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By Liz Robertson

Las Vegas probably isn’t the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to family vacations, but it has evolved in recent years to a place where there is lots for families to do at a reasonable price. My kids have great memories from the four days we spent there over one spring break.

Lots of great travel deals are available for Las Vegas hotels, and the nice thing is you don’t have to stay at the most expensive hotels to enjoy their attractions. For example, the Stratosphere Hotel has amusement park rides at the very top of its building. This ranks high on the "cool" factor for kids who are into rides and can brag that they went on some 900 feet up in the air! The New York New York Hotel also offers a roller coaster, and the Treasure Island hotel has several shows of simulated pirate ship battles. 

Other activities we enjoyed included seeing the living statues on the streets of "Venice" at the Venetian, checking out the lights and fountain show at the Bellagio, and enjoying the many and varied dining options. There are also lots of Vegas shows that are family appropriate. We went to see the Penn & Teller magic show and talked and speculated about how they did their tricks for hours and days afterward.

The spring break time frame also offers a temperate climate in Las Vegas and a chance to just hang out at the hotel pool for some more relaxing time. It’s worth noting that the gambling rules for minors are strictly enforced, so you don’t have to worry about your child inadvertently trying a slot machine. Overall, I would recommend Las Vegas as a great place to travel for a short but exciting family vacation.

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Liz Robertson is a full-time working mother with a 17-year-old son
and 14-year-old daughter. With everyone’s busy schedules, she looks
forward to family vacations as an opportunity to reconnect and
experience new places together.

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