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Hotel Philoxenia

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Philoxenia hotel was our choice for this year's family vacation in Greece. We booked a half board for 12 days (11 nights). Upon arrival, we were greeted by three Philoxenia staff and were informed that our booked room was upgraded, which was one of the best surprises for us. We got a first floor room at D building, overlooking at the new pool between buildings B-C-D. Room was as expected a bit small, but that was to be expected because the price we paid was in the first minute and it was really affordable. The room was completely new, new furniture, fixings, beds, linings, refurbished tilings, bathroom, balcony, etc. Rooms have electronic card entrance, and you're getting two cards for the room. Our room only had one small flaw in the bathroom with the shower fixing hanging loose a bit from the wall, but we really didn't mind that. What we did mind was that the air conditioning was at a such place that however you direct it - it will blow directly at the beds, either at the big bed, or at the bunk bed where children slept. It's not big of a deal, but it might make an issue if you're being constantly blown air at you while sleeping. Rooms had a lcd tv with usb port and hdmi input, great for playing media files from our hard drive. But the tv had a pin protection - to make your life easier, it's 0000 (four zeros) for usb and menu entrance. It had a small cattle and coffee / tea / sugar were realively frequently refilled. Room was cleaned EACH DAY, and towels changes if you want - EACH DAY, andlinings were changed every two days. So, all in all - cleanliness in rooms were at very high level. As noted before, bathroom is a bit small, as is the room itself - but you don't mind that as you're spending all day at the beach, or at the pool, and the rooms is used mostly for sleep. Internet in the rooms isn't free, it's 1e per day for hoew many devices you'd like and it's fast. I know people will say - who charges internet in the rooms, but I didn't mind as it was fast and always working. It's free at the pool and at the bar/restaurant but in the room - you'll need to pay for it. Another small issue we had were a large number of swallows that are nesting in the bulding D and a waking up people around 5-6 in the morning. I got used to it however, but hardly... Rooms and their cleanliness / refurbisment are one of my great impressions and out of 10 this one gets 8.5. Hotel is a combination of 8 buildings, restaurants, reception, etc - and it doesn't offer too much place to go through it. If you wish to go for a walk, you can go to Psakudia and it's beach, by three ways. One is right next to the reception, small road on the west (although a bit steep and not maintained) that exits to Hotel Irini / Nikos Taverna. This way is the best if you're located in the buildings near the reception. Another way is from the parking at the woods (more convenient for B-C-D building guests) at the east, which is a bit tricky for the kids, as it has - 122 steep steps, exiting between buildings between Kostas Psakudia Tavern and Eatalia bar. Going to the beach isn't a problem, but going back... might be. The third, and more preferred for us was a road through the parking at the woods at the east, towards the Cronwell Sermilia Resorst, where you can go by car - if you're having young children, and that might be more convenient for you. Hotel doesn't have it's own beach, but it doesn't need to, as the beach costs are really affordable. Hotel floor is throughly cleaned, and is always in almost pristine condition. However, hotel this year seems to fail on something they were highly regarded in previous years - children animation. There was no mini disco at all and children playground were... minimalistic to say at least. So, we had to spend evenings at the pool, Psakudia or went to Nikiti in three occassions. Hotel in general gets 8 out of 10. There are two pools, one to the west of the restaurant which is a rectangular shaped, a bigger and older one. That one has a small part for non swimming children. The other pool is only accessible for B-C-D building guests and is better for us. It's heated, has an olive tree right next to it and is a great place to hang