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Consider this the environmental movement’s equivalent of the butterfly effect:
Turn off your lights for one hour this Saturday and you might help save a migratory bird from a fatal mid-air collision or prevent ice slabs seven times the size of Manhattan from
calving off into the frigid Antarctic Ocean. It’s a big leap, admittedly, but
the now-global Earth Hour deals in high-minded environmental action on a massive
grassroots level. Scheduled for 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, March 29, Earth Hour 2008 will see the
lights dim in 24 major cities and municipalities around the world, spanning five
continents and including Sydney, Dublin, Toronto, Chicago and San Francisco.
The event seeks to raise awareness about global warming by encouraging
individuals to conserve energy, and in doing so, consider other personal steps
toward combating climate change.

At least a dozen Chicago hotels and a San Francisco hotel are participating in the event.

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