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Santorini's Balcony Art Houses

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Just returned from our five day stay at Santorini Balcony Art House.... and it was simply superb Location... fabulous views, captured some amazing sunsets even on a couple of cloudy days You can rent an ATV for €30 a day and tour the island. Or a small car for €35 the hotel staff arrange for you and they are dropped off within ten minutes. With a garage just up the road for fuel. Alternatively the local bus is every half hr €3 pp stop is outside the hotel on the road. Facilities the suites are beautiful. Very Clean ...typically Greek in style but modern and luxurious. Can recommend room 109 as the best as in corner with hot tub directly overlooking the ocean views. Food... breakfast was fresh, plentiful and yummy. Choice of omelettes, crossiants, yoghurts, fruit and coffees. Only thing not on offer was an option of toast! But apart from that all good! Staff.... Lucas, Lucas, Lucas.... fabulous bar tender, host and general lovely man. Lucas Made is the most amazing cocktails upon request (payable end of your stay) Approx same price as London cocktail bars! The bar only closes when last guest goes to bed. No noise at all in our room which was directly behind the bar! Adonis the hotel manager... very kind, welcoming and helpful person. Lovely waiting staff and pool boys and nothing was too much trouble for anyone at any time. What more can we say? I cried when we left and can’t wait to go back! Donna and Jason xxx

This hotel in Santorini has a breathtaking view. I have traveled far and wide, to almost fifty different countries, but I have never had such a view before. When you swim in the pool or lie down in a long chair with that mighty expanse of space you do feel alive, you do feel blissful. From here, you can take a small walk to the village (on the left when you look at the sea), where there are small supermarkets, some restaurants and other hotels, or take a long walk to Oia, a great town with hundreds of accommodations for tourists and lovers. It's the sunset town par excellence. The sunset from that place is unbelievable! This walk takes about one hour and a half. If you don't want to go that far, there is a lovely restaurant just in front of the hotel. You can also rent a car, a motorbike or a boat at the reception. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Cheers!

My wife and I spent 6 days in this hotel. It's lovely and well located, with a stunning sunset and caldera view. Outstanding service from staff since first hour in the morning until late in the evening, especially from Christos and Dimitris. These guys are superb and very knowledgable, providing us with several helpful tips about the island. The breakfast was delicious and fresh, including some of the traditional Greek food. The junior suite facing the pool was spacious and well cleaned daily. The jacuzzi overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was a real treat, well maintained and with a good temperature. The bar is run by Loukas, an amazing bartender and entertainer, who prepares incredible drinks as well as promotes great parties in the evenings. You have to try his famous Mojito, 10 out of 10! In a nutshell, a great experience and we definitely recommend this hotel.

A delightful hotel that captures the soul of Santorini made even more magical due to the staff. My wife and I have just returned from a 4 night stay at Santorini's Balcony and we cannot speak highly enough of it. Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the charming Loukas, who brought us over a couple ice cold beers. Over the course of the four nights Loukas became a great friend and made the most amazing cocktails! Being a hotel that caters mostly to couples it was nice to have someone who made you feel at home and would introduce you to other guests. We were then welcomed by Christos who checked us in and went through a map of Santorini with us pointing out what we should do and where to go. His dining suggestions were brilliant. Christos was wonderful. Friendly and would do anything for the guests. Our room, a junior suite, was charming and clean, and perfectly captured the vibe of Santorini. The pool area was again clean and well maintained and not too busy. The view is breathtaking and to be perfectly honest one of the best views of the famous Santorini sunset can be enjoyed right from the hotel or even better from the jacuzzi on your balcony. The breakfast was fabulous and authentically Greek. The yogurt and honey was bliss and the fruits and pastries as fresh as you can get, with fresh juice and Greek coffee. Towels are provided for the pool area and separately for the hot tubs. The hike to Oia also starts pretty much a few feet from the hotel so it is ideally located. They also provide free car parking. One final mention is a gentleman named Demetrios. He took our stay to another level. Kind and warm he gave wonderful advice about our stay and again would do anything for us. He also became a good friend and is an asset to the hotel. The staff definitely enhanced our stay and this is a charming hotel that truest captures the heart and soul of Santorini!

