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Barney_Harford By Barney Harford, President & CEO of Orbitz Worldwide

Big day today. At we just announced the launch of Total Price hotel search results, making it dramatically easier for consumers to search for hotels.

Until today, there was no convenient way for consumers to compare multiple hotels on a Total Price basis. Consumers had to click through to the hotel details page for each hotel to see how much it would cost to book.

With Total Price hotel search results Orbitz is changing that, and making the world a better place. As of today, we’ll be showing you the base rate, taxes & fees and Total Price per night upfront on the initial search results page.    

And that’s not all. We’ve also dramatically cut booking fees on all of our hotels around the world for bookings made by July 15. Of course, lower booking fees mean a lower Total Price. We’re daring you tocompare the Orbitz Total Price before booking your hotel anywhere else.

This comes on the heels of the recent launch of our "Biggest Hotel Sale Ever," featuring discounts of 30% or more at thousands of properties worldwide through May 31.

Are you kidding? There’s really never been a better time to travel. So get busy, get booking!


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