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New York City
is ideal for combining business travel with leisure, according to a new Orbitz for Business survey.

When business travelers were asked what city makes it easiest to extend work trips with extra leisure time, New York topped the list, which also included San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando and Washington, D.C.

For international travel, London and Paris were noted most frequently as good places for adding leisure time.

Here are some other findings in the latest survey by Orbitz for Business and Business Traveler magazine:

• Nearly three-fourths (72 percent) of travelers surveyed say they have extended a business trip with a leisure component in the last year.

• Eighty-one percent plan to extend an upcoming work trip, or are considering extending it, by adding vacation time with family or friends.

• 43 percent of respondents said they recently had a spouse, partner or friend accompany them on a business trip, without staying longer but simply sharing a room and seeing them during free time.

• 69 percent are willing to travel by car from a business city to a leisure destination; 47 percent are willing to travel 1-3 hours and 22 percent are willing to travel less than one hour.

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