Okay, let me break it down for you because it's semi complicated: Service from staff: Outstanding, second to none, they are at your beckon call and willing to do anything to make you happy! Lucas is the bartender and he is incredible and makes the best mohitos. Cristos seems to be one of the people who runs the place and greets the customers and is nothing short of a miracle worker helping us with our tours, information and any needs that we had during our stay to make it comfortable for us. Food: Food is ONLY served in the morning from 8:30am-10:45am, but it's a tremendous breakfast. Please note that if you want any more food during the day, the best they have is chips at the bar, or ham sandwiches, of which, we did not try. Go to the local Taverna Tasos on the corner which is about 30 seconds away for their awesome food, they open between 1:00pm - 11:00PM... PROBABLY one of the best places for food on the island. It's a shame the staff will not promote that taverna, considering how good it is, but they wish not to endorse the place. Pool: Crystal clear, but no heat and cold, but some would say it's refreshing... I happen to like bath water temps myself. They do have a special jet to turn on so that you have a mini lap pool in the nook of the pool. There are only 18 rooms on premises, so the guest ration to beds and seating by the pool is fabulous. View: The view from this resort is nothing short of spectacular. Because it faces wet and has an elevation of 600+ feet above Oia, the sunsets are even better and not blocked. No need to run to Oia, when you already have the best sunsets. Rooms: Buyer BEWARE!!! The Junior suites and Honeymoon suites are NOT created equal!!! The pictures that you see on the internet on their site look fantastic and your expectation based on how much you are paying for the room would be super high and get you excited. When we arrived, we were put in 1 of their 4 honeymoon suites, room #11, which was a bathroom on the first floor, spiral staircase to 2nd floor where there was a bed in the room, nothing fancy. Our expectations and value for the room to money paid was so sad. Our friends in the junior suite had a similar challenge. We also spoke with several guests who had the same challenge as well, although they may not be as diligent to put up any reviews of this place. Needless to say, we were furious on how much we paid and what we got. Management from the owner wasn't any better, my wife encountered the "accountant" who treated her really bad and told my wife, we should have requested a specific honeymoon suite before we got there. How would we know? WE HAVE NEVER, EVER been to a place and had to request a specific room before, knowing they would be different and quality of stay different. He said that where we booked it, showed a picture of our room, but we didn't look there, we looked on the Balcony's website for the pictures. You can only find the honeymoon suite pic that we stayed in, only if you click on reserve on the balcony's website and then the pics of the room we stayed in shows up. This was the sad part of our 5 day stay here!!! Management: This department needs a LOT of help. We had some complications during booking and it's sad to think as popular as this resort is, that they hold you to the contract even after we accidentally hit book and tried to cancel within 10 minutes. Management didn't offer much except to eat the $3k+ deposit and only offered up $300usd in return. It got worse, our card got declined on the balance, and management took it upon themselves not to do anything except eat our deposit and cancel one of the two rooms we booked and got another person into the 2nd room. This was a nightmare. We found out later from Cristos, though, management tried to correct it and Cristos was able to get us the room back after 72 hours of heartache. When we arrived at the resort, my wife was speaking to Cristos about our honeymoon suite room, and was interrupted by the "accountant" (of whom we found out later was the owner), and was treated with disrespect and started reprimanding my wife. No customer deserves this treatment. The accountant was rude and did not know the whole story. Cristos was our hero though, 3 days into our trip, management let him give us the opportunity to move to another honeymoon suite like we saw in the pics, but by then, we were already near our friends in their so-so junior suite and no one wanted to move by then. You would think that the owner should be more confident in their place, because trying to get a room here is so difficult, they should be more confident to please the customer. One of the forgiving graces, is that our room does offer one of the best views in the place, but it's not worth all of the extra money that you pay. I AM SURE, that other rooms that you see on the website, would make the room:value tremendous, just not where we stayed in our honeymoon suite or junior suite. Our friends had problems with the bathroom odor throughout the entire stay and the best they could do was wash the floor and open the windows, but the odor was still there. This is why, I know by looking at the other reviews, I would agree whole-heartedly, that it should be a 5+ resort, except that the rooms fall short, unless you are one of the lucky ones that get the ones in the pictures on the website that excite you! I asked around and we all agreed because of the money you pay and the room you get, it's a 3-4 rating at best for the room... everything else makes it better, but it's not worth spending all of the extra money and not getting what you expect. So, as the accountant would say, make sure BEFORE you book, that you get the room that you are looking at so that you will not be disappointed like us. Room #17 for the honeymoon suite is the best place to be. This resort is centrally located, so it's really easy to get to Oia, Fira, Akortori and other places on Santorini though...

