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Anassa Hotel

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

This is not a great hotel and I wouldn't recommend it. Firstly however, the positives. The hotel buildings are nicely designed, everything is very clean and well maintained, with lots of fountains and pleasant details. The gardens are stunning with a lot of variety of planting and colour. The setting is great as well, with fantastic views across the unspoilt bay. The young staff are mostly extremely pleasant and requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Live music at the bar perched above the sea before dinner is memorable. Good kids club and spa. Now on to the negatives... The rooms just aren't good enough for a hotel in this bracket. Bizarrely, there are no proper curtains in any of the rooms, just partial shutters and thin white drapes which let in loads of light. You have to request ugly blackout blinds which housekeeping will then come and fit. If you don't want to be woken up by sunlight at 6am then these are essential. The mattresses are cheap, poor quality and not comfortable. The pillows are made of foam. Really not what you would expect at this price. The décor is pretty minimalist. The Anassa's guests are a very captive market when they are at the hotel as there are no decent places to eat or drink nearby. Latchi and Polis are a short cab ride away but don't have good restaurants. The hotel takes full advantage of this by serving up a very mediocre food and beverage offering at absurdly inflated prices. If you are going to charge 35 euros for a plate of calamari (in Cyprus, by the sea) it had better be excellent, but sadly what you get at the Anassa is just awful. The stuff you can get by the beach in Latchi is far better for a fraction of the cost. A chicken, bacon and avocado salad comes laced with coriander. Weird. Feeling thirsty while you're sat by the pool? 4 euros for a 33cl bottle of still water. Most of the bread we were given was dry and stale (except at breakfast). I could go on... The best meal we had (by far) during the whole trip was at the Old Town restaurant in Polis - classic Greek food cooked extremely well with genuine, warm service. Just what we couldn't get at the hotel. Although the gardens of the Anassa are beautiful, there's actually not a lot of space, as so much of the site is taken up with rooms. The result is it can feel a bit crowded even when the hotel is not full. What's more, the place is obviously very popular with residents of former CIS states, so you can expect plenty of tattoos, beer guts and hairy backs around the pool. And that's just the women... We had an okay time here and it's not a bad bet for a bit of sunshine outside peak season. However it is certainly overpriced and it's impossible to escape the feeling that the customers are primarily viewed by management as potential cash cows rather than as guests. Even after overcharging their customers for pretty much everything during their stay, they then try to extract even more cash from them by offering Dynamic Currency Conversion to pay your bill. (Basically the receptionist suggests you can pay in your home currency, rather than Euros, you then get charged a terrible rate of exchange, and the hotel pockets part of the difference. Never do it.) Merchants claim this is offering convenience to customers, but it's just a scam. This pretty much sums the place up.