out for few hours. You can get a towel for the pools only, at the pool bar (below restaurant, next to the bigger pool) and the deposit is 10e per towel which might be a bit of an overkill, but you'll get that money back anyway. Pools are throughly cleaned everyday. We did whitness that horrible cyclon between 10-11 July (Wednedsay late evening) that unfortunately tore apart the roof from the mall part of the restaurant, landing it on this new pool. The power and water was god for just 1.5 hours and once it came back, people from the hotel started fixing everything. On Thursday, they took that roof apart and fixed the pool, cleaned it in the afternoon and oon Friday afternoon - guests could use it without any issues. That's the way you handle problems and take care of your hotel and guest. GREAT thumbs up for management and everyone working at the hotel for taking care of this. For all of this and the pools, Philoxenia pools get 9 out of 10. Restaurant is probably one of the greatest surprises we had. As we were on half board service, I can only let you know what you can get for breakfast / dinner. As always, breakfast is repetitive and you can get a choice of eggs, bacon, sausages, porridge, some puffed pastries, and then yoghurts, salads, and even greek traditional sweets like halva. We only minded the repetetivnes near the end of the vacation. The dinner however is another world. I never had a meal which was so delicious, and so versatile each day. Meats - pork, chicken, turkey, lam, veal, fish, you name it. Every day two different pasta sauces, two soups, salads, fruit, icecream... Everything was absolutely delicious and I really and throughly enjoyed dinner at the restaurant. Staff at the restaurant are kind and they migh intrude a bit to take the plate from your table if you're not using it. If you don't mind that (which we didn't) - you'll be great. The prices at the restaurant are however unsurprisingly high. It's not that they make you to drink their water (you can bring for you and your kids, they won't mind) - but if the prices were more affordable - I guess everyone would be ok with a price of a water bottle for 1e, instead of 3e - and hotel would eventually sell more bottles like that. You can buy a 9 litre pack in Psakudia for as low as 1.2e. Restaurant gets 10 out of 10, even due to the high prices. Believe me, meals are - fingerlicking good! Beach is also one great thing about Philoxenia / Psakudia. Water is clear, clean, beaches are also very clean, the water is shallow and warm - and most importantly - the prices at the beach are very affordable. For 2.5e you can get a sunbrella with two sunbeds, so my family (2 adults and 2 children) enjoyed 4 sunbeds and 2 sunbrella for 5e - 6e to be more precise, as we ordered frappe and got a free 0.5 litre of water with it. Psakudia is a quiet and small place which we didn't mind for the afternoon day at the beach, there aren't too many people, and noone minds if you take two sunbrellas for the family of four. It might get a bit crowded over the weekend, but believe me - it never was too crowded, there's always plenty of space. Loved eveything about the beach and the bars. I can reccommend the Melissa beach bar, it was our choice. It's not too luxurious, and we didn't need any of that. It was quiet, cleand and girls working at the bar are fast and at your service. There's a small children playground at the east of the beach, but it's nothing well maintained. There's not a lot of place to park your car on a weekend, but on working days you can find a spot easily. There are alos 4-5 shops for beach and memorabilia stuff, etc - if you need any. Beach in all it's simplicity, quietness and cleanliness gets 9 out of 10. All in all this hotel gets a great review. Would give it somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, but tend to go to 5 beacuse our complete experience with everything gets a better grade. I would really recommend Philoxenia, even with what happened with the restaurant roof which I'm sure the'll fix in the forthcoming weeks, or up until next season. There are places to go and see within 15-25 minutes of drive from here (Metamorfosi, Nikiti, Kalogria beach, etc) so even if you get bored with a quiet way of your vacation, you can search for more action near Psakudia.

