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Garden Holiday Village - Adults Only

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Returned home today after a lovely holiday which was made more pleasant by staff at this hotel. Family group of 6 aged between 18 - 56. No complaints from us, good food choice, clean room (anything wrong all you need to do is tell them and its sorted). Pool area lovely and always managed to get sun beds. Entertainment team Demi & Pablo work so hard to keep people entertained so its down to you if your bored and certainly get lots of praise from us. We would like to give special mentions to Jesus, Noah & Marina who are fab behind the bar & Soledad the receptionist who was so helpful and a lovely person. Weather was fab, met some wonderful people and loved the beach and bar that the shuttle bus takes you to where you get free drinks and can purchase food at half price. One down side for us was the Thomas Cook rep Ellie who we found rude or maybe she needs to work on her sense of humour.

Returned home yesterday afternoon after a great week at the Garden Holiday Village. Would recommend this place to anyone. On arrival we were met with champagne and when we got to room realised air con and wifi were free, which was a surprise. The food each day was amazing, their was a variety for everyone especially since i'm a picky eater i could fill up my plate every meal. Could not fault the staff all friendly and welcoming saying "hola" to you everytime you walked past. Restaurant staff were my favourite and dealt with some complaints from others (which were picky and did not see a fault) professionally. Maids cleaned rooms throughly could not fault it and even folded my nightclothes for me! Never struggled to get a sunbed. Only negatives were the entertainment which was not our type but still stayed in on the balcony and listened to the music. Also the room walls were thin since you could hear the next rooms every movement which was annoying when trying to sleep. Thank you for a great holiday loved every second of it :)

Check in & Room When we arrived we were greeted with a polite and happy receptionist and a glass of bubbly, check in was easy and hassle free - We were given a map to find out room which was helpful. The standard room was tiny - Liveable but small no room at the end of the bed you have to shuffle past. Nice amount of storage and a huge bathroom, the shower was big but slippy and nowhere to put your shampoos in the shower which was a bit annoying (personal preference). The WIFI is also useless, not point even being connected to it. Food I loved the breakfast, a lot of variety and very tasty. Lunch and dinner where very hit and miss, a lot of the food was luke warm, over cooked, undercooked, repetitive. I even watched one chef use the same kitchen tool to touch the raw and the cook – This made me walk away from the counter and not return (Surely this is a health and safety concern). On the odd night the food was really good and I would enjoy what I was eating. A lot of the food has fly’s buzzing round which really put me off and a lot of the time we ate out to avoid eating at the hotel. The snack bar was pathetic – Pastries and sandwiches would sit out in the sun all day and left until the end of the day I wouldn’t even bother having a look. The pool bar was a shambles, one day it was left unattended for at least half an hour with a que of people just waiting, one women even served herself and she was tired of waiting. The bar man slowly walked back didn’t even apologies for the wait, one day the drink machine was not working so all they had to offer was beer. Entertainment Being an adult only hotel I expected the entertainment to be better, it was very basic and pretty boring. There were a few nights that impressed me but I wouldn’t be eager to watch them again. The nights normally finished around 22:00 which was pretty disappointing. There was no vibe or atmosphere are the pool – The music they played was very quiet and you could never hear it unless next to the speaker. Demi & Pablo defiantly deserve and raise, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have even given the nights a thought. Mosquitoes & Staff Be prepared to be eaten alive – It was vile I know this is not the hotels fault but I wanted to leave on day 5 due to them being so bad. I would be outside for less than a minute and I would get bitten no matter how much repellent I applied. In the evening you can even see this landing on people it was not a nice experience at all. The staff were also hit and miss, the majority were really friendly and helpful but there were a few that had such a bad attitude. All in all I would not recommend or return to this hotel for the price we paid we could have gotten a lot better.