This is a 17 unit boutique hotel, Most of the hotels on Santorini seem to be around this size, or slightly larger. The location is unique in that you are not in the hub of either of the major towns but can still walk (uphill) for 10 minutes to a great restaurant and walk home (albeit on a rather poorly lit path). There is also an adequate restaurant for lunches right at the end of the driveway, so if you are like us and don't want to be near where cruise ship hoards tread and souvenir stands abound, then this is a perfect location. The breakfast at the hotel was excellent, and plentiful. Wouldn't change a thing. Hikes to Fira and Oia were challenging but beautiful and invigorating. Putting in the effort helps to alleviate of the guilt of eating and drinking so much on vacation It should be noted we always felt safe even when walking late at night. Much praise has been given to that staff in other reviews and I assure you it is all warranted, These people are multi lingual, well trained, and charming. Lukas is more than a bartender he is a host, Drinks are expensive at 11 Euros for shot of top shelf liquor, but aren't most hotel bars over priced? I loved going in for a drink, not having to give my room number or name. It felt like I was a member of a private club, and that is worth a premium. Also in Greece tipping is not customary, so think of it as being tip included and it takes some of the sting out of the bill. Our hot tub was clean, hot and functioned perfectly. Have Lucas serve you drinks while you sitting in your hot tub! Decadent luxury and we loved it. Also do the boat cruise. The hotel set us up with a top notch experience. More expensive than the massive catamaran tours that are offered in town, but so worth it. There are issues that hold the hotel back, and they are known. The ill fitting toilet seat, was mentioned in another post, as was the sulphur smell coming from the bathroom drains. These are fixable and should be rectified. No excuses. Would I go back? I would like to explore other hotels on the island, but I have no hesitation recommending this hotel providing their rate remains competitive to others in the area. Santorini accommodations are expensive and this hotel is certainly no exception.

We're just coming back from our summer holidays, we've stayed at Santorini's Balcony for 5 days and.. everything has been perfect! Clean rooms, delicious food, wonderful place! All guys working here are so kind and ready to help! A special thank goes to Dimitris who has suggested us the best places to see and to eat! Thanks to all the staff who has always been smiling and kind! I would really recommend everybody to come and stay at Balcony's.. a really great hotel!

