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Sports travel continues to gain in popularity, and traveling to see one, if not a number of classic baseball stadiums is certainly a terrific focal point of a vacation. So where to go? Here are my picks.

Turn off your lights for one hour this Saturday and you might help save a migratory bird from a fatal mid-air collision or prevent ice slabs seven times the size of Manhattan from calving off into the frigid Antarctic Ocean.

Although the flight may seem daunting, it’s more than worth it to take the family on a New Zealand adventure. Here are my family-friendly tips.

My last journey with my 3-year-old took us to Copenhagen, Denmark. Read about the joys and the challenges of going abroad with a kid.

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What’s the best way to plan a long flight with kids? Here are some survival tips.

Delta Air Lines says it, too, will start charging extra for a second checked bag. Find out when, and who will be affected.

Lena Katz reports on a new luxury resort, a hot nightclub and hip sushi restaurant to check out on your Hawaii vacation.

See which destinations made’s top 10 list for spring break family vacations.

This month’s Orbitz Insider Index looks beyond New York City and Los Angeles to find some of the top film-friendly cities in the United States. Find out which cities made the list.

It was my first time back to New Orleans since Katrina. I had wanted to come back earlier, but life got busy. New Orleans is a good place to go when life gets too busy. Read on to find out why.

After several trips to Disney World, Miami and Cancun, we got the chance to experience something very different when relatives brought us to Sanibel Island. Here are some top picks.

Read about new flights to London Heathrow, find out which destinations are on sale, and get more of-the-moment travel news.

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A week in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and I hadn’t dipped one toe in a pool. Nothing against pool-inspired frivolities. Truth is, I hadn’t had time. I’d come to explore the wilder side of America’s Caribbean and found no end to the energized fun.

Many U.S. national parks may lie deep within the conservative confines of red states, but that doesn’t mean they are off-limits for gay travel. Find out how to pick the right park for your vacation.

If you’re a college hoops fan about to get swept up in madness of March, Las Vegas may offer your best alternative bet for courtside action. These Las Vegas hotels boast three of the best and most well-known betting arenas in the city.

For the past few years, consumers have been able to download movies from the Internet and watch them on their computers. Find out how a new gadget is stepping up those possibilities.

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