We have just returned from what should have been a lovely week, leaving our son at home. It was a nightmare. Our first room was dirty with a can of wd40 left on the bedside table. The fridge didn't work and the floor hadn't been swept. No tea or coffee in the room or refreshments in the fridge. One bottle of water given at check in. We moved rooms next day. The second room had a better outlook but again could have been cleaner. We came back from the pool one afternoon after the room had been cleaned to find a clump of long black hair in the shower - my hair is blonde and hubby has short hair. Skirting boards were thick with muck as was the patio door runner. Balcony was full of bird muck. I spent 3 hours locked outside at night as hubby fell asleep and as the outside patio door had no handle and neighbours either side I couldn't knock too loudly. Food was a disgrace very repetitive and often cold. Twice we had no choice but to eat out as there was nothing left at 8.15pm. To top it all off we were due to checkout at 7am at 5.30am our room door opens and the new occupants walk in. The staff were great when asked to do something it was done but we shouldn't have to ask for the room to be cleaned. THIS IS NOT A 4 STAR hotel, and shouldn't be advertised as such. With the right management and attention to detail it could be fabulous.

Let’s start with the most important part of an all-inclusive holiday – food and drink. The buffet selection was at its best during breakfast, good selection from hot to cold food plus the food appeared fresh in the mornings. Lunch and Dinner took a turn for the worst, the food was always cold when it should have been hot, and I found it a challenge to see what I was eating due to the food labels not being clear and often not even near the food it should have been. The selection of food was also poor, too much pasta and not enough fresh meat or tasty vegetables. Plus, it’s never a good sign of a buffet when you have to fight off flies for your food. The pool ‘snack’ bar had a very limited amount of snacks, mainly croissants and pastries, and the sandwiches on offer did not look appetising at all. The drinks on offer throughout the day and evening were very basic, we found that it was best to stick to a spirit and tonic water or a Pina Colada. The beer had a weird taste to it which was very disappointing, nothing better than a decent cold beer by the pool. The pool bar had a queue most points in the day and on one afternoon all drink machines were not working and it seemed that no efforts were being made to resolve the issue, we only got told that beer was our only option currently. We ended up wanting to be out of the hotel during meal times – it was a blessing that we could use the Beach bar as the food was amazing there and if you were all inclusive as the hotel, you got the food for 50% off at the beach bar. The only downside to the beach bar was the shuttle bus which only held 8 people and the majority of the time, there were over 8 people needed to be taken to and from the hotel. Now to the layout of the hotel and the rooms….We had a standard double room and it was very small. The bed was of a good size but not very comfortable and we had just enough room in the bedroom to get dressed and ready. The bathroom was of a good size however, as well as the shower. I thought that the lay out of the hotel was great and enjoyed that it was a small village of houses, rather than big tower blocks of rooms. Everything was easily accessible, the only negative to the accommodation is the size of the room and the fact that the cleaners did not seem to clean or change bed sheets often enough. For an adult only hotel I would have expected better entertainment, as well as entertainment that went on later than 10pm. We enjoyed one night of entertainment which was the casino night, other than that it was very boring entertainment which most nights seemed more appropriate for families with small children rather than for adults. To finish off, the worst part of this hotel was the Mosquitos. It was so bad that we did not even want to be outside for dinner or even walk to dinner. We would walk out of our hotel room and be immediately bitten despite putting on insect repellent. I understand that this is not something that the hotel have much control over, however, I could not see any efforts made from the hotel to resolve this or offer help or support in anyway. Overall, this hotel needs improving. Mainly around the food, drinks, pool bar, shuttle bus, lack of space and room in the hotel room and for the entertainment. I would also comment that the staff were very touch and go, some were lovely and others would not even offer a smile. If you wish to go on holiday and not spend much time in your hotel, then pick this one. I really do wish I had more positives to say about this hotel, but I am struggling. I will not be recommending this hotel.