We arrived on the night of the worst storm.. on our way to the hotel the roads were covered in debris of all sorts and the storm was still very much raging.. when we arrived at the hotel there was no power like most of the island.. within an hour it had been restored and we were escorted to our room which was beautiful.. very modern and spacious, and because we arrived late there was a lunch made up in the fridge for each of us.. The next morning we saw the damage! Wow!! A part of the roof had been ripped off the dining area and had been dropped by the winds into one of the pools.. it was like something from a movie.. but the staff were amazing!! Totally efficient and got on with the clearing up.. within a day you didn’t know it had happened.. the place is so clean.. the food was lovely always something to choose and very well made.. and the staff were just brilliant, so polite and efficient I would highly recommend this hotel.. It has a waiting room for when you check out with lockers and a shower room which made our last day very bare able.. brilliant 👍🏽 The resort however didn’t quite match up to the hotels standards.. we found it very minimal shop and restaurant wise.. but overall very nice week away.. apart from the weather.. which picked up as soon as we left 🤷🏻‍♀️

We have just returned from a 12 day all inclusive stay at the Philoxenia and had a wonderful holiday. The whole hotel has undergone a recent refurbishment and the standard of accommodation is excellent in comfort and cleanliness. Rooms. The modern rooms are kept spotlessly clean with frequent linen changes. Free air con and a small safe. The beds are the most comfortable hotel beds we have ever had. Modern bathroom with plenty of hot water for showers morning and evening. Only downside was limited storage and only 6 coat hangers. More hangers can be requested from reception. Staff. Where do we start with praise for the entire staff at this hotel? Reception always helpful. Cleaning staff and groundsmen always busy. Aris, Ionna and all the dining room staff always smiling and friendly. Thanks Kiriakis (sorry if that is spelt wrong) for your cheery smile and warm welcome. Bar staff always friendly but the icing on the cake has to be the bar waitresses. We have holidayed abroad for over 35 years but have NEVER met such a wonderful group. This hard working extremely polite team were always smiling, welcoming and efficient. Anastasia (who looks like my granddaughter), Eleni, Koni, Demi, Adriana, Stephania - sorry if I've missed anybody - we would like to say a big thank you for making our stay so special. We hope management realise what a great team you are and what an asset to this hotel. We have seen some comments about slow service but the main problem appeared to be technical, from the hand held units connecting to the bar, and not shortcomings of staff. The girls work tirelessly and when not serving customers spent time tidying sunbeds, wiping tables and generally keeping the place tidy. Hotel manager always on site checking everything ran well to a high standard. Don't think he ever sleeps! Thanks for being so thorough. Food Always found something to eat from the varied buffets but on occasions this was not very exciting. Desserts were bland and on the whole we found the whole dining experience very repetitive and slightly disappointing. Everyone has different tastes in food but we expected a little better from a 4 star. The A la Carte restaurant food was very good and the staff helpful. Entertainment Daytime entertainer Katie did a good job with her pool sessions of keep fit etc. Other daytime entertainment was poor. An example was Boules played on an unsuitable surface and the whole thing over in 10 minutes. Put us off even bothering with any of the other activities such as darts played with a board placed at chest level? Could not see the point. Evening entertainment could be more lively. For instance we had expected to see some dancing on Greek nights. We would have liked to have got up to dance, but not being very good at it, felt that it would have been inappropriate. General We had done research before booking so knew that Psakoudia is a quiet village with few shops etc.but a lovely beach. The sea was warm and safe to swim as it doesn't slope sharply and sun beds free for the day if you buy a drink. Local buses were easy to use to visit other areas. Would we return? A definite yes. All in all we had an excellent holiday and would recommend the Philoxenia to anyone looking for a relaxing holiday in a clean, modern and comfortable hotel with superb staff. Thanks again to you all.

Hello, I was living in this hotel when I had vacation from England, and I just have to say that I loved it. I really enjoyed the place but especially the staff. They had always a smile on their faces and also they were very good at their work. The service was awesome and I am really satisfied with everything. One staff member that I always will remember is the bartender at the hotel, Charalabos Moudiotis. He had some really good moves when it came to bartending with the cups and the ice. He was always happy and he loved to serve us. I really recommend this place if you want to relax but also if you want a smile on your face every day.

The positives first as there are a lot more of them than negatives! The staff.. Starting with reception.. Not all the friendliest of staff, some were, but all very professional. Anything we asked for was done so quick. Very efficient. Next bar staff. We read a couple of bad reviews about long waits for drinks... We were all inclusive and never had a problem. Did think the way you ordered with the girls having to type into a handheld device was long winded, but the girls worked really hard and were so friendly. Had no complaints at all, only high praise. Just sitting by the pool and the girls would come up and ask if you needed anything. They were great. The rooms were cleaned well each day and the whole of the complex was spotless. The dressing gown and slippers in the room was a really lovely touch. The bed.. Omg!! I've never stayed in a hotel with such a comfy bed.. It was like sleeping on a cloud.. I loved the bed!! Free safe and aircon was another bonus. Lovely setting for the Al la carte restaurant, set amongst the pine trees. We used the restaurant twice... First time on a Sunday, it was so lovely and peaceful. Great manager and lovely waiter. Good food. Its a set menu. We went back another night... All good apart from the kids club was on which is right next door, this made the meal less enjoyable as the screaming from the kids ruined the experience. Would be perfect if the kids club could be moved away from this serene setting. The hotel manager is like a machine, he is there from morning till night over seeing everything. He is very approachable and if you do have a problem, he is willing to listen to you All the staff down to the men working round the grounds work so hard and nothing is too much trouble for them. The negatives. For me it was the flies on the food. I did speak to the manager who had a company who come in regularly to spray. I would love to see the food covered. They have a fresh cooked part where I ate, the food was cooked in front of you and the ingredients were kept covered. It was lovely food from there also. On the last night, we went into the restaurant as it was opening. They were just setting up and removing all the lids.. I got in before the flies.. And the food was really good, it was gorgeous. But if I see a fly sitting on food, it put me off. The snack bar was strange.. Even if you were all inclusive you had to pay. The food from here was so good and had never been to an all inclusive where you paid for this. They had a small snack table for the all inclusive with consisted of small ham, cheese and cucumber rolls...the same filling every day for 14 days! Some cakes and sometimes biscuits. A bit disappointing. When I asked the manager about this he informed me it stated it on the website. We didn't book direct and it wasn't on the jet2 website. The all inclusive drinks menu was slightly strange... You could have chocolate or vanilla milk shake but had to pay for strawberry milkshake! No ice cream on offer, only if it was a desert in the main restaurant. On the whole I didn't have a problem with the drinks on offer and found them better than other all inclusives that I've been to in the past. I enjoyed the cocktails on offer as well. Would love to see a golf buggy on the complex so you could get a lift back up from the beach, would have even paid for this! .. Was a little bit of a hike it you're shattered from a day on the beach. A really enjoyable holiday in a lovely hotel. Would recommend it.

