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Mike_nelson_bridgeclimb2 By Mike Nelson

A great way to take in the views of Sydney, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is to do the BridgeClimb. This is a climb to the top of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134 meters (440 feet) above the water. The views of the harbor, city, and Opera House are spectacular.

The climb itself takes about an hour and a half and is not physically demanding. There are about a thousand steps, but only half of them are used on the way up and only a small number of them require a 90-degree vertical climb.

Don’t worry about having the right clothing. Climbing gear is provided, including an outfit. You can wear shorts, or nothing, underneath the provided outfit. It takes about an hour of preparation and instruction before you begin your climb.

The gear and instruction is a bit of overkill in the name of safety. The BridgeClimb operates in all forms of weather, with the exception of lightning … which seems like a good exception. It rained during our climb, but visibility was good and the experience was very enjoyable.

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Mike Nelson is chief operating officer for Orbitz Worldwide.

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