We have just returned from a break at the Anassa in cyprus – it came highly recommended from a travel agent, our criteria was that we wanted a child friendly hotel in Europe for some early summer sun. We were willing to spend a decent amount given it was to be our only (and long overdue) holiday abroad this year- and have been lucky enough to stay at some extremely nice hotels – albeit without a toddler. The holiday was certainly no expenses spared, the cost of the room was very inflated, we opted for a family suite which was spacious but in essence 3 interconnecting rooms (and in fairness probably surplus to requirements given the size of them). With regard to the décor it was fairly stark- everything was in good condition and it noted that they had a good ongoing maintenance program- both in the rooms and in the grounds of the hotel which granted were very well maintained, but it wasn’t luxurious per se, our view of the sea from our room was oblique, and we noted there were others in different sections of the hotel with better views. Having arrived late at night, we failed to notice that the curtains and the louvred shuttering was completely inadequate and was woken by our child at 5am on the first morning as her (and our) room was in broad daylight. I don’t think I have ever stayed at a luxury hotel where a lack of curtains has been an issue! Housekeeping partly resolved the issue by fixing black out curtains but even these failed to cover the whole aperture so the light issue persisted throughout the holiday so none of us slept beyond about 6am. Great. Perhaps this precipitated a bad first day, but we were pretty unimpressed ongoing with our time at the hotel. We made the mistake of a B&B tariff which meant that we were constantly aware of the highly inflated food and beverage prices. High prices are fine if the food was decent but more often than not it disappointed - (and it felt that by paying for each meal we were simply subsidising those on an all-inclusive rate going crazy at the buffet). Service at the pool-side restaurant was surly and rude – one waiter in particular was especially un-obliging, and when commenting on the portion size of my daughters pizza (on the same kids menu churned out at every restaurant) he commented that we could buy another if it was inadequate (not exactly a diplomatic response when a guest has raised a concern), he also failed to apologise when he brought us totally the wrong food and implied it was somehow . Among other things their mezze dips were pre-prepared and unpalateable. Service and food was better however at the pool side bar. Evening options if you have a child are extremely limited – with only the buffet restaurant available if you have a child in a highchair, they advised we could order a la carte but this isn’t advertised and I only noted this when reading other reviews on tripadvisor. Your best bet is ordering from the room service menu either in your room, or from the room service menu at the bar (which has a stunning view and good service), though don’t expect a main course for less than EUR 40. The local towns are a good option and we enjoyed a good meal at Old Town in Polis, however the village itself was somewhat down at heel (think derelict shops), which is sadly just a function of the broader economic climate and means the local villages not exactly destinational . Thus you are held hostage to the Anassa and its crazy pricing, All this might be forgiven if we came home relaxed but for a child friendly hotel it was supremely unrelaxing. The “childrens” pool is in broad sunlight with very little shade- all families migrate to it and hence its overcrowded and downmarket – think children without swimsuits or nappies, and families playing music on their own speakers. The pool itself is 1m40 deep with scorching tiles round the side which means its impossible to relax and leave them to splash in shallow water, and for children to walk on the tiles (granted I am not sure this is avoidable in the heat). The beach is similarly inaccessible to families, the walkways are hot, the stones are sharp, and the beach shelves off sharply meaning again it’s inappropriate for small children. The latter is not the hotels fault but it’s amazing that so many UK websites seem to pitch it to the family market, when it couldn’t be less appropriate- even a sand pit would be a welcome addition. On subject of which there is a play area which was tired and very small but a saving grace given lack of other space to play, on the 7th day of going there to occupy my daughter I was pleased to see the back of it. The redeeming feature was the kids club (which though we didn’t use) was really clean, and well run by a really nice group of girls. It’s doubtful however that management will acknowledge much of this feedback as the hotel felt full, which leads me onto my final point, I sense given the scale of the hotel its very broadly marketed – and a lot of the rooms are sold at highly discounted rates to people who couldn’t otherwise afford to be there- to give you an idea it seems from a cursory internet search you can get a room for £328 per night, not cheap but galling when you’ve paid almost 5 times this for the pleasure of staying in a family suite there. Great for them, not great when you have paid top whack to a travel agent and are receiving a pretty inferior product and there is no personal touch (nb the manager failed to return my call when I contacted reception which is just rude) or differentiation in any way. You expect to receive a product and service commensurate with what you paid, it certainly didn’t feel like this was the case here. For the same money we could have stayed at the Amanzoe in a (albeit in a 1 bed) pavilion or The Amanruya - which are 2 of the most stunning, costly beach hotels in Europe (and have their own pool as standard) and almost certainly have returned feeling more relaxed and received far better and more attentive service. Don’t be fooled like we were into doing the same and making the wrong choice.

Our third visit and a pleasant reminder of how good a Cypriot hotel this is! Very pleasant staff throughout which is indicative of good team building and training. Our meals and drinks were all good quality, served in lovely surroundings and by attentive and pleasant staff! Thank you to all if you at the Anassa

We loved this Hotel. After our Wedding in Paphos, once the family left we decided to make a mini moon at the Anassa. I am so pleased we did. We have stayed at some first class Hotels around the World and many Hotels in Cyprus actually. In Cyprus however, this is the only true five star, in my opinion. The Room, Spa, service, food and beverages are all excellent. There is a price tag to match for this Hotel, but well worth it for me. We had a first class meal at the Helios restaurant, overlooking the Sunset and sat beneath olive trees. The french waiter was evidently well trained and cared for us consummately. Marios by the Pool kept us refreshed all day and the Hostess for breakfast welcomed us and ensured we were satisfied from the beginning of each day. If I may make a few suggestions; The breakfast offers an incredibly broad range of options and all excellent quality. However, I would like to see some alternating options with the standard cooked breakfast. Maybe one day, grilled halloumi, one day potato hash, etc. Just to add variety during a long stay. It also seemed difficult to judge exactly what you might be charged, if drinking wine by the glass. My Wife drinks white and I generally prefer red, so I only ordered one decent bottle. The wine by the glass was more than satisfactory, but I was at a loss when knowing what I would be charged and you don't generally wish to ask, when staying somewhere nice. I would also agree with the second bottle of water at night. For the overall cost, it's just not something you want to call down for. Hopefully my minor constructive suggestions are taken into view. Nonetheless, this Hotel is fabulous and really made our recent trip to Cyprus very special. We will most definitely will be back. Only how soon can we come, will be the question... Thanks to all.

a great hotel, very good food, all you need in a spa and gym, very good service, nice beach and pools. a beautifull spot for a retreat and leisure. I recommend it full heartedly. all the comfort one can want

There are many aspects to this hotel that are first class and deserve a five star rating such as the dining experience and the service. However there are a few areas I believe they could improve. Check in - very friendly and offered a welcome drink. However our room was not ready upon our arrival despite me confirming the time by email and the hotel confirming that was okay. Main Pool - it's not heated and was unpleasantly cold. Only suitable for the months of July and August and I don't accept the management's comments that it's not possible to heat. Sun loungers - I believe there are too many flat day beds where the backs do not incline and they are difficult to move. The adjustable beds are always occupied (and the flat beds are generally available) which suggests to me that this is the general guest preference and not just my view. Turn down service - it would be good if this service offered complimentary water. A bottle is left in the room in the morning which is great but having this service in the evening would be a nice touch given the tap water tastes of chemicals which is probably necessary but renders it undrinkable. During our stay we dined at the beach BBQ and Basiliko. The food and service for both were excellent. The food was plentiful and very tasty. Both offered different dining experiences. The BBQ had a back drop of the sun setting behind the hills with a live acoustic band - truly wonderful. Basiliko was more of an intimate affair with nice outside seating within what felt like a walled garden. Very nice. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay here and would certainly recommend it to others.

