-baggage fee to $25 for each bag.
  • Boston/Logan airport now offers free Wi-Fi in its terminals, which is interesting because the airport fought Continental Airlines all the way up to the FCC when Continental made its Wi-Fi free in the Presidents Club at Logan. Continental won the right to give away Wi-Fi after the 2006 fight. Now everyone using Boston/Logan gets free Wi-Fi.

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