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Just about every other day it seems another airline is unveiling a new fee for checked bags (not to mention drinks, snacks, etc.), and it’s getting a little hard to keep them all straight.

Well, the fine folks at Orbitz have put together a simple, easy-to-read chart to help make it easier to figure out which airlines charge what, and when.

The chart in our FAQ section will be updated regularly. But given how quickly these policies are changing, it’s a good idea to double-check at the airline’s Web site. And remember, these fees are not included in airfares.

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Airlines Applies to… Airline policy 1st bag 2nd bag Special notes
Domestic Within Canada, Canada and United States including Hawaii View Policy No Fee $25
AirTran Domestic View policy No Fee $10 The charge for a 2nd checked bag will be $10 when paid using Online Check-In or $20 when paid at the airport kiosks and ticket counter.
Alaska Airlines Domestic View policy No Fee $25 Effective 7/01/2008
American Airlines Domestic, Canada,

U.S Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico

View policy $15 $25
Continental Domestic,

Latin America

View policy No Fee $25
Delta Domestic View policy No Fee $25
Frontier Airlines Domestic View Policy No Fee $25
Hawaiian Airlines Domestic View policy No Fee $25
JetBlue Airways Domestic View policy No Fee $20
Mexicana International including to/from the United States View policy No Fee $15
Midwest Airlines Domestic View policy No Fee $20
Northwest Domestic View policy No Fee $25
Spirit Airlines Domestic View policy $15 $25 1st Bag $15 when paid using On-line Check-In or $25 at the airport
Sun Country Airlines Domestic,


Viewpolicy No Fee $25
United Airlines Domestic, Canada, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas View policy $15 $25 1st Bag for travel on or after 8/18/2008
US Airways Domestic, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean View policy $15 $25 1st bag effective 7/09/2008


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