Hotel is one of my favorite destination all over the world. Even though I travel a lot, I never lose an opportunity to spend 2-3 days in Anassa every month for the past 11 years. Local nature is very well maintained by the staff. It gives an amazing feeling of serenity and inner peace. I used to stay in many luxury hotels all over the world, so I have places to compare with. Anassa is a classic luxury hotel with an amazing combination of simplicity in design and beauty of local nature. 

Luxurious atmosphere is everywhere from private terrace in my room to the dinning table at my favorite Helios restaurant. It is absolutely perfect place to share a romantic dinner with breathtaking atmosphere under olive trees. All small details, like life piano music, real candle lamps and perfect distance between tables, makes a big difference! Set up of Helios restaurant made it the best choice for me! 

Infrastructure is very elaborated that's gives an impression of being away from the crowd, but still not completely alone, exactly what I need to feel my private space. 

Usually I visit Anassa from May to October on full moon dates. Feeling when the moon comes to my room overfill me with natural beauty and brings serenity to my soul. I enjoy watching the lights of fishing boats which passing from far very seldom and I can say this is fantastic.... A special thanks to all the staff of Anassa hotel for being real professionals for so many years!

From arrival to departure, this hotel was simply amazing. The first night - an BBQ on the beach, driven in a golf cart, we arrived to a beautiful setting, complete with live music. The food was fresh and beautifully cooked - highly recommend the sea bass. We had a room with a large balcony with the most amazing views. The room itself was spacious, always clean and very comfortable. One tip - remember to ask for a black out blind and tea and coffee making facilities as these don't come as standard. There are also no irons available which I really found disappointing. I had to wait for the laundry service, not great. The food in the hotel is sublime, breakfast is a wonderful feast of everything you could possibly want. Wifi is excellent - great coverage, speed and stability. Spa is great, clean, relaxing - the sea water jacuzzi is worth a try - seats with jets targeting different parts of your body. Because the hotel complex is so large, it's often quite hard finding your way around and you can easily get lost. I really think the signage could be improved. Apart from the constructive feedback, it's a beautifully run hotel that is, without doubt, a place to totally relax. I highly recommend staying here.

We first started coming to the Anassa in 2005 and we keep coming back. This was our sixth visit. It is a great hotel - the facilities are excellent, the views of the Mediterranean from the rooms and terrace are beautiful and the Helios fine dining restaurant is outstanding. However, what makes the hotel truly great is the staff. It is clear this is a very well managed hotel which places a premium on staff selection and training - they are friendly, efficient and make the stay delightful. This year we brought our gym kit and took part in some exercise classes in the Spa - would thoroughly recommend these : they have a wide range of activities and it helps make you feel a little less guilty when enjoying the great food and drink.

Just enjoyed another wonderful stay at The Anassa Hotel There is nothing to compare to this hotel in Cyprus Dined in the Helios restaurant where we had exceptional food and service The atmosphere is relaxed and the olive trees have lanterns adding a touch of magic and romance A pianist was playing in the background which created a wonderful ambience The room as always is perfect I cannot praise The Anassa enough Superb See you again soon

40 Alekou Michailidi Road Neo Chorio

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining

Located within 2 miles (3 km) of Latchi Harbour, Anassa Hotel places you within a few miles (5 km) of Baths of Aphrodite. This 166-room, 5-star hotel has 3 outdoor pools along with a full-service spa and 4 restaurants. On the beach, the hotel is also close to Aphrodite Nature Trail and Akamas Peninsula National Park.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast. There are ample dining options with 4 onsite restaurants, including Basiliko, which specializes in fusion cuisine and serves dinner, and Helios with its garden views. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service, get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café, and chat with other guests at the free manager's reception.


The 166 soundproofed accommodations feature balconies and afford space to spread out with sitting areas. Guests can expect to find free WiFi and 32-inch LCD TVs with satellite channels and DVD players. Beds are dressed in Frette Italian sheets and bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Minibars, free bottled water, and safes are other standard amenities.

Property features

Guests of Anassa Hotel have access to a full-service spa, 3 outdoor pools, and an indoor pool. Free valet and self parking are available—or if you're not driving, take the shuttle from the airport to the hotel (available on request) for EUR 160 per person. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a health club, a spa tub, and a sauna.

Room options

Studio Suite, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Garden Studio, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Junior Suite, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Standard, Single Occupancy, Garden View

Twin 1 | Sleeps 2

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