We stayed 7 nights all inclusive at the philoxenia hotel,the hotel was recently renovated to good clean standard with five minutes walk to the beach,The food was good with a good variety for everyone. Credit goes to the staff of the hotel starting from reception very helpful and friendly, The restaurants staff starting from Mr sakis and his team of waiters and waitress was outstanding professional friendly always smiling. The pool bar waitresses were outstanding five star service and I would like to name them starting with kostandina,Andriana,smaragda,dimitra,Anastasia,eleni stephanie these waitresses are a real credit to the hotel and will would love to thank them for their hospitality and service. Also panayotis the life guard who was extremely friendly and aware of everything going on in the pool. Razvan the entertainment organiser was brilliant entertainening everyone. So overall the staff are a big credit to the hotel. ,

My partner and I have just come back from a 2 week all inclusive stay. Overall, we were satisfied with our stay but there were a few things worth mentioning if you were looking to stay at this hotel. The rooms/hotel complex/pool were all impeccably clean and well maintained at all times. The staff/management were all friendly and happy to talk to you, and do anything to make your stay more comfortable. We had a couple of points we were wanting to make clear. 1) If you opt to not stay in a 'Pool View' room, you only have access to one of the pools and not both which we thought strange after paying so much for our 2 week stay. As far as we were aware, the 'Pool View' rooms were larger which is something that we didn't know prior to booking. We stayed in a 'Garden View' room which looks out over the wooded area to the rear of the hotel. This was peaceful and pleasant. 2) The beach is around a 10 minute walk downhill into the local village Psakoudia. The beach itself is course sand. The water is fairly warm and shallow which was pleasant. Sunbeds are available along the beach if you pay for a drink, usually around €2/€2.50. In Psakoudia there isn't much to do unfortunately, there are a few bars and nice restaurants and a couple which we really enjoyed so worth a look. There is also local car hire 'Chalkidiki Cars' which offers a good rate and slightly cheaper than the company linked to the hotel. My partner and I hired a car for a couple days and toured the peninsula of Sithonia which was incredible (some fantastic scenery on mountain roads and incredible beaches) and also Kassandra (please visit the lovely village Afytos, small local shops selling handmade items, cafe's and some great restuarants) and only a 45 minute drive from the hotel. If you require a cash machine (ATM) then the nearest is a supermarket around 5 minute drive or around 25 minute walk (some sections you need to walk on the main road for about 50 metres). 3) Unfortuantley the food is not up to scratch for a 4 star hotel. There was very little choice, some food was cold or lukewarm. There is a 'grill' which serves a variety but we did find some food was undercooked. You can eat lunch at the bar area and this is far superior in terms of quality and options. It's a shame that we often felt we had to pay when we had already opted for 'all inclusive'. Please also book in the a la carté restaurant, fantastic food and service. 4) Drinks are ordered through the waitresses not at the bar, who are very friendly and welcoming. We did find when it was busy, especially at night that we would be waiting ages between drinks which was a shame. The only thing that was a shame was the lack of selection of drinks and branded drinks on offer for all inclusive. We found after 2 weeks, we were drinking the same thing over and over. More choice needed! 5) Entertainment is okay. During the day time, Radzvan (apologies if spelt wrong) offered games and other activities which were fun. There was also another entertainer who ran the 'Aqua Gym' which was superb and hats off to her. I think at its peak the pool was full. Evening entertainment is varied and enjoyable. Please don't feel that this isn't a place to go from this review, we enjoyed our stay and like I said the hotel is lovely. I would say it's more of an 'older' couples hotel due to the lack of things to do in and around the area. I wanted to be open and honest. The hotel feels it is improving which is great. Many thanks for the stay!