Very disappointed with this hotel but will try and keep it brief...and fair. Location is good: Short walk to amenities and the beach. 8euros in a cab to nearby Alcudia and taxis are very good and safe. Only 45 mins from airport. Majorca itself: is very pretty and well worth a visit. We did the TC trips to the caves of drach and also Palma. A little pricey but worth it to see the island and it was stress free. Weather: extremely hot in July and the mossies are an issue...this is the first time we have had that problem. I don't think the large expanses of water in the area help but the heat was our own fault for going in July. Although it would have helped if the air con was working efficiently anywhere at the hotel! The hotel: Very shabby and neglected, photos no longer represent the truth. Bar staff are rude, reception were better. So many daft rules that seem designed to keep your AI consumption down! No coffee or spirits in the restaurant, only the bar where there were huge queues most of the time. Water, safe, bali beds all charged extra. Towels were changed daily but the sheets weren't changed the whole week. The pool bar is a shed with a couple of melted pastries...first AI holiday I've been on and actually lost weight! Wifi was awful. Gym was not really a gym, ala carte restaurant too hot to sit in, buffet food was really bad unless you like sprouts for breakfast! Shame on you Thomas Cook for not sorting the rating and pricing of this hotel sooner. It is clear that it was once good but is not worth the £1200 we paid to go there.

Just returned from 1 week holiday at garden village, we booked our holiday in August 2016, first holiday in 5 years .We arrived on tuesday 1.40pm to be advised that our room was not ready as booking office had made a mistake and some one in tbe room!  Good news we were given the suite and told this will be for maybe 2 days or hopefully all week . On the Thursday we were told we had to leave the suite! We were  told if we wanted to stay in suite  had to pay an additional fee of €20 per night to stay in there which was unacceptable, so we had to change rooms on the Thursday wasting half a day !  I did speak to Ellie  the thomas cook rep and she was great , she organised some compensation which did make the upset of moving rooms more bearable;  the hotel gave us Bali beds and safe, and meal in ala carte restaurant , which was appreciated . Ellie also offered a free trip on thomas cook so we went for the Catamaran trip (brilliant trip especially the blue cave experience couldn't advice enough how good it was ! Thank you Ellie. We were moved into our original that we booked in August 2016 , and wanted a balcony !  The room number 327 was at ground floor level as  we booked nearly a year ago we thought this would be accommodated!  I know not always guarenteed but every holiday in the past we had been on you usually get what you ask for . At first look the superiour room looked lovely but  on closer look this was not the case , the air conditioning was diabolical set on pre set temp and ours was  broke so hot reading 26 degrees and it was 36 outside !!! We did get a fan to help us sleep for a couple of nights ! We were so upset  as took neatly 2 days to get repaired, I don't usually complain but spent most of my holiday in reception moaning , the hotel manager did compensate again we got a free meal at samsara beach bar must say the ambience staff and food are brilliant food fantastic !  Marina is an a wonderful employee she looked after us at samsara beach and in the ala carte restaurant! Would also like to say all the hotel reception staff were very understanding and approachable especially solli and katryana , and a young lady with long dark hair very nice. The food was nice in the hotel and apart from a blip one morning where the hotel had no water and electric in parts but we went to beach for day but was mended when we got back . Also the sheets in the room  We're not changed in 5 days ,  the shower head didn't fit properly and the bed wheel was broken , one bed was being fixed as we moved into the room  the runner and fancy cushions were just chucked on the sofa not placed on the bed ! And don't think the cleaners liked to clean behind doors I didn't make the hotel aware of the last comments as I was fed up of complaining ! Just one more thing sorry about the long essay never experienced a 4 star all inclusive where you had to buy your own water only sold warn do  €2 at reception had to go to spar but big bottle of water the decant in to small bottles and keep in our fridge nightmare , sorry not impressed at all .

So if your going here take some really good mosquito repellent and after bite at night the place is swarming and the cheap repellent has no effect. The receptionists were very friendly and helpful but a lot of the bar staff were very rude. The daytime activities were ok but the evening entertainment was mostly lame and second rate we had the odd good show, but mostly finished between 10 - 10.30. The pool had black mould on the tiles but it was very warm. The food was very bland and boring, even the Al a carte restaurant was a let down, and you had to check your plates in the main restaurant as a lot of the time they were dirty. The towels were changed daily if you left them on the floor however the bed linen was only changed once in two weeks. In our opinion this is not a 4 star complex at the very best a 3. On a plus side the beach bar which you have to get the minibus from the hotel was well worth a visit, the food was very good and the beach is lovely but over all it was a very disappointing holiday.

