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  • Free parking
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Recent guest reviews

First review. I am staying at the this hotel, some of the reviews I have read are unfair. This hotel should not be compared with other 5* hotels in other countries as its the Countries tourism board that sets star rating and will vary from country to country. The Staff are of a high calibre and can't do enough to help. The Odd tip helps. Bar. I haven't had to wait for longer than a moment or to. The drinks are not Top brand names but the are very acceptable. The bar people work hard.The rooms are dated, dark, and are large, beds comfortable and the Air con works. Some of the ladies find it a dark to put their face paint on but the bathroom is well lit. The garden have nice grass, Olive and lemon trees with Roses lining the paths, One of the Pools (Heated) was closed for a week but is open again which made a bit busy around the other Pool, but the Aqua park adjoins the hotel .Reception staff have taken a hit from other reviews but I have found them to be helpful and friendly, so ease off they have a job to do and they do it well. The food. Well I have not gone hungry. Breakfast caters for guests from all sorts of countries. No they don't do a full English, There are Omelettes, Yoghurts, Scrambled eggs, Toast ,Croissantes, Cereals and locals meals. At other meals there are choices from Local to European meals. The wines I found to be most acceptable compared with wine I have tasted in other countries. First time to North Africa, No.Don't knock this Hotel remember you picked it.

Unfortunately this hotel would have to be one of the worst places we’ve stayed at. Anywhere in the world. We cut our stay short at this place and moved to a riad in Marrakech. I’m writing this from the riad (which is great by the way and costs a fraction of what we paid to stay at Eden Andalou). 8 Reasons why it fails spectacularly: 1. 2 STAR HOTEL They market the property as a luxury property but it’s more of a 2 star hotel. It wouldn’t qualify for 4 stars. Not even close. Not even 3 stars. 2. BUDGET & CHEAP The hotel has all inclusive meals and drinks so it attracts a certain type of crowd. The hotel also cuts costs by offering sub standard food. The buffet is cheap, westernised and overall of very poor quality. The bar offers complimentary “juices” which are actually just mostly syrup. Just an example of the service. They don’t trust their guests so they ask you to pay for towels each day and the money is refunded to you when you return the towels. The buffet feels and looks like a cafeteria. 3. NO ROOM SERVICE They provide room service but only between 11pm and 7am. Basically no room service when you’d actually want or need it. 4. NO BASICS We asked for an iron and ironing board which is pretty standard in a lot of top resorts and hotels. They said “no, we don’t have one. Pay for laundry” 5. THE KIDS CLUB The kids club operates for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The employee that was there could be seen smoking nearby and you could smell the cigarettes on her breath. 6. THE LOCATION Away from anything nice or important. The location is actually terrible. 7. THE AQUA PARK One of the worst and most poorly maintained water parks we’ve encountered. The staff are lazy and not interested and the shop is out of stock of a lot of food. A complete fail. 8. FITNESS CENTRE They charge you to use the gym. Every other place includes it. But not Eden Andalou. CONCLUSION: Visit Eden Andalou if you’re on a tight budget and really don’t mind a 2 star hotel with free budget food. Otherwise, avoid this hotel. The reality is though that this place isn’t that cheap and offers very little value. What they charge for accomodation and food is actually not good value at all. Not recommended.

We went for a couples holiday to relax for a week. Once there the hotel staff was very polite and helpful telling us our room was not ready yet but we could go to the bar and go for food. We decided to look around and the hotel seemed very small compared to the pictures. We only wanted somewhere guaranteed great weather and to relax which was what we got. Most of the bar staff are rude and make you feel that you are a nuisance when asking for a drink as they spend most of their time talking to each other. We got told you can only order one drink per person after 10:30pm and drinks stop at 11pm, this wouldn't have annoyed us if we knew before booking but mostly as it's a busy hotel and only one bar at night open with 2 staff. Even the staff with the trolly only served pop, beer or wine. When we was sat down the staff would come over at half 10 and take most of the glasses off your table even if they had stuff in them. I was sat outside one day having a drink at the table and a staff member removed the table infront of me to put somewhere else without even asking me as hey was setting up for the evening (at 4pm) and when i got up to leave they came over and said it's okay you can sit back down, very rude. My partner ordered a coke from one of the women bar staff and she put it in a plastic wine glass half full and slammed it on the table for him. Also the food was varied and nice but if you liked one of the special items they had on that night you was made to feel rude if you asked for a little bit more.... blows my mind when you've paid all inclusive yet made to feel like you're making them go out their way to pour you a drink or have an extra spoonful of food. The entertainers was great! They didnt mither for you to get involved and they was very polite and looked like they made a lot of peoples holiday great! The cleaners was always polite to us and helpful making sure we had everything we needed. Won't be returning.

