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Spend the holiday season with friends and family, not the people waiting in the airport security line. Although rightfully known as the most wonderful time of the year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas travel season often creates a few challenges for travelers.holiday4

To ensure smooth sailing this holiday season, consider the following holiday travel tips:

  • Know before you go: The OrbitzTLC Traveler Update site offers real-time weather, traffic and tips from fellow travelers about airport conditions across the country. It also features the OrbitzTLC Flying Forecast, featuring the Orbitz air-traffic analysts’ provide round-the-clock updates on delayed flights across the country.
  • Have the latest information: Sign up for Orbitz Care Alerts to have information about any flight delays or gate changes sent to your mobile device.
  • Neatness counts: The Transportation Security Administration recommends packing your carry-on as neatly as possible so it will be easier to screen, with separate layers for clothes, electronics and toiletries.
  • Remember 3-1-1: Liquids, gels or aerosols must be in containers 3 ounces or less and should fit in a quart-size, zip-top bag.
  • Don’t wrap things up: If you’re packing gifts, remember that they need to be unwrapped to go through security.
  • Arrive early: Better safe than sorry.

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