This is a very mixed review, We arrived Monday the 3rd and stayed for ten days. We arrived at 1.30 and our room was ready, We were checked in very quickly and reception staff were very helpful. We were not offered a welcoming drink as I had read on previous reviews and saw other new arrivals receiving during our stay. We had paid for a superior room and we weren't disappointed, room was large with plenty of storage, but a very small balcony.cleaners came in every day and bed was changed on the Friday. Pool Bar Food sat out all day in full sun all day in covered plastic trays this did not change until last day of our holiday after a number of complaints by guests a fridge appeared. I had a problem with one of the barman, I asked for two drinks normally they would put ice in before pouring, he didn't and I had to ask for I eand he put one lump in each asked was that enough and I walked away, I sat down on my sun bed and another holiday maker came up with ice in glass I asked if he had been sent by the barman he said no the barman was very rude, I found out later he reported this to the rep. Restuarant, some nights were better than others, food was never warm and ice cream was like soup,A la Carte meal was best of the week and Restuarant staff were very attentive. Entertainment.only once in the ten days there was a decent show on, bingo, quizzes and Karaoke was the norm!!! Evening Bar. I didn't enjoy the house wine so was quite happy to pay for Baileys at €2.70 but they ran out on the Saturday, rep said they would have it by Monday but this didn't happen,I then noticed they had their own brand Irish liqueur so I asked if I could have it but they said you could only have it if you were drinking Irish coffee, eventually after arguing every time I went to the bar to get one we decided it wasn't worth arguing about so went out the following night,I found two members of staff to be rude every time I went to the bar,Jesus and Christian they argued amongst themselves and just slammed drinks down in front of you, on my last day Ellie he rep came to see me and told me Baileys would be in and on the house that night,it was a bit late to get problem sorted as we were travelling early the next morning. Garden Holiday Village you need to sort out your staff, most of them were great but your Bar staff spoiled my whole holiday.😕 I will not return it was a very expensive disappointment.😕

Went here on a family holiday of 6. Put as a 4 star but it definitely seems like a 3 star from experience of previous 4 star hotels. The pool has mould residue all along the sides and we witnessed a man slip onto his bottom which luckily he didn't hurt himself. It also has leaves growing out of the grills at the sides. Loads of wasps in the pool, cleaned out nightly but there are no nets to catch them in the daytime. It did put people off getting in the pool sometimes. Entertainment was okay. A few daytime activities which we joined in with. The evening shows were a bit lame in my opinion. Drinks were nice, some cocktails included but they are from a machine which taste watered down. The maid stole my Nando's card! We all put cards into the electric slots in the rooms to keep the aircon on while we were out as it was so hot entering the room after being out all day. The other 2 rooms had cards left in but mine was taken out on the second from last day and not left in the room but taken. One waiter stuck out Nor from morocco was amazing! He always came to talk to us and made us feel welcome. Definitely the best waiter. Jose from the restaurant was also good and always remembered our drinks. Bali beds were lovely. We won one on a quiz and got champagne and fruit delivered to at 11am. All in all it was a nice relaxing holiday.

Carrer Circuit del Llac, s/n Muro Mallorca

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

Located within 2 miles (3 km) of Albufera Natural Park, Garden Holiday Village - Adults Only is within 3 miles (5 km) of Hidropark. This 4-star resort has 130 guestrooms and offers an outdoor pool, free in-room WiFi, and free self parking. Alcudia Port and Roman Remains of Pollentia are also close to this Muro resort.


Enjoy a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or have a drink at the bar/lounge. You can sip a beverage at the coffee shop/café.


All 130 air-conditioned rooms provide furnished balconies, refrigerators, and safes. Guests can expect free WiFi and TVs with satellite channels. Bathrooms offer free toiletries and bidets, and beds are dressed in pillow menus. In-room massages are available, and other amenities include phones and desks.

Property features

At Garden Holiday Village - Adults Only, guests enjoy an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a spa tub. You can take advantage of free parking, along with a free beach shuttle. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this adults-only resort include a sauna, outdoor tennis courts, and free WiFi in public areas.

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