We booked this hotel as a change to the usual European summer spots such as Spain, France and Portugal, as we wanted to try something different. Given that we were a total of seven people coming (2 families with children), we wanted something affordable for us all. When we arrived, it was intense as the hotel was heaving. It was early and we had a bunch of hungry children and exhausted adults on our hands but the staff were amazing at taking our bags and providing storage, checking us in early and pointing us to the restaurant to refuel everyone and showing us where we could hang out until the rooms were ready. A useful tip for those of you who haven't been to Morocco already, do expect to be asked for a tip when the bellboys take your bags from your car to the hotel and room for you. Another tip is that you will need to provide tax per adult staying in the hotel upon check-in, which worked out to be something like 490 dirhams (£43 at the time) for two adults. During our seven days of staying there, we had an amazing time as we got to know the staff in the restaurant, at the bar and also by the pool. Because we had a good rapport with them we were very well looked after and those little creature comforts that I was expecting such as an iron in the room and a kettle didn’t seem so bad. That was the only thing that I would have marked the hotel down for as every other five-star hotel I have stayed at has those things in your room as standard. However, I do understand that for health and safety purposes they preferred not to provide those individually. However, I would realistically place this as a good 3.5/4 star hotel. The entertainment at night was great, given you could have your dinner outside and listen to music and then take part in the family festivities at around 9pm. At first, it felt like that was quite late to start the children's entertainment but it made perfect sense given that dinner started from 7pm. They also had a disco available to the adults after 11pm that took music requests, so the hotel completely catered for everyone. The Aqua Park was literally across a little stretch of private road but that was open every day from 10am-6pm (but the rides stop between 1-2pm for lunch) and we spent many a day jumping on and off rides with the family. They play great music and often do things like aqua aerobics and Zumba, so you are in for a good time no matter what your preference. Do be patient with the language barrier and the cultural differences. It is a different country after all, but while we were staying there, midway through there was a coach load of British holidaymakers that lived up to their bad reputations abroad. They didn’t respect the cultural differences, were rude to staff and had no courtesy, manners or respect. The hotel staff did very well to remain professional, but it would be great if we could all give out the same respect we expect in return. Also when we go abroad, it is to learn another culture and not to expect them to adhere to yours. Overall my family and I were very glad we had our first experience of Morocco here. The excursions team were amazing at facilitating our requests and they did genuinely look after us. We would highly recommend their freshly baked pizzas daily. Our children couldn’t get enough of them!

Rooms were nice, very spacious but could do with a bit of an update. Beds were comfortable. Plenty of hot water. Pool areas clean and plenty of beds available. The relax beds by the pool were very comfortable. Pool bar staff very nice however it is really annoying that the drinks are served in such small cups. Wasps everywhere so if you have a phobia then this is not the place for you ! Reception staff were generally slow most of the time but polite. You have to pay a deposit for a pool towel. Breakfast was the worst meal as the hot options consisted of horrible scrambled eggs and random other options such as lentils that I did not see a single person eating for breakfast the entire week. Fresh omelettes were ok and pastry selection was nice but after a couple of days breakfast was more of a chore than anything. Lunch and dinner selection was very repetitive which was a shame. But the food was nice. Did not use the free shuttle bus but we did book an evening excursion through the hotel which was well organised.

Ok so where do I start... 100% NOT A 5* Arrive at Eden had to pay hotel tax £26 then £30 for pool towels, then our room was not ready so had to sit around the pool with our case. Rooms are very dark if you want to put make up on good luck!!! I could not get much Wi-Fi, nothing on the TV in the rooms part from the news!!! Food not much to pick from, lived on pizza. Must say men bar staff/Concierge are lovely and helpful. Woman bar staff was grumpy gave you dirty looks would not even look at you when u was asking for a drink BIG THUMBS DOWN. Our room was not clean one day so had to tell them. Drinks stop at 11pm have to pay after that time. One pool was closed. No food between 10am-12am so if you missed breakfast BAD TIMES Getting the shuttle in to the market they don't drop u off outside it its around the corner and the bus driver don't even tell u where to go, you get all these men coming up to saying they work for the hotel and take you around and then they hassle u for money at the end, two woman got pickpocket in the town so be careful. we booked many taxis with the hotel they was always on time but we paid £30 to go to the YSL gardens to find out they put us in a taxi that was doing a airport run that really bugged me. I asked the hotel to change my money back to UK but they would not do it they told me to use the airport. I felt like the hotel was out to get your money all the time and did not want to help. The hotel is very shaby and not a 5* more 3*

This is a great place if you are a smoker. Situated about 10 minutes from Marrakech it is handy for both the airport and city centre. The rooms are fine if somewhat basic and the amenities reasonable with WiFi throughout the resort. Apart from one restaraunt all catering is done from one area with plenty of outside seating. The standard of food is average at best what looks like powdered scrambled eggs and omelettes to order as well as items from a buffet for breakfast. In contrast, the fruit, cereal and croissants were excellent. Lunch and evening meal were a buffet with a couple of speciality dishes. In general, everything was warm, at best ,and the special items were rationed. After a couple of days we just longed for something different. Local drinks were included and they were fine including the wine but only served in plastic glasses unless you had drinks with a meal. Likewise coffee was served in cardboard cups unless you were eating. All coffee came from dispensing machines. There were no room facilities. There was limited evening entertainment and what there was seemed directed at children. Overall, the best part of the resort were the staff. Nothing seemed too much trouble and they were unfailingly polite. The amount of smoking spoilt the holiday especially after being used to the UK. People smoked everywhere, in the bars, in the dining room and in the outside dining and sun lounge ares. If we had known this we would not of chosen this resort.