We stayed with friends for 10 night’s all-inclusive at this hotel and had a fantastic time. It is a small hotel designed for relaxing, chilling out and meeting new people in a social and friendly atmosphere. For those after the party and night life scene this hotel and area is not for you. There is an excellent beach just a few minutes walk away through the pine trees together with a few bars, restaurants and shops. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free and available all along the beach as long as you purchase a drink (not water). It has undergone some extensive refurbishment and the addition of a second pool which is for the sole use of the pool facing rooms, this is the accommodation we stayed in and would highly recommend it. The place is very clean and well maintained with maid serve daily, towels and bedding changed regularly; pool side towels are available with a refundable deposit. The rooms are reasonably sized with plenty of clothes hanging space (additional coat hangers are available from reception) but there is limited drawer space. Overall the rooms are very nice and comfortable. All the staff where very helpful and friendly especially the waitresses who worked the bar and pool areas as they work tirelessly to ensure we had a good stay, this included the manager who was always available in and around the hotel and was very approachable and helpful. The restaurant was self-service with a variety of dishes available; overall the food was very good. The a la carte restaurant is worth a visit, the food is good, the table service great and the setting is lovely. Overall our all-inclusive stay at the Philoxenia Hotel was brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend this hotel, I will definitely be returning.

We spent 11 nights at the Philoxenia and on the whole we had a good time. The room was nice, cleaned daily and replenished with beverages, towels etc. Our only gripe was the shower cubicle was so tiny we could barely move in it, making showering very awkward. The pool was lovely, the water not over chlorinated and a nice temperature, so it wasn't a shock upon entering. Sunbeds were aplenty, not the usual fight in the morning to get your spot. The restaurant served a wide range of food, catering for most tastes. We found the food tasty and of a medium to high quality, however for 8 of our days it was very often lukewarm/cold. Also, the fly issue was a nightmare, capped by seeing one of the poor waitresses having to sweep the dead ones off the floor with a brush and pan. But to be fair, for the last 3 days there was a massive improvement in both areas. The food was hot and the flies were comparatively few, suggesting some action had been taken. We also dined twice in the al a carte restaurant and we must commend the hotel on the quality of the food (gorgeous!!) the service and the tranquil and romantic setting. The beach was pleasant and clean, reached by a trek through the pines or down a flight of stone steps in the other direction. If you suffer mobility problems the easiest route is through the pines nearest reception. Still a bit of a walk though. Finally, a big thank you to the staff, who were so friendly and welcoming. In particular the waitresses and waiters who work very hard and can't do enough for you. At poolside you are deterred from going to the bar, instead there is a waitress service. We cannot speak highly enough of these young ladies. Both in the day and the evening they worked tirelessly and were so friendly. A special mention to Smaragda who was amazing!

Just got back from a lovely and relaxing 2 week family holiday at the Philoxenia! A beautiful setting surrounded by a pine forest and only a 5 minute walk from the beach. The hotel was spotless and our rooms were cleaned daily. The all inclusive package was brilliant and they had plenty of drinks to choose from off the menu. The food was lovely and was always nice and hot. The staff were really friendly and helpful - I would like to mention 2 waitresses Eleni and Anastasia in particular who I feel should be commended who worked really hard around the pool in the heat and always had a smile on their faces. We will definitely return to the Philoxenia!

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  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

Located within a mile (2 km) of Psakoudia Beach, Hotel Philoxenia is within 3 miles (5 km) of Gerakini Beach. This 155-room hotel welcomes guests with 2 restaurants and conveniences like an outdoor pool and free self parking.


This hotel is home to 2 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Quench your thirst with a drink at the bar/lounge.


Guests can expect to find WiFi.

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Guests of Hotel Philoxenia enjoy an outdoor pool, free WiFi in public areas, and a free kid's club. There's free parking if you drive. This hotel also has a garden.

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