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Ski vacation By Liz Robertson

Utah is a great destination for ski vacations for families. The selection of mountains is impressive, and the proximity to Salt Lake City means the choice of hotels can keep the cost very reasonable.

Because Salt Lake City is a hub for Delta, we were able to get direct flights, which is great if you have a limited number of days for your vacation. While planning our ski vacation, I got advice from some Utah natives to forego the more touristy and expensive Park City and instead try some mountains where more locals go like Brighton and Solitude. The choice of runs and facilities at both these mountains was great, and they were both a reasonable drive from Salt Lake City.

Instead of staying on one of the mountains, we elected to stay at one of the Salt Lake City hotels and therefore had more choices for accommodation and restaurants. We also found a great equipment rental place in downtown Salt Lake, which meant we could get all of our equipment the night before and not have to waste time while on the mountain waiting for rentals. The equipment rental place also offered discounted lift tickets, saving us more time.

So if you’re looking for a family-friendly ski vacation destination with lots of options for mountain terrain and accommodation, I highly recommend a Utah ski holiday.

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Liz Robertson is a full-time working mother with a 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter. With everyone’s busy schedules, she looks forward to family vacations as an opportunity to reconnect and experience new places together.

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