Right.. where do I begin. Me and my girlfriend were looking for hotels for at least a week and we finally decided on balcony art houses as our other preference didn't have the dates required. Having looked on Instagram for tagged photos we decided this place was the one. The main reason I'm leaving this review is I feel that trip advisor isn't the most helpful with regards to this hotel, you may ask why? First of all, me and my girlfriend both quickly realised santorini has been blown well out of proportion by the media, we came here thinking it's glitzy and glam, basically a Greek dubai, especially with the prices of all the hotels. But it's really not, you can find very expensive places, but this is a very traditional island with beautiful views and the friendliest of people. - The service at this hotel is absolutely impeccable, from the main reception desk which is covered by (sorry if I've spelt your names wrong) Celia and Christos to the worlds friendliest barman Lucas. Genuinely without these guys our trip would not have been the same. Celia always recommended the best things to do, places to visit and restaurants to eat at, it was such a shame that she had to head back to the mainland earlier than expected. But none the less Christos held the fort like a king! The politest man who genuinely cares about all his guests and providing them with the best service you can receive. If you like a cocktail then Lucas is your man, when we arrived we had the most delicious green apple cocktail which is his speciality, always up for a chat, and he is very in touch with his spiritual side, full of life and stories that could keep you entertained for hours! Nothing is ever too much for these 3 or the rest of the staff we had the pleasure of meeting. - Amenities, we stayed in the junior suite with cave, we had read a lot of reviews really slating this room, but as you can see from the pictures it's literally what it says it is, plenty of room for the both of us and ALL rooms come with a hot tub, some built in, some placed. We were happy we didn't pay the extra to have the honey moon suite, let's be honest it's like 25°c at night, the hot tub is great for 30 mins. Our room came with a safe, and salon strength hair dryer, along with towels, shower bits etc and a great AC. The hotel itself has free wifi, a beautifully built pool area with various beds and swings and of course, a pool. Breakfast was served daily from 8:30-10:45 but some mornings there were guests eating later than this, the hotel is very accommodating. It consisted of a menu that is left on the table and you pick what you want and then they take it away and bring you what you ordered. Nice and simple, we opted to get the Greek yogurt with honey and fruit every morning alongside the various cooked items. (Thanks chef) Now usually we don't have great expectations but when you're paying nearly £1500 for 5 nights you do somewhat start to create expectations beyond the norm of a standard hotel. I can't sit here and type this review without pointing out the following: 1 of the 5 nights our room was not cleaned, as the bathroom is like a cave there aren't any windows so a slight damp smell can begin to circulate. But do you know what? It actually added to the traditional aspect of this hotel, they don't pride themselves on being a modern 5* hotel with butlers everywhere, it genuinely feels like you're staying at your aunties house, if little things like slightly cracked walls, no food except breakfast,slight damp smell, 1 night of sleeping in the same sheets (let's be honest, do you really change your sheets every night at home?) etc bug you, then I would advise you to stay clear of here and go to a more modern hotel but be prepared to pay a lot more and I wouldn't say it's worth it. If however like me and my girlfriend you're very easy going and love to be treated like one of the family and taken care of like a king and queen then don't make a silly mistake. BOOK THIS PLACE! Without the team here me and my girlfriend wouldn't of been able to experience the island in the way that we did so guys, once again thank you so much! One review stated they don't respect young couples, I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 22. **MIC DROP** Over and out :)

We stayed local to this hotel and called in most days . The barman LUKAS .was 1st class .he always makes you feel welcome ,and who ever is in the bar he will introduce you to everybody and the drinks and the conversation are flowing straight away . He has his own great mix of music and loves a party . He is always ready to listen to your stories and makes a great cocktail . Thanks again LUKAS See you on our next trip .Angus and Gill

This hotel is a nightmare! The quality-price is terrible. Let's start with the positives: The only l nice thing of this hotel is the view. It is very beautiful ! But all the rest is terrible. The negatives: 1. We booked the hotel for 7 nights and they say that we have to pack everything and stay in another room for the last night. 2. The room smells terribly of sewer and mold (especially the bathroom and there were no windows ). 3. The room is very very dirty. We stayed for 1 week and they did not change the bed sheets, Dust (and not only) under the bed, the shower was never cleaned during one week. 4. They did not put soap / shampoo once they finished. 5. No mini bar and no room service 6. The breakfast is impossible to do. At 10.30 it is over! And at 8.25 is still closed! Come on! 6. The hotel staff are very impolite ( especially if you are young) and unprofessional . I could go on forever with the negative sides... but I will stop here .

Imerovigli Santorini Santorini Island

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Pool bar

Archaeological Museum is within 2 miles (3 km) of Santorini's Balcony Art Houses while other popular attractions such as Museum of Prehistoric Thira are within 3 miles (5 km). This 12-room, 3.5-star apartment welcomes guests with free breakfast, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. Also close to this Santorini apartment are Nea Kameni Volcano and Skaros Rock.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. Entertain your taste buds with a beverage at the bar/lounge or coffee shop/café.


All of Santorini's Balcony Art Houses's 12 individually decorated apartments provide balconies, refrigerators, and free bottled water. Guests can expect free WiFi and 32-inch flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and free toiletries. Safes, phones, and desks are also available.

Property features

At Santorini's Balcony Art Houses, guests have access to an outdoor pool, free WiFi in public areas, and coffee in a common area. You can put free valet parking to good use if you drive. The front desk has multilingual staff that can help with concierge services and luggage storage. Other amenities at this boutique apartment include a terrace, a garden, and a porter/bellhop.

Room options

Studio (Cave, Caldera View )

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Family House (with Caldera View)

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Junior Suite (Cave)

Full 1 | Sleeps 3

Honeymoon Suite (Outdoor Hot Tub)

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

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