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By Drew Butler, The Ultimate Vegas Blog

The subject of rental cars can spark a nice debate among people who go to Vegas regularly. I probably should and will devote a few blog entries on getting around in Las Vegas because there are a lot of options. But for now, let’s talk about some advantages to renting or not renting.

Why rent?

  • Super easy: There are car rentals at McCarran International Airport when you land. A number of Las Vegas hotels have rental locations.
  • Cheap: Some of the lowest rates in the country. Probably because they do so much volume.
  • Can move from hotel to hotel, Vegas strip or off-strip. You can go see attractions outside of Las Vegas (i.e. Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam).

Why not rent?

  • Traffic: Especially on the Strip in the late afternoon or evening and on weekends. You are thinking, "I have to drive in traffic everyday, why do I have to do it on my vacation."
  • Alcohol: People gamble, casinos give free alcohol while you gamble, you do the math. Also, if you are going to do drink and drive, the penalties for getting caught are steep and not worth it.
  • Alternative transportation is easy: Cabs are plentiful and you can find them everywhere. The Las Vegas monorail can take you up and down the Strip. There is a bus that runs 24 hours a day up and down the Strip. Additionally, walking is free.

What I think

Everyone has an opinion about works best for them and their circumstances. Going in a five-person group might require you to rent a car. Going alone or with two people might cause you not to rent. I think you should try one trip renting and one trip renting maybe one or two days. Find out what works best for you.

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Drew Butler is a former newspaper reporter, current college instructor, and an avid traveler. You can find his travel blog at The Ultimate Vegas Blog.

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One thought on “The Las Vegas rental car quandary”

  1. Car rental is a smart option for getting around Las Vegas as long as you don’t mind the traffic, have knowledge of the area and plan on avoiding alcohol. If that is the case, then the sheer size of the hotels makes a car worthwhile, especially if you plan on glamming yourself.

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