Food is very repetitive entertainment also very repetitive came as a couple for my birthday but also open to accepting couples with childrent but if i had children would never reccomend but also never recommend a drinking holiday other than that id recommend, kind of, also water is free to go to but drinks and food costs they don't explain that, enjoy if you can

Our family of six (including an 18 months baby) spent a week at this all inclusive hotel. It is easy to get to as only 15 minutes from the airport as well as Marrakech city centre. We had booked 3 rooms and they helpfully put us next to each other. We arrived at the hotel around 9.45 and checking in took about 45 minutes to complete as overseas visitors are required to fill in forms similar to the ones you complete at the airport on arrival. The staff at the reception were very business like, no small talk and little eye contact at they busy themselves with the process. It felt impersonal and unwelcoming. There was no offer for a drink bearing in mind we had a young one until we asked for one. We were informed we would get a cold snack which took about 45 minutes to arrive and consisted to salami, ham, salad, olives and fruits but no cutlery so we ate with our fingers as we were too tired to call for them. By that time we had worked out everything is either ‘in 10 minutes’ or ‘later’! Our rooms were large and impressive on first glance with a patio sliding door which unfortunately was broken and despite numerous requests when they sent two different people to fix it, who used a screw driver to poke around the lock, it still couldn’t lock. We eventually tired of the constant reporting with no action. Whilst the food was good, there was little variety day to day. The best part was the animation team who were excellent, chatty, stopping to chat and involve people in the activities. Zam and the rest of the team made the week The music by the poolside is loud and unrelenting all day long from 9.30 to 6pm as is the aqua park adjacent to the resort. There is no quiet area in the hotel unless you go to the deserted pool near the spa which is away from all amenities requiring you to return to the main pool for refreshments. To use the Spa and gym facilities is extra. There is also a shuttle bus which takes hotel residents to Medina several times a day. On check out day our all inclusive bands were removed and we were given a meal ticket which worked till 2pm. We were provided with a bottle of water and advised anything after that would be charged. There was no consideration that our arrival was late and we had a young child. While i enjoyed my time there i would not be in a hurry to go back again. It’s definitely not a 5* hotel, more like 3*!

Mike’s 60th Birthday holiday, party of 8. Wasn’t offered a celebratory bottle of wine or drink, to celebrate my 60th, although all inclusive. We ate at “Le Fes” a la-carte restaurant. 6 of us had the lamb Shank, it arrived at our table black and cold. All went down with stomach problems, for the next couple of days. Very basic hotel, NOT 5 star more like 2-3 stars. DO NOT stay here. It is the pits. To round of an unpleasant stay, my daughter and her friend, were both flashed at separately, in the ladies toilet, by one of the hotels bar men, on the last evening. Reported it to the Hotel and they did nothing about it, which is disgusting.

Km 4, Route d'Amezmiz Tameslouht

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located within a 5-minute drive of Royal Club Equestrian Center, Eden Andalou Suites, Aquapark & Spa is within a 15-minute drive of other popular sights like Cinema Megarama. This 250-room, 5-star hotel has 3 outdoor pools along with a full-service spa and a water park.


Enjoy dining at one of 2 onsite restaurants including Atlas, which specializes in international cuisine. Satisfy your hunger without leaving your room with room service, or quench your thirst with a beverage at the bar/lounge or 3 coffee shops/cafés. For your convenience, breakfast is served for a fee each morning.


Guests can expect to find free WiFi and 32-inch an LCD TV with satellite channels. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and the bathroom offers a soaking tub, a hair dryer, and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include a sitting area, a minibar, and a laptop-compatible safe.

Property features

Eden Andalou Suites, Aquapark & Spa features a full-service spa, 3 outdoor pools, and a water park. You can take advantage of free parking, along with an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for EUR 20 per person one way. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, luggage storage, and tours or tickets. Other amenities at this luxury hotel include an indoor pool, a children's pool, and a fitness center.

Room options

Standard Suite

Twin 1 | Sleeps 1

Executive Suite

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

Family Suite (Quintuple (2 Adults + 3 Children))

Twin 4 | Sleeps 5

Standard Suite (Quintuple (jusqu'à 5 adultes))

Twin 5 | Sleeps 5

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Eden Andalou Suites, Aquapark & Spa

Km 4, Route d'Amezmiz, Tameslouht, 40000
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